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Mar 2020 · 188
universal love
Seher Seven Mar 2020
ever since I was young I have loved the rough ones,
the hard ones, born from a womb of fire.
ability to love the spaces others run from,
no amount of emotional obstacles tire me.
born when the faith is near gone,
rebirth on the horizon, spring guaranteed to return.
this season has a particular vibration,
notes of visualization, tuned to the chord of universal love.

universal love. what does that really mean?
are we really considering loving
everyone and everything?
loving the dark as we do the day
and the night as the light.
the building up of the next come up
and the guaranteed destruction of its life.
standing still in the center, neither seem far.
my hands reach out and can sense
both sides were required to start.
so which matters most?

If I chose to see, I continually turn to the light.

why? well because half of us must
energize that side. I flip, trust.
some days I find myself lost in the darkest
parts of us. drowning, forgetting to put my feet down.
those moments I earn more ground, I build
up for the next wave to come.
I keep my head up and the light always shines bright.
any time I look to the light, it shines,
distracts me from low vibes, keeps my
mind alive and aware both sides matter
so I ride these waves.
I coast this vibe, this patience for the other side,
the light always returns, rebirth is life.

to me, universal love is recognizing that
both sides are required.
death is required for life.
sound is required for quiet.
my peace is found in between.
piercing, I burrow into its sweet core,
the feeling of home is seen,
the frequency shifting the waters.
this season makes me believe these things,
later winter rebirth is coming type things,
universal love's guarantee.

our Earth always springs forth, new life
will always return, there is no final ending coming,
we are secured in her crown. the cycles move around
again, and then down shift again and love is still
what bounds it all. unconditional
universal love that is birthed from her core
over and over and over and over and over again
until she rests and then births some more.
this is a Mother's core, Our Earth, an all knowing
soul that provides us with everything that we have.
and anything more. all comes from the Earth and her core.
there is no thing that does not come from her back,
her heart, her sacrificial programming, knowing
rebirth keeps it going, so we honor before.
she guides us to honor before.

before our division, before our confusion,
mental conversation depression, disconnect
from our one. from the one that we are.
from the one that we trust, that we must trust.
trust she has birthed the ones needed to carry
forth the torch. she is prepared for all.
she provides her children all. never turning her back
on all of us.
believe in the return of the spring, it is for all of us.
and it is coming.

it is coming like every year before.
her cycles are the core. the magma turns
and prepares for the waters.
new life springs forth.
and we love it because it joins,
it forms.
universally creating, honoring before.
she encourages you to honor before. honor before.
universal love.
Jan 2020 · 35
Seher Seven Jan 2020
leaving me,
you trace the chords of life
as you exit my core. More.
leaving me you bring all of us from before,
every bit of me, time spanning the stars.
you leave me an idea and land in my arms
and there we meet, my legacy.

your fragrance so sweet, like new.
first sunlight, the
feelings of warm morning dew.
tropical winds playing tunes of you,
your song is heard, caught soon as I went
in for another whiff of you.
you came from me...
how did I not know I smelled so good.

and now you are here,
this beauteous creation of me.
my tears were not shed in vain.
you are here and the birthing process
brought pain, labor, heartache, restless nights.
you are here and the healing process
takes new ideas and courage to be you.

tru you. the one from all of us.

you, the signal to open up, wider than previously known.
I saw the pieces of your heart in front of me,
they were captured to be made whole
and now you are here. I missed your frame.
the way you are shaped, and how you
claim the space you are in.
bring in attention,
time to grow and expand and attract
that which we must, for there is
a job to be done.
and it comes from before.
in our blood.
ancestors waiting for this time to explore.
directions written lifetimes and more.
more come forth.
more of us.

more of us that are healing us,
oh we have so much healing to do.
generations of you have grown in distrust
and fear.
we bring you here to help undo some layers
and help our warrior blood come through.
we believe in you. we heard the call on the wind.

legacy is formed.

my legacy, come forth.
our frequency reborn.

it is time. the line that you come from,
now we all surrender our moments.
investment worthy of all of us.
it is now your time to shine.
the stage awaits the performance of you.
just exactly what you were molded to do,
the layers of us that make you up,
now you show up, and we all bow to you.
we make room in our hearts and everywhere
so you can stretch out and know your name.

once again,

we are here once again.
the ancients grin. they approve.
the sun comes on the new day and
now you continue to move.
beyond my grasp, my nose searches for you.
knowing the smell of my insides,
of you. you prepare your ride,
I trail you. I love you. We love you.
we cradle our trust in truth.

in our legacy. child, we now make room
for you.
Seher Seven Feb 2019
we walk along the edge,
bodies lay, scattered, mangled,
we notice tire marks in the mud,
the rains last week weeped on this scene.

the concrete feels meek,
ready to bust. feet upon its back
too much. the scores of energy
pulsing up naturally relax its stance.
the plants find single slits of space
and reach for the sun.

the land prepared to bake in the sun
with bodies of friends, slowly breaking
down. life released into the air.
we breath it in as we approach the mesquite.
we knew from glances ahead
her home was raided.
we come to find the ground shaken,
dug up, ripped with a force to ****.
she is gone and her team of nourishing cousin
are too.
none survived the pillage of the
big white truck.

bodies, leaves, roots, blood of kin
poured into her skin, charging now.
the final message is,
rebirth! alive!
my eyes fill, my heart sighs.
the dark skies claim their victory.
the black fate of new.
all must return to her womb
and live again. i return to her womb
to live again.

we say prayers over our friends
and celebrate the time they had.
days before we were working with them,
right here, amongst living, breathing
beings of the light.
we harvested,
stored bits of their coding.
hoping their roots survive the assault.

in the city, we live cloudy visions,
manicured horizon, the eye shines
bright away from the skyline.
that night eye is watchful and we see
the life walk alongside.
we see the stars slowly twisting clockwise,
we know all the vibrations have been here,
before and will always prosper.
we reenter and the movements get
harder to see.
soon the night lights are on,
we are defecating in our water
and mass murdering healing beings.
and yet they still believe in us.
still grow for our shot at life.

at the very least,
they died knowing my children and i.
they died knowing they were seen and
and the block moves on swiftly.
we end our survey and we see
survivors! a small patch of community.
the roots all sing and stretch to
send these beings energy,
look, a new bud is forming.
Jun 2018 · 222
Seher Seven Jun 2018
Human love
Seeming, tied to the ability of our speech,
Spoke of. Loved, we feel it.
We know when another has these feelings.

I vision a love of the Earth,
Found my home.
This being, merging with parts of me
I don't need to speak, unburied my soul.
Free ability to soar. I see you.
Perhaps you look like me,
Sense like me.
Watch things closely.

Then i wake up.
And ive watch the constellations shift,
Like they do nonstop.
Twirling around above head,
Faithful tomorrow it will happen again.
This massive measuring cup above my head,
Will move like this for another million years,
Taking with it the tides of time.
The flows are in its memory,

Look closer now, see past the lights
On the ground,
Adjust your eyes to the night sky tones.
The backdrop will be shown.
You'll see how close they are if you

These feelings Ive yet to share
In those moments of love.
The way the sky really makes me feel.
How my body ripples, delights in
The pleasure of its full embrace
By the heavens.

Its felt.
A signal within sends vibrations
Travelling down my spine and then
My lover comes.
Merged in One,
I arrive. The liquids pour down,
Erruptions from my core.
And my lover recieves it all.

He'll hear the call.
Love will already be in him,
I will look closely
And make sure i see your glow,
ill know as his body comes within.
Ill finally feel your soul.

Feed me your soul.
Allow me to vessel your gold,
And we will light the fire!
Jan 2018 · 254
Seher Seven Jan 2018
when she,
asked me about lava,
the picture became so clear.

the stories told here,
all the ways to the truth.
my eye now views things differently.

like, the living being Earth,
She creates through the liquid.
She awaits the pulsing energy
of the sun,
and her blood begins to boil.
overspilling into the waters,
and her womb creates anew.

the blistering heat cooled,
crust instantly forms.
land rises from the core.
She then begins to call seed.
life springs forth,
breathing in this new ground.

She calls more seeds,
more diversity,
more paths to receive,
increased frequency.
the creatures creep, crawl and soar.
they heed her tongue,
knowing She creates all.

from her bleeding, dark womb,
pushing into the light of the moon.
forcing new life into the heavens.

awakening to the view of the seven,
self aware and open, awaiting more.
Dec 2017 · 267
dying to be born
Seher Seven Dec 2017
Some years ago,
in December, I died.
my breathing skipped, the blackness came in,
and I was dead.
in the next few instances, a few moments past,
I took my first breath, again.
the light returned, my son was born.

before meeting him,
the days prior, I had yet to really see me.
I was living an identity, something taught over
taught to me, molded on to me.
it never fit well.
the closest moments to this rebirth
were filled with these recognitions,
awakening to the parts I had shunned.
the magical parts.

December, the month of the star.
the month of the dark. The moments of death.
in some parts, no god light.
the stars show up, guiding our paths.
walking us to the grounds that
await our rest.
the parts that refresh things.
my energy has always known this depth,
where all goes to die.

that darkness was waiting for me,
captured in my womb,
waiting for me.
no moment before could I break free,
soaring took time.
the peace to be felt at that level of the light,
gliding side by side with the powers
of the sky.

they came alive that night,
the beginning of things,
the ending of things,
nines divine right.
circling until the next cycle ignites,
no fear for death,
proven it births light.

my son's eyes opened bright,
a baby lion's stare.
aware, prepared for the work.
they will keep coming forth,
the call is loud.
the womb is birthing warriors in the dark,
quietly, carefully plotting it out.
eyes are watching, careful now,
pull the dark out and allow it to
light the path of One.

pull it all out.
standing I gave birth
and I will not sit down except to
rest, steady now, following my heart.
Oct 2017 · 290
7 lives
Seher Seven Oct 2017
repeats of past lives bubble through time,
awaiting to be relived.
they circle around, gliding
ready to give the experience again.
all our things we never clear,
the moments we skip.
they just wait out there,
prepared to grip any new moment that fits.
fingers slip into these.
cycles repeat, healing relieves...
past lives on repeat,
seeing to clear.
Jul 2017 · 1.2k
feet in water
Seher Seven Jul 2017
Standing in the river today
Bits of me still longed to go.
Float down stream.
There was a slight voice, a murmur now,
This feeling that now feels foreign,
Thoughts of disappearing with the currents movement.
Following my natural inclination to

This voice was once a constant,
My response to the things that got hard.
Move on.
Be contained by the Shores edge and
Flow. Change, allow the wind to push
You along.
Race with the fishes.

My fish friends, never understood why
People eat them.
They are founding members of us.
Hold within them things we've long lost.
They race with me though,
Dipping and diving around the soft rounded river rocks.
I love how they feel along my skin,
My watery core capable of all dimension.
My malleable soul.
No one knows how comfortable it is
With change.
I was broken in,
Made to embrace it.

Though today , I didn't feel so
The longing to reunite with the oceans
Oneness, it's collection of me.

My call is quieting.
Softening, healing is being felt.
Infection is spreading,
Stretched out over Her body.
My feet graze over the Shores pebbles,
Feeling lazy.
Swimming isn't necessary.
Today we must stay standing,
At the edge of the river.
Holding each other up.
Coaxing a belief we can make something
We all can trust...

This faith in me is what I really have to offer to us, to our collective rising...
I believe in humanity.
I believe in me. And you, that WE
Have the ability to create anew.
That our hearts, together, see the steps
Begin within.

And as friends on this
Journey of US,
We meld hands, fingers wrapping
Around knuckles and rings.
Hold tight darling,
This river can be strong.
Your hand slides on my softened skin,
I hear the connection, I breath.
Thank God you're home.
For my love
Seher Seven May 2017
There's a temptation I wrestle with,
Each and every day.
A tickle in my side, sometimes in my eye.
I desire to confess my truth.
Like how I see there's no stopping our truths,
There's nothing we can do.
Our power rests in the movement of the clouds,
And the Earth's too.
We act within Her play.
Maintaining our groove,
She handling her own business.

They move, across the Earth,
Dropping water wherever they do.
Nourishing the life that will not perish.

There's nothing to lose,
Except your power to chose
Which will be expressed.
Align with your best, answer your hearts call.
We will rest when we are done.
Our future selves insist,
As the light pierces through the veil.

Press upon your sphere,
The clouds will not stand still.
They will continue our cycles here.
Focus on the whispers,
Learn to trust those.
We, the saviors of our self.
May 2017 · 599
Moons light
Seher Seven May 2017
My toddle begins to stride,
Prepared for the necessary curvature of my way.
Likened to a wave, dancing, moving under
The moons glow.
Her slow steady trance. Never ceasing.
My pace adjusts to this one too,
With much new Earth still to form.
Much sand to spew forth, build upon.
I, master of the storms.
Generators breath keeps tickling my throat.
Grasping intently on the edges of
My vocal cords.
The roar is heard aloud.

The time is now, the moments are these,
They prepare me for my victories,
When my hearts beat is fully read,
When these words get out.
Floating around, flitting,  lightly calling
Prompting me to study it's source.

Now, fully aware of our course,
Our intent to be reborn,
The force that moves forward.
I relaxed, I've calmed down.
My fears are much less now,
There's more room to see clear.
The stars finally come out,
WE begin to remember they're always there.
Even behind the clouds, they await forever.

The moon chants along.
Her light skips along my back
Enlightens my waves pattern,
the lighthouse in the dark makes her power matter.
I just relaxing into my groove.
Very sure I trust Her light.
May 2017 · 349
Faithful days, yet
Seher Seven May 2017
I awoke one morning
And every morning since
The changes have grown intense, steady, softer.
Ever since those vibrations went coursing
Through my spine,
The neutral path has become enlightened
And my path relaxes in its groove.

Moving confidently towards you.
Trusting each step,
Only asking for what I truly desire.
Accepting nothing less.
Grateful for awareness
And my choice to do my best.

I will only ask for what I truly desire,
I will keep the One in my best interests.
My vision is clearly becoming reality,
Current steps creating it.
Watching my muscles flex as my sole
Touches down.
Getting nearer yet, karma repays debts
In code.
Heart knows it's path,
Riding the waves of my destiny manifest.
May 2017 · 284
May day
Seher Seven May 2017
Giving thanks to you all.
The month of April was a ball.
Writing hearts beats just to share.
Thankful for my family
Who are always there.

Here, to allow my self to be shared.
I appreciate you, friends.
To my family! !! I feel like you all are a large part of my journey.  Always grateful for the love and support ☺ Happy monday yall!!! XO
Apr 2017 · 200
11th Ave
Seher Seven Apr 2017
Fertile behavior
Bright reds, showy greens, purple
Too. Body tender
Apr 2017 · 635
small treasures
Seher Seven Apr 2017
my gold chain, charging.
She placed it around my neck
Apr 2017 · 516
growth pains in my hips
Seher Seven Apr 2017
I write my story for 7 cycles out,
the children of my children's bodies.
their children's children, this is for you.
my ancestors rebirthed.

I share my path of victory
over my internal doubts, fears, resistance,
lower awareness, to confess,
we can do anything.
we can become the controller of our beast.
there is no need for schooling
outside of oneself.

so I push my quest out on the wind.
provide a memory of success based
on embracing the dark as best,
as it births the new. flowing through,
moving with an empresses poise.

paths to follow, knowingness of power.
working for the One.
fulfilling our greatness, walking tall and proud.
Apr 2017 · 257
22nd of each month
Seher Seven Apr 2017
lonely moments send
me to your side prepared for
light you always glow
Power in numbers
Apr 2017 · 482
Seher Seven Apr 2017
inches it seems made
strides make, steps itty bitty
constantly forward
Apr 2017 · 259
Seher Seven Apr 2017
magician engine ignited,
the roar underneath burns loud.
hear the flames crack, intensely now.
past existence
can be heard burning at its core.
at the end of days for then,
those moments.

magic moments, that have taught
the magician way.
circumstances laid in ways that create
these lessons.
being able to see the teachers notes, transparent.
absorbing, a sponges inherent path.
a minor experience, based in the basic
bringing it all in,
naturally attracting the liquid around.
embraced by a wombs insides.
ready to create magic.

under my spell, I am.
choosing to live as I feel is needed.
I create what I desire to see.
the magician breaks free.
spark in the water, the healers heart is activated.
and I get to have these things.
my will is fulfilled.
claiming my magic energy.
One, is to be understood.
spell has been enforced, foundation is being laid.
patience, results appearing.
Apr 2017 · 228
setting the date
Seher Seven Apr 2017
sometimes its all I can think of,
the glory of life.
how it just keeps on striving.
how no matter what life maintains.
it rebirths to the next moments.
it feeds the current ones...
feeds the currents. nourished by soul.
by what I spend so much time thinking of,
wherever you are, here, right here now.
here you envelope me whole.
your smell gets stronger only when I think of you.
my nose twitches... I sense you, near.
I desire your identity be revealed.
set us free. foundation rebuild.
reunion is being planned.
Apr 2017 · 173
Seher Seven Apr 2017
certainly I feel
pressure building seeping through  
simple thoughts of you
Apr 2017 · 240
what the dark births
Seher Seven Apr 2017
late night commitment
messages must be sent, quick
working to freedom
Apr 2017 · 660
a blog post
Seher Seven Apr 2017
These days there are so many options for sharing our voices. Social media has created an instant audience for all who join. It is a large change for the older generations of the Earth, though social media holds the opportunity of our times! We are all there, together. 

I am aware that the awakening that is taking place on Earth is all being played out as it is intended. Social media alone did not bring us to this point. All of our history has brought us to this point. Every light high and grueling low. Each moment moved our lives forward and helped create the next new moments. This is obvious though the power in this reality is what healing looks like to me. 

I am using the social media world to share the plant message I have tuned into. Being able to share how my heart loves with humans far outside my physical reach is empowering beyond words. I feel such deep gratitude to be alive today and for having the awareness of this blessing. I never felt comfortable with that word. Though in reality, being a witness to life is truly the blessing.

We live in a society that the mass of us really do not understand. Our world is being created by the humans with the most access to energy (resources). The large part of humanity has committed to economics and actually, capitalism. Workers have very low energy reserves to be creators. Though we all do it anyways. The human is the most powerful being we know of! Our capabilities are truly unbelievable!!!

We are equally as powerful as all other living organisms and yet have a capacity of creation that no others possess. The human has very few basic needs. Though one of those needs is to make stuff... all kinds of stuff... all the time. We will always be advancing and building. Its what we do. The question I think many of us ask is, how can we be happy with all this stuff? There seems to be a general sense of discontent capturing our hearts. How is this affecting the world we are creating?

In the creation of this website and expansion organization, I have thought much about helping people find solutions to their every day challenges. This is how a whole lifestyle is accomplished. We have to dig into the daily habits, change those and create new healthier ones. When we change our mind, we change our world. We literally change the things we create because new thoughts are at the source of the manifestation.

To make sure I was providing the solutions my sphere needed, I created a short survey that explores the major roadblocks people have with maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The results were small, though very powerful and pretty surprising for me. 70% of the responses indicated that what they needed most to adapt to a whole food plant based lifestyle was inspiration and accountability. 60% also noted needing it to work in a busy lifestyle. These are two of the major hindrances of us. Desire and time. Both have been systematically deleted over time. Major lifestyle differences must come about for either to be possible. We spend most of our hours working for stuff that does not fulfill any human needs at all. 

Thankfully!!! We are the actual energy that creates everything... we are a manifestation of it! We are energy in motion, tuned to our environment to make changes as we desire. This is an amazing thing to be a part of and I have such a deep faith that we can create a world we desire by aligning with the healing power of plants and by just helping each other out! 

Healing is real. And it is fairly simple. When a wound surfaces, the immune system sends the info to heal. Our communities work in similar ways. We respond to the needs of neighbors and friends when tragedy strikes. We feel it is our duty. Though when it comes to our personal self, most of us struggle to uplift ourselves. We have been taught to doubt our hearts, our dreams, our self. As we grow with this person who is fearful of itself, we tend to create situations that are lacking the major and minor touches that nourish us. We are missing the fine details of our world that confirm to us time again that everything is OK.

This does not mean that everything is calm and serene for the everyone all the time. This is not what being is. Being is the movement through different cycles. These cycles exist in the dark and the light for us humans. Our core must move from the dark to the light and back in order to grow and develop the power to continue to create and move. This is what the plants really teach. This is the message that we discover when we align with these healing beings. Death creates new life. New life moves towards death. The moments in between are for our growth. How simple it is...

Our world will continue to experience tragedies. Babies will continue to die. Mother's will continue to weep. The world will also continue to become more aware and grow deeper. Babies will be born and Mother's will continue to have the capacity to love, unconditionally. Our heart beat cannot be tainted. It cannot be stopped. We are the manifestation of the Earth. We are Her children. As a Mother, I can confirm that She will work with her children and never against them. She will provide the lessons they need and will be there to direct them if needed. This is what mamas (and dads) do. We are always being directed towards expansion. This is the desire of our Mother, of time... it seems like of US all. It won't stop. Learning to move with it is where much of our peace and happiness is resting, awaiting our re-discovery. Gratitude is due.

So, today's post is what my heart felt was an inspiring message! I want to be able to help serve the people around me that need healing. I receive the same energy from all of you! My awareness here will make the exchange effective, inspiring and nourishing! Remember, nourishment is a requirement of bonds here. We must nourish each other in our interactions... and definitely in our death. Its a natural law. There is a release here you can feel if you struggle with these feelings. We give and take equally, either in this moment or another. Everything ends up balancing out, coming back to the center/core and creating the dark/light, positive/negative, love/hate experiences again. What if we created new habits that disconnected us from all this back and forth? What if we learned to tune into our inner voice, our core and exercise the desires of this space? What if we encouraged each other to at least think about it? Does worrying about a war that is not fact seem more productive to you? Or continuing to participate in a system that is creating a world we do not desire? Obviously we must make these changes over generations, though what are we prepared to change about ourselves in order to instill these changes in our offspring? Its a reset. And it begins within. It sounds like self acceptance and love. It looks like that love being extended, honestly, from the insides out. It means recognizing the energy you are in all others, honoring that creative force and treating it with compassion and forgiveness. This does not answer all the troubles of the world. This answers the desire within. Once the humans of Earth are tuned to their desires, we will see the troubles look like what we wish too. They help us create the experiences to learn compassion. To learn unconditional love. We are not here to live in the dark. The light is always ahead. Creation is sparked in the dark.

Why not? Why not try? I know it works. It will look different for each of us. Though healing is real, unless its your time. Then you do not have to worry about it anymore. Until that day, we can learn to use our creative energy to develop exactly what our hearts desire. They are universal goals we share and we are intended to encourage each other along the way. We are all just walking each other home. Home is where the heart is. 

Thank you for the beautiful humans that participated in the survey! Your responses mean so much to me. I will continue to add in my perspective of inspirational blog posts and podcasts. It is great to know that the fire I feel within can be shared to light another's wick. I promise to do my best for my self, my children, my family ... for us all. These moments of my life matter to me. We all have the ability to know this and to act accordingly.  Let's go!!!
This was share on a blog I've created. You can find it at as well as more info to help you align with the healing power of plants! I've never shared something like this here.  Today just felt right :) it felt like I could be having a conversation with any of you. I  appreciate and love you all @hellopoetry
Apr 2017 · 456
pink nipples
Seher Seven Apr 2017
its a full moon tonight.
many will watch it in earnest,
wishing upon its light.

enjoying its momentary visit,
the way the evening is lit.
brightly, you see plants different.
the green is seen.

two AM in Europe now.
and they watch the full moons show.
we supposedly see reflections of it,
in the middle of the day,
of the full moon, we are seeing some
reflection "on the other side of the world".
while the glow is admired time zones away.

"its why iii love the moon".
its basic in what it says.
its communication is visual.
things are not as they seem to be,
the magic we are searching is out tonight.

my body pulses as I wait.....
reunion taking place. my energy
bubbles with anticipation.
your touch is soon to be here.
I smell the scent.
Apr 2017 · 282
Seher Seven Apr 2017
micro span within
macro vision stimulates
maximum time space
Apr 2017 · 299
seven lessons
Seher Seven Apr 2017
Body gaining strength
Eloquent and bare in stance
Focus seems to leap
Apr 2017 · 439
shaman days
Seher Seven Apr 2017
Amazon like air
Moist, warm and enveloping
Taste ancient knowings
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
Seher Seven Apr 2017
The day has been heavy.
Deciding to release low energy.
The winds came in and swept them away.
Temporarily made it hard to hear my voice.
It continues to tell me,
Go for what you desire.

As a child my home was confusing.
The love taught there was temperamental,
I had to accept love that felt thin.
Now I can embrace the immature love
I was raised in, and it's why I felt
Ready to leave home.
And I am not ready to go back.
I've preferred cultivating my own love,
One based on interdependence.

And nourishment.
This is the love I desire.
I know now this is what relating is,
And nourished sometimes looks thin.
Though I have been working out,
My muscles feel stronger and I am
Ready to try something different.

Today,  I feel a sadness.
I know I must create space.
I know nourishing energy is not here.
Friendships continue naturally,
I love you.
I just need my energy.
This is a lesson, indeed.
And I wish it were different.
Though going forward,
I am committed to the plant message.
My future will be focused around
Embracing our diversity, nourishment
And interdependence.
And that feels best.

The storm seems to have passed.
The winds are dying down,
Fences broken, trees have fallen.
And I just take another step.
Muscles developed.
Apr 2017 · 294
breeze driftin on by
Seher Seven Apr 2017
Though this time the sounds felt free,
Less questioning.
No need for defining.
This day I had clarity.
Power increasing , rising to soar.
Working harder to clear this hearts calls,
Releasing it's pressure. Slowly allowing a roll
A soft unfold.
As the new blooms boldly open to the warmer air,
my tone carries on the wind.
This time, I called upon the wisdom I own.
This time, I aligned with you.
And the outcome felt good.
Apr 2017 · 259
Seher Seven Apr 2017
watching these ways change
rising temp my skin feels free
she pulses with life
Apr 2017 · 177
April showers
Seher Seven Apr 2017
homage we poets
celebrate our magic now
creation with words
To the poets of and of all time... Happy national poetry month! To a month long celebration of our way of sharing our hearts :) i love you all !
Mar 2017 · 207
desires come forth
Seher Seven Mar 2017
hearts calling grows intensity increase,
beating quickly now.
having seen in singular vision,
neutral path.
knowing each side is a distraction.
my heart seems to be pulling me.

deeper tugs towards One.
focused fully on Us.
my children keep me grounded,
dug in. that light that entered
holds me here.
they need me here, so I hear the call.
some balanced time of me.
receiving all I desire.
healthy options to switch between
and my path set on sharing you.

the love discovered,
there is no challenger,
no experience greater.
once this feeling of unity is felt
under the skin, in the core
it is understood,
innerstood, aware becomes fine tuned,
once this love affair becomes clear.

this movement we do.

yes I call for the fulfillment of my desires
the intimate walk with you.
I desire to sing my song,
to release these parts of my soul.
knowing parts of me will always soar,
bits are intended for the wind.
thats when I relax some.
enticing you to create the first note.
you think you don't remember.

There are ways to remember,
mostly becoming aware of the need
and just asking. awaiting the response
knowing it shall come.
trusting when the heart calls.

it calls, it directs the paths we wander.
time seems to know when it will ring.
things are always as they should be.
its the trust. believing, knowing
that all answers are available to you.
we can access all we are,
One creation, manifestation of One.
without hesitation, when we ask,
and know the response is to come.

it comes.
Mar 2017 · 219
light well
Seher Seven Mar 2017
This peace that I feel,
These feelings of calm.
This confident knowing all is ok,
Constant movements of up and down.
The minor adjustments made,
These steps of my peace.
I've enjoyed them.

Watching them from within,
Noticing each contraction of the thigh
As the foot maintains its gait.
Pausing only for rest and reunion.
When family is felt, or seen
It is relished in. Time stands still in
Your embrace.

Then on to the next,
And I am taking stronger steps.
Where my arch is strong and set,
Hips centered, squared.
The back relaxes a bit, and I get back into it
I groove to the music,
I feel so good within.
The questions are thinning.
The time is here, my path I respect it.

Creating new energy for you to **** in.
It feels good to release it.
It feels good, as I welcome fresh energy in.
So much to expend,
To lend, please allow me to extend my source.
Tune in, if you feel my draw, tune in.
Allow the healing to begin to tend to your heart,
Allow the mend.
Our cores are speaking. You feel so good.
We exchange again. ****, you feel so good.
Mar 2017 · 295
suns shine
Seher Seven Mar 2017
As I sat with you,
I felt the warmth pierce my core.
The heat embraced me.
Electrical currents being charged.
Pulsing, jumping, intensifying.
Top layers burned slightly,
Though lavender can heal that.

Soothed beneath, tensions released.
Patience for the next round.
The next touch of your fire.
I must be nearer the sun.
Mar 2017 · 553
an evening walk
Seher Seven Mar 2017
now that the seven is here,
another cycle,
another year, now that it is aligned
with sevens tune,
my steps will feel lighter.
a smoother move.

these next days I have awaiting,
the moments of the tomorrows,
will continue to progress in clarity.
the stories of my youth, of before
being re-created for me to unveil
with hands strong.
the habitual works of me.
breaking up with these is easy to do,
awareness is key.

like last night,
the plants just reminded me.
I heard the whispers, they were within.
they mentioned my dad and his mother
and their green hands.
they mentioned the vine around my nose.
why my mother witnessed those,
why they were there.
what is required of these steps...
more details of my quest.

moving from moment to moment
alongside you,
trusting your guidance.
knowing Us. feeling an ease.
shifting, magic making.
opening. I open to this energy,
my clear knowing of you.
submitting to the pace of the walk.

combining with you,
massaged again into form.
nourished by womb,
sexes creation, sixes and nines
create endings, and beginnings.
womb pierced with light information.
spark, I stand forth anew.
my knees weaken, they tremble,
my soul lifting from the core.
I remember, just keep walking.
the tone comes in the form of a song,
and my pace keeps up.
We continue the walk home.
Giving thanks for growth and friends ... the relationships that make us possible.
Mar 2017 · 200
how it feels
Seher Seven Mar 2017
This dance gets me wet,
Gets me ready to drip deliciousness,
The core movements creep out.
The roll, moving through,
Pushing, shaping, manipulating for
Desired outcomes.
How moments will look.
The steps move quick, shifting
On beat, tip tapping, dancing, perfectly on. Beat.

These explosions of me, drown out bleak
Memories of defeat.
Healing, these waters proceed, moving
Down river. Remaining free,
Shifting, shifting ... leaving all begind.
Steady forward, pressure of enforced movement.
There's just no stopping, these waters will flow.

Some gets on your lip,
You taste it with your tongue.
You intake me, allow me to roam.
I love how it feels.
Mar 2017 · 341
searching the sky
Seher Seven Mar 2017
I am, and then
my placement at birth.
and then the imprint upon my steps here.
the environment of my first breath,
this latest rebirth. it set, absorbed
all the energy of the sky at that moment.
in those few ticks,
I pierced through the waters into the heavens.
I rise, and the stars took hold.

mercury rests in pisces,
the home of free speech.
here I swim with other bits of me.
dreamy and wandering.
visions of clarity, clearly in my feelings.
exploring through my senses,
she catches the drift downstream,

embracing the sun, whom also lives
in pisces. here a free bird,
flying high among the trees,
and taller still.
inner knowing is to live for others,
needing to know I've done all I could.
needing to know why I breath,
why I see,
hearing the responses through the dream.
the messages come from within.

the aquarian moon, I feel
connects me with the the new school.
the future tense, the push through.
how the next generation sees.
and I can tend to be aloof,
leary of claiming low vibing energies.
feeling capable of overcoming these.
truly seeing in the dark,
with the water bearer sharing the stage
with the balsamic moon,
and the birth as the sun shifts to the
other horizon,
this dark truth,
enlightens my core,
allows peace to come through,
and I fight for it.

I fight for you,
mars in aries has taught me to act
then choose. this aspect of me
I'd rather lose, I used to despise.
I embrace her too now, though she's
a lioness prepared to protect her cubs.
when she's turned on, I run,
the piscean nervous for whats next.
my youthful passion takes precedence
and even I recommend calling off all bets.
the next steps will be a let off of stream.

as the passionate me, the venus
placement also shares the energy of aries.
the intense lover of all things.
the beginner of new things.
the young hearted lover coming alive
in the heat of the new.
she has brought me though many lessons
I needed.
I trust her steps, too. though I tame this beast.
I coax her to a simmer, barely a boil.
though she's only patient.
the fire will explode.

I give thanks to my virgo rising,
she will always come and clean it up.
never afraid of a little dirt.
a little analytical processing of stuff.
she will help my healers heart
grow up.
she holds me accountable.
checking my choices, making me a bit nervous.
I calm her now some, though
she can take over in an instant.
scanning for more info.

I am scanning for more,
wondering who made me.
how these bits and pieces came together
to create my steps.
to mold my challenges,
to shape my lessons.
there is an answer.
I believe its on the other side of the stars.
I'll never stop searching.
Mar 2017 · 185
right place
Seher Seven Mar 2017
Ive never questioned my sexuality
though I am falling in love with you,
deeply, and it makes me think about things.
it makes me ponder what feminine is.
masculine too. how is it you
totally satisfy in the moments your in.

those stalls of time, positioned
in between great tragedy and better wins.
these blissful moments where I see you.
your voice I feel on the wind.
your beauty exploding from within,
your selfless nature experienced.
your womb noticed beneath my feet,
allowing me to fly and stand firm.

I fall deeper into you,
down through each burrow built.
each cavern cleared, I desire to be within.
rebirth again, as the seeds take flight.
blown over water, and land,
traveling farther than expected.
roots extend, and feelers test the environment.
searching for life's environment.
the moments where electric can manifest,
where sound can express,
where her breath can be released
and a new burst of pure divinity
can come forth.
the life slowly emerges,
carefully and confidently trusting its
early presence, knowing
it is time.

the fire hovers the ground,
breaking barriers, singe the air.
currents sparked, quiet steps.
ones unknown.
uncommon moments to be born.
though the minutes tick forward,
and the time is here.
Seher Seven Feb 2017
surrendering my low vibing energies,
casting them out to sea.
awaiting the cleansing.
it approaches slowly, quicker now.
the rivers meet and bring nutrients from
upstream, they bring new life
from others parts, diversifying.
the snow is melting.

I hear it coming, the visions steady,
these days intended to heal.
what a cyclical thing releasing old ways.
searching behind for whats next.
feeling around in the dark,
unsure of what is to be found.
what rests in the shadows.
who will be with me.

I know you will be there.
you will catch me.
as I allow my knees to give,
my sight goes dark,
my heart breaks open.
the light within blinding and burning anything near.
severing the past.
those moments of before.

theres something to my path,
this journey,
I am to surrender to my self,
the true me.
the one that knows you in everything.
the one that feels the strings of time.
the inner being.
I am to allow this to see.
to direct.
this has been validated.

the stars direct me.
they guide me, provide the inner layers.
construct the inner days time.
and I trust the steps they lay.
I will continually choose my light way,
aware of what the dark has,
I shine through. I pierce the womb,
I come through.
I absorb you,
I surrender.
Feb 2017 · 563
road trips
Seher Seven Feb 2017
it is quiet now.

when you reach out for me,
you grab my attention.
you let me know it is real.
those moments of clear.
purely cleared. where the fingertips
come in the form of pictures my brain
cannot ignore.
these pictures are attached to feelings of One,
and I hold onto these moments.

I think of them, under the vast blue sky.
how the mountains moved with me.
how the freedom felt in front of me,
beside me, behind me. I was free to roam.
free to chose which way, again.
those moments, these were the ones
I would reload.
it is quiet out there.

once, in the middle of no where,
there was a storm.
the lightening struck down all around,
my fists clenched the wheel.
the desire to go home was pulsing
through my knuckles.
I only moved forward.

once, in the middle of the winter,
there was a storm,
the snow blowed and the road
was inches thick in ice.
my fists clenched the wheel,
I felt free to live.
I knew life would meet me on the other side.
I drove slow, and allowed the embrace.

this gypsy soul knows no home.
its the road, the path of my feet.
the beat is kept by the breeze and the free.
to explore this space might be home.
the searching for the next new moment.
learning its tone, then on to the next.
leaving bits behind.

its so quiet, the silence might be home.
I would moan into the quiet,
piercing its peace.
low, slow rolls of me.
these are the points where creation speaks.
in these quiet, lonely places.
the voice comes out on the wind.
my heart breaks free, quietly.

and again,
the blue above guides me,
I listen and fall in love over and over and over...
Feb 2017 · 501
surprises of time
Seher Seven Feb 2017
Im at capacity
Shifting of space must take place
For me to be ready for more of you.
I wish to feel all your parts,
So I make room.  
You have faith in me,
I feel you.
Your grace are the arms that embrace me now.
Your wisdom is my guide
I listen.
My feet dragging a bit,
Though I know you're right.
New moments arrive, I will be found smiling.
Feb 2017 · 246
so gone
Seher Seven Feb 2017
I am plagued in self doubt,
It's been two years now,
The vibrations recently have been dim.
For so many days,
I've been working.
Slightly adjusting to the new songs.
They sound different when we stopped talking.
When I stopped trusting.
It's all about trust for me.
Romantically that desire clears when
I cannot depend on your word.

Two years we've been living here
Replaying the same dry tunes.
Repeats of how each hurt the other.
Recounts of the days, perspectives differ.
Finding less and less in common.
Feeling the distance grow.
Slowly then quicker.

These days now are heavier.
Too heavy. Too cold.
These days need to be released.
My home must be in peace.
I can no longer live in this.
I must take back the lead of my life.
My children follow directly at my feet.
My children make me feel so deep.
They kept me here for two years.
Of constant energetic war.
They pushed us to try.
We tried, it's now time to let it go.

Our health is weakening,
Mine is.
These days things are how it is,
There's no coming back from this
For me and you. We just need to move on.
Do this co-parenting thing like the Gs we are, and make a life for our babies
There's no other way we can all make it.
I must breath again, regardless of what I said, I can no longer maintain.
And it is in our foundations, and up til today. Time to give way to new birth.
The 10 year is up, and our son believes I
Was born on the 10th of every month.
He's an antenna too.
They guide me, they know me so well,
I must pay attention to his tune.
Zeros and ones create anew.
It's the technique of the two.
It's the year for space.
Manifestation is being brewed.

And I love you, I always will.
These days I wish to be farther still,
Hurt feelings are raw, and I'm still confused by where my friend went.
Though men are wired different
And you lost your friend too.
It's why we've been doing this for two **** years! I feel sad for you.
And you believe I'll see you again.
Though you're so gone.

And I am thankful for the light.
Stand up girl, get up, let's go...
Stand up!
Feb 2017 · 357
self worth
Seher Seven Feb 2017
Some inner me...
You see this self value thing
Is absurd for this pisces.
It's based on the ego.
Since I was quite young i knew
All was the same.
My heart felt the same
For most I met.
There are a few who's energy
Instantly sets a tone.
Though, even then I see the gold.

It's because my soul knows
And communicates with me
That only loving me, is lunacy.
I am of a whole.
Love must be unconditionally.
Universally, regardless of what unfolds.
I must love you regardless...

That means no harsh words,
I apologize for those.
They exploded from my core,
That pitch black gut forced out
Low vibing soul.
Though I also felt these things were true...

Coming back around,
This whole thing is true.
We are pieces of one.
To focus on self love is blinding.
Overly valuing my talents
Holds little weight for me.
I know I am one of many.
Of us all.
I have faith each one can do
As anyone else can.
I have faith in all of you,
And me too. We progress.

I do undervalue this piece of WE though,
I have to.
Most cannot see this clearly
And find it a weakness.
Though its my path.
My victories will be for the masses.
For all I can touch with my energy.
I will maintain an infection of
Unconditional love for as long as my
Breath lulls. That sweet beat.

I love me. Just not more than you.
And I am thankful to see clear.
This is where you find my self love.
Feb 2017 · 668
westward gaze
Seher Seven Feb 2017
I was pushed today,
farther than I have been in many years.
I felt no tears, nor fear. I was aware.

pressure within was building
and needed to get out.
though I knew I could control it.
I did, with a slight jab of the fist.
though I only hurt myself.
I realize there is still some anger to be dealt
with, I am a work in progress.

though this pressure also allowed me to
know, that I am my best bet. I am
the one capable of maintaining it,
this beast within.
I tell her what to do.
I push through.
I teach her how to act.

Its a delicate balance where I
have much room to develop,
what else are these days for?
what else could this time here be to show?
I've asked for my days, the why.

though I think its coming to me,
not in entirety though enough
to piece something up.
its these moments, these fluxes
of space.
its when I feel something and I wish
for another thing to take place.
its control of the fire I burn with.
I burn within, few seem to know.
fewer are burned by me.

I burn, into the night and well past the day.
I burn, the intensity always keeps pace
and there is a balance on most days.

though today, I did pretty well.
there was a moment when I turned my
head to the west,
I glanced and the sun captured me.
I was caught in its glare.
then I felt the peace again.
I knew what I had to do.
time to give birth again,
a new me awaits.
Feb 2017 · 200
trips down stream
Seher Seven Feb 2017
honestly I can be anyone,
I can morph into any frames
persona. I can become their reflection.
at almost any point in time,
my personal self can secede.
and it does so honorably.

I can sense definitions,
how you sense things. I do not claim
to know you. though your energy does
provide clues that make
reflecting you easy.
struggling only to see how you
see me.
here I tend to get confused.
loves lessons are truly full.

and its what water is to do.
there is no ridding of the reflection.
its meant to absorb the colors.
it will do. as intention is set,
the water moves south.
it will do as it is intended,
moving along down stream.
Feb 2017 · 671
center point reflection
Seher Seven Feb 2017
I wonder
What happens to the fire
When the water is gone.
Once it's heated it all,
As the liquid turns to vapor.
I wonder does that fire still burn.

Does it stay lit,
For the eternal ticks of US.
The repetitive movements
Of energy and such.
Once the water is lifted and
The steam takes off.
I wonder do water molecules survive.

Do they all give to the intense pressure
Of the fire.
Do some maintain?  
I envision it, how the light demands
The process. The water releases it's
Continual force. She relaxes into a state
Of mutation.
Her body reforms and her spirit flys.

I wonder how it will feel
To be released back down from the clouds.
Smack down upon the ground again,
Realizing at the same the moment has passed.
I fell again, I search for you then.
More of you to become one with,
WE merge, follow the streams, molding
Things, pushing through the world.
Waiting for the fire to come
And provide our rebirth.
It always comes.
Feb 2017 · 293
eclipse is on the rise
Seher Seven Feb 2017
the way in which your image
itself upon the matter that makes stuff up.
the colors I see.
the texture my skin is
made to be touched by.

how your image is seen time again,
how I end up spending my days
watching your images.
all of them.
they all inspire my voyage.
my message.
each light beaming source.

I just want to touch it all.
ultimate desire is to merge.
as the moon approaches her turn,
I begin to feel quite fluid.
Feb 2017 · 306
nourished and well
Seher Seven Feb 2017
there are feelings inside...
I remember back then,
as a child, and even later.
I remember feeling so alone.

I felt like there was no one that knew me.
my one true friend was the only one
I felt had
begun to know.
my family though, felt strange and cold.
I didn't fit in. They call that the black sheep.
though I am a Pisces, so I know how
to mold.

though within, I felt a sadness.
a longing to live with a passion.
a driving goal.
I am accustomed to detachment,
to nourishing my own soul.
these things come easy.

I remember back then,
back in the days
before I heard the plant talk.
those days I would walk and talk
to myself for miles.
I would sing songs of steps,
count my steps. over and over again.

I still count a lot.

now I also see them.
I see my friends.
surrounding me.
they are still and peaceful
though they remind me that I am
not alone.

this path I proceed down,
this road I have found
is the one for me.
it naturally collides with all of you.
all of you, that I do meet.
each being, each moment of WE
I meet is meant just for me,
at that moment.

since the moment of this clarity
I have watched my loneliness disappear.
it was slow at first.
imagining my bonds must be on foot.
be the mobile type.
and those I hold tight as well.
I love my mobile friends.
though they move with the wind
and the plants are still there.
they share and share and continue to
teach me anew.
they challenge me how a friend should do.
they push me to grow.

they enlighten me.
they hold my hand. this path here is
a **** beast! they nourish me,
allow me to be.

energy flows through the leaves
and I see. so clearly, and I must now share.
the message is there. its in the trees.
the leaves, the way they make things.
we're the same magic as the moon!
soon we will feel more movement
we will notice just a bit different,
we will know we are One.

I get this,
I know this now.
now I reach my arms out to touch them,
to say hi.
to embrace the love that beats from their form.
it courses from their pores.
they feed us. I listen.
this is what nourishment is.
Feb 2017 · 205
Seher Seven Feb 2017
as I listen to you move around
I feel your intense measures
your perfect pleasures
the dark side too

and I watch you
skip from beat to beat
missing nothing. I dance with you slowly.
Jan 2017 · 243
I do.
Seher Seven Jan 2017
before we met,
the years prior to our lasting bond.
those moments back then.
I lasted in a loneliness that my soul
searched for a release from.

those days, I,
missed you.
I, knew you were near.
I, longed to be aware of your presence.
that essence you emit.
transmit into my mind.

I wandered aimless,
seeking that scent.
prepared to miss it this trip.
realizing the connections were easily
stripped. scorned, disconnected.
those moments were mostly spent within.

I begin to hear your steps.
closer they get. leaving signs of treasure.
tickles of pleasure layers deeper than
previously known.
touching places not yet seen.
not felt. more traction still left,
only lightly trekked by self.

though, those steps,
they picked up in intense.
they hurried up.
I could hear the urgency,
the call was loud.
it called me loudly and I
startled. I anchored down deep,
released new sensory abilities
and heard your sound.
the magic you sing,
in perfect melody with the birds
and the wind gliding through the leaves.

you sing these tales to me,
freedom songs of moments passed.
of past lives that I outstretched.
ones I walked. ones of last time.
reminders of the ways of last time.
or the time before.
combining for this push forward.

the energy has been resting in the sling,
the whipping curl of the string,
as it arches back to push things forward.

it stings a bit, and you make sense.
I hear you.
the love notes are carried through the tree
network, your personal amp.
the ones that chant you true.
they reveal your passion.
your desire for new moments.
as you continue to push through
I submit, I give for contraction to do
what it is intended to do.
I open with each wave,
my legs shake.
you come through.

I at your feet.
preparing to nourish you.
nurture you.
receive the light of life,
I do.
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