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After a light rain
a doe in the forest stops
just to smell the air

              Kelly McManus
Ants on a dry leaf
conquerers and pioneers
sailing the puddle
 May 2021 Joe Quaale
Every word said
Just felt unsaid
Wounds appearing healed
Unnoticeable kept bleeding
Like a drop of water on a loose tap

Only the smell of an ink
With the turn of each page
Wet with each tear,
Understood the procedure
Of her words becoming a prescription
Am I heading, in the, right direction?
Or does, this need, a correction?

Is this the right thing to do?
Just follow your dreams, and they may just come true.

The feeling, of being lost,
Has come through, to stay,
No one, will feel it, but you,
Keep going on, with what you, want to do.

© By HF-Whisper
We are all just suicidal people who tell other people that suicide isn't the answer......!
Its true and it hits hard
Why is life so ******* hard Mann!!!!
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