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NoBoDy Mar 2019
Do you know what a banana said to me today?
Before you judge my taste WHY don't you first peel me.
NoBoDy Mar 2019
Heres what I've learned always tell the one you love these three words...
I Love You.
Death will come one day and take them.
That's the horrifying truth.
So go say your I Love Yous.
  Mar 2019 NoBoDy
to feel so much love at a distance is, to me, an incredible thing. we have never touched. never gone anywhere together. never done the things most couples do together. but we still feel so much love for each other. imagine what it will be like when we're finally together.
NoBoDy Mar 2019
I witnessed my first family death.
I watched her take her last breath and with that gone was my best friend.
NoBoDy Mar 2019
I fell in love and my eyes opened.
Now I see the beauty in a lot of things.
NoBoDy Mar 2019
We are KEPT apart.
Our hearts are still strong.
At least that is what I thought.
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