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Jan 2018
when she,
asked me about lava,
the picture became so clear.

the stories told here,
all the ways to the truth.
my eye now views things differently.

like, the living being Earth,
She creates through the liquid.
She awaits the pulsing energy
of the sun,
and her blood begins to boil.
overspilling into the waters,
and her womb creates anew.

the blistering heat cooled,
crust instantly forms.
land rises from the core.
She then begins to call seed.
life springs forth,
breathing in this new ground.

She calls more seeds,
more diversity,
more paths to receive,
increased frequency.
the creatures creep, crawl and soar.
they heed her tongue,
knowing She creates all.

from her bleeding, dark womb,
pushing into the light of the moon.
forcing new life into the heavens.

awakening to the view of the seven,
self aware and open, awaiting more.
Seher Seven
Written by
Seher Seven
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