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 Feb 2016 S K Garcia
 Feb 2016 S K Garcia
I placed the sheet music against my side
The hot iron of the notes beat their way inside
Every strike of the mallet crushing it’s way in
Such a sad song, what a terrible tune
It hung in the pit of my stomach
Held by the fluttering of two song birds
Both with wings plucked from their bodies
They read aloud the music like an anthem
Knew every tap in the ivory and stroke of the clock
I dream now with earmuffs,
Anything to lay to rest their somber songs
Watch the ceiling as it spins and shakes
The eggshell cracking with every blink in the night
I’ve forgotten what it is to breath, the taste of a sunlit shoulder,
All I do now is play audience to their noise
No longer can I even hear my voice
 Oct 2015 S K Garcia
Caroline K
We gather our bones and piece them together
in hopes that sleep will cast over us quicker.
Across the sheets of making noises-
a dance of silently lying to the other.
Swallow down the awkward conversation
with coffee questioned how I took it.
A handful of brown packets in attempt
to make this morning taste less bitter.
 Mar 2015 S K Garcia
Alex Clarke
The lines
your eyes
and mouth
with every
sunburst smile
are the
little maps
of where you have been
where I hope
to travel.
 Nov 2013 S K Garcia
Max Eastman
SOMETIMES a child's voice crying on the street
Comes winging like an arrow through the wind
To pierce my breast with you, my baby, and
My pen is weak, and all my thinking dreams
Are mist of yearning for the touch of you.
 Oct 2013 S K Garcia
Kaleb Vernon
I looked between the sheets
to see if I could see your feet
Something that once was there; disappeared
Couldn't even find a single hair;
For proof you were there

Must have vanished in mid-air
Amongst the others who were just as fair
But managed to lay their head in another home
Who laid comfortably beside others bones
For proof you were scared

Now there's a lie wrapped around your finger
Married to another but your feeling still linger;
Your smile still flickers as I look in the mirror
Where I used to grab your hips in sensual bliss
For proof you loved, then lied, then sailed another ship...

Your ship missed port and now your bagging for more
But how can I love when I'm ripped up and torn;
Although, these open doors give me sight of fool's paradise;
these legs don't move after you taken them as your prize
Even when you left I still saw me on you
For proof that my mind is delusional too
Cause all this drama is emphasized by me
Crafted by a simple mind and vocalized by a feign
 Oct 2013 S K Garcia
Pen Lux
lightning pulses through my pitch
strike me with your presence, stitch
the gaping ridges of the aftermath.

dark, is my prism.
weak, is my shell.
loss, is my repetition.

my gaze is shallow water
as the sun begins to bend.

when nothing grows, we hunt each other.
attempting satisfaction of the flesh, we eat meat.
carnivorous campers hiking through hail, we retreat.

parting clouds,
breaking through our moisture.
the rays build our spirits to cast
evening arrives.

flames draw our photographs
and we're captured in thought.
candid sweetness, through darkness we fought.

today is the first rain since those memories
and everything I swore I couldn't feel last
winter comes rushing, swinging limbs,
swinging branches and I'm barreled.
all boxed up in the lack of things.
swinging gently before the snap,
my body descends
as I open my wings for flight
there's no surprise in my eyes
as the past repeats itself for I am
punished by gravity every time
I surrender to survive.
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