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Jun 2018
Human love
Seeming, tied to the ability of our speech,
Spoke of. Loved, we feel it.
We know when another has these feelings.

I vision a love of the Earth,
Found my home.
This being, merging with parts of me
I don't need to speak, unburied my soul.
Free ability to soar. I see you.
Perhaps you look like me,
Sense like me.
Watch things closely.

Then i wake up.
And ive watch the constellations shift,
Like they do nonstop.
Twirling around above head,
Faithful tomorrow it will happen again.
This massive measuring cup above my head,
Will move like this for another million years,
Taking with it the tides of time.
The flows are in its memory,

Look closer now, see past the lights
On the ground,
Adjust your eyes to the night sky tones.
The backdrop will be shown.
You'll see how close they are if you

These feelings Ive yet to share
In those moments of love.
The way the sky really makes me feel.
How my body ripples, delights in
The pleasure of its full embrace
By the heavens.

Its felt.
A signal within sends vibrations
Travelling down my spine and then
My lover comes.
Merged in One,
I arrive. The liquids pour down,
Erruptions from my core.
And my lover recieves it all.

He'll hear the call.
Love will already be in him,
I will look closely
And make sure i see your glow,
ill know as his body comes within.
Ill finally feel your soul.

Feed me your soul.
Allow me to vessel your gold,
And we will light the fire!
Seher Seven
Written by
Seher Seven
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