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Mimi Hachiko Jul 8
You can't ask them to stay
You had hoped they may
But you can't be surprised
This path was not advised
You'll walk it anyhow
For the here and now
Doesn't meet your needs
You wander through the weeds
And wonder where it leads
You begin to concede
That this just might be
A path built for one
Mimi Hachiko Jul 8
She is night and day
She will run and play
She is confused and lost
But she knows the cost
For when all is said and done
She is the only one
Who will give it her all
Even knowing she will fall
Because who’s to say
What’s beyond the archway
Of fear and love
Of what you’re free of
To be standing halfway
Between what you can and may
Is a lost path to walk
Don’t be so shocked
When you find it alone
You have always known
It would turn out this way

— The End —