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The never-ending ladder
and the ground that always grows
The cloud that always rises
and the climb that never slows
The nature of failure and success
February 2015
Powerful and sinuous
Their tender roughness
Ever so controlled
Ever so cautious
Ever so compassionate
Ever so kind

The kind that are always steady, always sure
With the essence of your soul visible
In their elegant motions

I see you

Long before
We ever spoke
I watched your majestic hands
Your wise eyes of oak hidden behind your hair
Your lips of pearl concealed from my gaze

In watching your hands, I knew you

And I knew

they would be holding mine
February 6th, 2015
If my thoughts are my eyes and my mind is Paris,
then you are my Tour Eiffel

penetrating that flat sky line of the buildings all the same uniform height, without change or dynamics,
you protrude out of the flatness, the beautiful change of scene, the epicenter, of wonder.

my wandering eyes always find you
no matter where I am, who I am with,
or what I am doing,
I can always find you above the bustling city
a separate entity
Of hope, and love, and change

Before, Paris did not have the tour Eiffel, but continued to bustle as any city does
still the city of love,
It was missing it's determining factor, it's monument that stood out from all the rest
The landmark that completed the city, that created a place of wonder to surmount all the world, a watching over every building, every garden,
every thought

The last thing I see when rest my head on my pillow,
your shining light fills me with wonder and inspiration as the moon rises in the sky: creating wishes and hope for the future

You always penetrate the corners of my mind

My shining Tour Eiffel
December 13, 2013
If you had been a musician, it would be impossible for me to tear my heart away from yours
However you still managed to play my heart strings,
You innocent fingers unintentionally plucking, prodding, pulling my heart in so that it could never be separated again

They say that heartbreak is when a part of your heart is broken, however
I think that when people are in love, the heart melds completely with that of the other person.

I am him and he is me.

When we lose them, our hearts are torn apart
leaving them raw,
gasping for the other half
Pumping harder and faster
Like my brain when I can't sleep pouring out the memories of you
like a faucet running clear and pure then becoming ***** so no one will drink it's filthy waters
Like the fiery engine on a train heaving burning embers, whistling, whisking it's passengers far away from home
Like the thick blood throbbing through my thin veins, every time I think of those eyes
Like the ghost of the beat in your chest next to my ear drums beating,
as I fall asleep

My blood is pumping out of my body with no second heart to hold it, my love pumping out of me, wasted and forgotten

Pumping from an infinite pool of love for you that will continue rushing
     If only, you would care to accept it
    If only you could be mine and I could be yours and we would hold each other under the stars and see their lights in our eyes, the universe above, around, and in us, filling our entire beings
    If only you would hold me.
Your lips on mine my hands in your hair your hands on my waist forever entwining
like two vines


The longer they grow, the more entangled they become, the harder it is to tell where one starts and one begins

I have forgotten where I end and you begin.

But you are gone, your vines have slithered through my soul, disappearing
leaving empty tunnels
creating crevices until one day it will finally

But for now, your invisible vines remain, and I convince myself I am whole
January 12, 2014
is it Jesus that saved us all
did Moses make seas rise and fall
is heaven above and hell below
is god the only way to go

do we return after we die
is wisdom gained through our third eye
there’s eternal force in all
noble truths should we recall

does He choose what’s right and wrong
or even care for our lives so long
insignificant to the earth's course
one trillion spins since its source

what is it, that these books say
love, care, give, and pray
fights repeat, pray-ers ****
is this truly the holy will

unending journeys through dark and dawn
human minds have travelled along
across the decades, our breed  has searched
for the answer, our souls besmirched

for now I strive to do what’s right
to make my path a heavenly light
unknown is he who does belong
I hope to sing my godly song

for all I do, I do for love
judgment and deceit we must rise above
all who love and all who give
I believe are right to live
--September 29, 2013
The whole world

it seems

is watching.


saying how great you are

How beautiful the dance was

How impressive your report card was

How believable your character was

How strong your game was

.... and for some reason,


it just never adds up.
Seeing isn’t the only way to know a book.  It is not the only way to know where you’re going or where you’ve been.  It is not the only way to know what you believe in.  It is not the only way to know a person.  It is not the only way to know a friend.  It is not the only to know the truth.  It is not the only way to know a lie.

It is not the only way.

So often, people only rely on this one sense, shielding themselves from truly seeing life.  Seeing all of the bursting happiness within a grungy old man.
Seeing the drowning depression in the boy that smiles at everyone he passes by.  To see the love radiating from the heart of the girl with downs syndrome, or the hate beating down into the quiet girl with a childhood she is too scarred by to ever speak.
Seeing the heat of sunshine on your skin, the silk of water, the energy of a storm, the renewing air after rain.

People that rely on this one sense, on viewing life with only eyes,     are blind.
Eyes aren’t needed to see.
One must see with their soul.
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