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Mar 2020
ever since I was young I have loved the rough ones,
the hard ones, born from a womb of fire.
ability to love the spaces others run from,
no amount of emotional obstacles tire me.
born when the faith is near gone,
rebirth on the horizon, spring guaranteed to return.
this season has a particular vibration,
notes of visualization, tuned to the chord of universal love.

universal love. what does that really mean?
are we really considering loving
everyone and everything?
loving the dark as we do the day
and the night as the light.
the building up of the next come up
and the guaranteed destruction of its life.
standing still in the center, neither seem far.
my hands reach out and can sense
both sides were required to start.
so which matters most?

If I chose to see, I continually turn to the light.

why? well because half of us must
energize that side. I flip, trust.
some days I find myself lost in the darkest
parts of us. drowning, forgetting to put my feet down.
those moments I earn more ground, I build
up for the next wave to come.
I keep my head up and the light always shines bright.
any time I look to the light, it shines,
distracts me from low vibes, keeps my
mind alive and aware both sides matter
so I ride these waves.
I coast this vibe, this patience for the other side,
the light always returns, rebirth is life.

to me, universal love is recognizing that
both sides are required.
death is required for life.
sound is required for quiet.
my peace is found in between.
piercing, I burrow into its sweet core,
the feeling of home is seen,
the frequency shifting the waters.
this season makes me believe these things,
later winter rebirth is coming type things,
universal love's guarantee.

our Earth always springs forth, new life
will always return, there is no final ending coming,
we are secured in her crown. the cycles move around
again, and then down shift again and love is still
what bounds it all. unconditional
universal love that is birthed from her core
over and over and over and over and over again
until she rests and then births some more.
this is a Mother's core, Our Earth, an all knowing
soul that provides us with everything that we have.
and anything more. all comes from the Earth and her core.
there is no thing that does not come from her back,
her heart, her sacrificial programming, knowing
rebirth keeps it going, so we honor before.
she guides us to honor before.

before our division, before our confusion,
mental conversation depression, disconnect
from our one. from the one that we are.
from the one that we trust, that we must trust.
trust she has birthed the ones needed to carry
forth the torch. she is prepared for all.
she provides her children all. never turning her back
on all of us.
believe in the return of the spring, it is for all of us.
and it is coming.

it is coming like every year before.
her cycles are the core. the magma turns
and prepares for the waters.
new life springs forth.
and we love it because it joins,
it forms.
universally creating, honoring before.
she encourages you to honor before. honor before.
universal love.
Seher Seven
Written by
Seher Seven
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