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6d · 21
Dream Big
SiouxF 6d
Dream big he said,
Focus on your deepest desires
That only you know,
Create your future,
Visualise your destiny,
Take responsibility for your life.
But I wasn’t quite ready,
I hadn’t yet learned
How to
Bring joy in my heart,
How to
Make my heart sing,
How to
Open up my heart
And let love flow.
I hadn’t yet given myself permission,
So I stayed in my shell
Playing small
In my uncomfortable
Comfort zone
Jan 3 · 7
SiouxF Jan 3
Oh to be wrapped in your arms,
your heartbeat
your warmth
your love
right now,
in our comforting
just you,
just me,
just breathing,
just being,
just loving,
Just us
for all of
Jan 1 · 11
The Bedouin
SiouxF Jan 1
He saw her as soon as she glided purposefully, yet gracefully, in to the centre of the extravagant feast, her elegant wrists and ankles adorned with tinkling bells and colourful ribbons, her vivid costume embroidered with decorative beads, sequins and coins.

The men were gorging on the remains of the sheep’s head which had been slaughtered, as was the custom, to celebrate the successful return of the sheikh from his latest raiding expedition.  The trays laden with sumptuous dates, grapes, almonds and watermelons.  The camel hair tent covered with exotic, lavish furs to keep the bracing desert winds at bay.

The desert dweller was hosting important guests from a nearby clan, keenly trading news and enthusiastically discussing the breeding of his famed Arabic stallion.  Yet his conversation ceased mid-flow, the words left hanging in the air, enthralled and captivated from his first glance of her.  Her elegant ****** features, high cheek bones, blood red luscious lips, and jet black hair, she was striking to all who gazed upon her.

"I must have her" he muttered under his breath, even as his four wives and six concubines were waiting in the wings to pander to his every need, anticipating which one would receive his undivided attention tonight.  However, they all paled into insignificance next to this manna from heaven, this visceral feast upon the senses.  Though this did not pass unnoticed under the watchful scornful eyes of wife number one.

The haunting Arabic music began.  The opulent dancer moved slowly at first interpreting her emotive gestures to the sound of the three-string rebab, coyly, coquettishly, teasingly.  Yet, she was anything but coy.  You could sense her wildness, her passion, her animalistic instincts simmering under the surface. She was untamed, and determined to remain so, yet aware of her allure on the hot blooded males.

The Bedouin stared at her, could not take his eyes off her, just as she captivated them all with her beguiling beauty while weaving her magic throughout the room.  All but one that is.

The mesmerising melody picked up, her hips shimmying to the Badawi beat, skirt tassels swirling, slender arms accentuating evocative gestures, creating sensuous shapes, texture and depth to the melodic mystery unfolding before them.

As the music paused so did she, directly in front of him as he reclined on the cushions, defiantly, passionately staring straight into his eyes, as she grabbed his just refilled wine goblet.  He watched the droplets enticingly trickle down her exquisitely defined chin as she devoured it in one, and ached to kiss those ruby red lips.

And with that she was off again, twirling and swirling, twisting and circling, tossing her head in synch with the frenzied beat, holding the whole room in the hypnotic palm of her hand.  The stirring rhythm rose to a crescendo and so did she, spinning mesmerisingly round and round, heart thumping, wild eyes blazing, and as the last beat of the darbuka sounded and faded away, she paused one last time, and so did the breath of everyone present, enchanted as they were with her captivating spellbinding performance.  Only he noticed the fear in her eyes, the pallor of her skin, the tiny beads of sweat above her top lip, as she slid silently yet elegantly to the floor.  Everyone was on their feet, applauding madly, demanding an encore, while he rushed over and held her in his muscular arms.  "My love" he whispered, passionately kissing her and thanking her for that all too fleeting moment of pleasure, ecstasy and bliss.  Too late.  Her last precious breath ebbed away from her forever.  Unknowingly, unwittingly, her life for his life with that one innocent sip of wine.

He was incensed.  His unfulfilled lust transformed into outright fury and rage.  His animated roar "I will find you, whoever you are and avenge her.  An eye for an eye.  You will not rest easy in your bed until you have a dagger through your heart" ringing in the perpetrator's ears as she, hidden in the shadows, slinked away silently into the cold dark night.
I appreciate this is a poetry site, but I have committed to sharing my creativity journey, and this prose definitely fits into that.
Inspiration often comes to me in the middle of the night, and I wrote this just before Christmas 7 years ago, when I was suffering from flu and unable to sleep. I wasn’t very creative at that stage having never written anything since school, but inspiration came when least expected and the words started to tumble out from nowhere.
I grabbed my iPhone. Hurrah for technology and not having to turn the lights on!
This is what I created that night, almost verbatim from its first inception, other than to check factual accuracy and to descriptively embellish it. I hope you enjoy it.
Dec 2020 · 42
You Are
SiouxF Dec 2020
You are
The glistening snowflake,
The valiant snowdrop,  
The fragrant cherry blossom,
The shimmering ocean, and
The abundant harvest,
I am there for you and you for me,
All year round
My sweet love.

You are
My ray of sunshine,
My shooting star,
My waxing moon,
My rainbow magic,
My inspiring muse, and
The meaning in my life,
I love you
With all my heart.

You are
The sunshine in my step,
The smile on my lips,
The twinkle in my eye,
The timbre in my voice,
The tenderness in my touch and
The passion in my kiss,
I’ll always love you
And a day.
I found the remnants of this old poem while sorting out some paperwork which surprised me as I didn’t know I’d attempted poetry before. I tidied it up so it flowed and sounded better but the draft wasn’t too bad for an initial foray into poetry.
Shame the love didn’t last forever either!
Dec 2020 · 79
The Snail
SiouxF Dec 2020
Struggling through life
With the weight of the world on his back
The snail keeps on moving forward
Slowly but surely
Leaving a contrail of slime behind
With hope of greater things to come
Dec 2020 · 30
Dec 2020 · 102
SiouxF Dec 2020
i want someone to wrap me inside the warmth of their body.
i want someone to protect me in the strength of their arms.
i want someone to hold my heart in the palm of their hands.
i want someone to still my mind.
i want someone to understand my pain.
i want someone to heal me.
i want someone to set me free.
I want that someone
This poem was inspired and adapted from Elias‘ poem ‘my fault’ who kindly gave me permission. Thank you 🙏🏻
Dec 2020 · 57
SiouxF Dec 2020
Everyone is a keeper of secrets,
Little white lies
Sometimes big whoppers,
Even telling your child
Santa IS real.
But the most damaging, destructive and toxic
Are those you hide from yourself
Because the pain is too much to bear
Dec 2020 · 58
No Time To Waste
SiouxF Dec 2020
There’s no time to waste,
Live with passion and purpose,
Love with all your heart, and
Bring joy, kindness and peace
To all you meet
Dec 2020 · 35
SiouxF Dec 2020
Life is precious,
We never know when it will be taken from us,
So enjoy every moment
And live like it will be your last.
No more time to be serious,
To carry the weight of the world on your shoulders,
Let go of grudges, perceived slights and those who wronged you,
Learn the lessons
And trust,
For there is hope in the now.
Live every moment
With childish curiosity
Wonder and awe
Appreciate everyone in your life
See the light and good within them
Know they are struggling too
So do what you can to
Lighten their load
Ease their burdens
And bring joy to their day
By pouring yourself into them
And in so doing
You will bring joy and peace
To yours
In return.
Dec 2020 · 32
SiouxF Dec 2020
Falling through your fingers like sand,
Even though highly treasured
For its beauty, care and grace,
It is no much yours
As is the raging sea.

The only certainty
Is God,
For those who believe of course,
And death of this mortal coil
With all its suffering.

Awaiting the
Return of the rising sun
The glory of Jesus,
And to be welcomed
Into the warm embrace

Of my one and only saviour.
Only he can release me
From this relentless toil
And pain
And hard fought lessons of life
Dec 2020 · 65
The Butterfly
SiouxF Dec 2020
Never settling,
A dainty butterfly
Flits from
flower to flower,
Imbibing fragrant nectar, while
Revealing moments of glory with a
Flash of its multicoloured wings,
In betwixt the dull brown underside
Reflecting life’s drudgery
And the yin and yang of existence.
Dec 2020 · 54
SiouxF Dec 2020
Look for the stillness,
The peace and
The quiet,
For that is where you will find
your purpose,
Along with
And salvation.

So quieten your chaotic demanding cynical monkey chatter,
Take time,
To breathe,
And breathe again.
Then notice,
The diversity of
Sights, sounds and touch
That’s all around you.
The vibrant colourful hues of nature’s forest,
The gentle touch of wind’s breath upon your skin,
The melodic mesmerising waves of the sea,
The warming glow from sun’s golden orb.
Take time
To breathe
Long, deep and slow,
To go inwards,
To reconnect,
Mind, body and soul.
What is your body saying to you?
What message is it offering you?
What sensations are crying out
For you to listen, to hear, to understand?
What do you need to learn
From the deep wise voice
Deep inside you?
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