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Kaleb Vernon Sep 2015
being the only one left on the planet that is neither a **** or a politician, both of which are only good for ******* people
2. waking up naked in the middle of the street
3. both of those happening at once
4. not finishing lists
5. jumping off my roof, breaking every single bone in my body and ultimately crushing my stupid brain because i thought i could swing like spider-man and being bit by any type of spider is not exactly how its works i guess
6. you thinking i no longer have super powers ...
7. going to the theatre to see the sequel or sequel sequel or sequel sequel sequel or whatever it's at now of spider-man and you leaving because you loved the original
8. me being the sequel
9. singing john lennon's "imagine" in the car but you taking the line "imagine all the people" way too seriously
10. buying a photo album and only having pictures of when we picked out the perfect pumpkin at halloween and you called me your pumpkin
11. going to my favourite cafe and seeing you and your new pumpkin... spice latte
12. being eaten alive by jealousy
13. my neighbours dog was named jealousy
14. choking
15. by being force fed the fact you can see someone else and i can't do it
16. having to do cpr on myself even though you're trained
6. you thinking i no longer have super powers
17. dying without my sidekick
6. you thinking i no longer have super powers
18. i kind of feel that way too
6. you thinking i no longer have super powers
19. death by torture
20. by my very own needles, that pinned that places we wanted to go on the map, piercing the the spaces in between my ribs causing
21. my heart to deflate even though i thought it was protected by this boney jail sell
22. what's a superhero without a heart?
23. a villian
24. you still seem like you fight for the good side but dip your toes in
25. the dark side
26. the villains always lose especially when it comes to
27. love life, has any one of them had
28. a wife, if so its never been
29. showing itself
30. minutes of my favourite tv show is all i get but
31. you don't air anymore
32. saying  "i wish you were' but
33. not the pink floyd song
34. im a different kind of writer
35. and in this story the villain would become good
36. he also would get the girl
37. the girl
38. not the city and colour song either
39. would be the final scene where i'm wrapping ropes around my ankles and dangling myself from the roof top
40. is an exception... because I'm not afraid to have all i'm worth fall from my pockets and have you kiss me like Lois Lane
Kaleb Vernon Sep 2015
explain to me.
explain to me how peace causes pieces of people to wash up on shores no where near their homes.
explain to me
explain to me how children not old enough to make decisions suffer from your ignorance
explain to me,
someone please ******* explain to me why white people have blacker souls then dirt they say they're protecting
exactly, you can't, cause war is build off opinions
and what we lack in power we gain in racism
this was never a mid-east crisis, this is anti-christ toying with personal crisis
because if you loved you neighbour as yourself you'd be floating dead in the sea as well.
now your silent. its funny how it doesn't matter when its not about you
its funny how countries can watch this like olympics games but
not realize that theres only one winner
and in this game, its the last man standing
explain to me
explain to me how you can hate someone that is everything you are
just in a different suit and different complexion
explain to me
explain to me how people in suits study how to speak to people but can't even use their own words
explain to me
can you explain
*holy crap this world ****** me off
Kaleb Vernon Sep 2015
everyday at 8:00am sharp, i see the same tiny, tired faces walk 2 blocks south just to get more confused then when they started the day
i wondered how many of these faces would grow up to be politicians
how many would grow up to be doctors
and how many would grow up to still be confused
emmett a young boy that just lives three houses down the street
stopped me on my way to work
he asked me "how come my parents yell at each other?"
not thinking about he said, i responded "go ask your mother"
and continued on my walk.
i pressed play on my iPod to only have loud bangs startle me
and glanced behind me only to see boulders of tears fall from the boys face
the night before i fell asleep watching the animal channel and remembered the young gazelle that was violently eaten because his parents weren't there to protect him
emmett, unprotected, fell to his knees, dropped his head back and cried out like it was the skies fault for this feelings
i couldn't help but be afraid, i heard the anger of his voice mimic his parents bed time stories from behind his closed door
like father like son, what you learn is what you practice
and i could tell that what he was learning was more from home then in the classroom
i wrapped my arms around him, three times over
so he could be closer to a beating heart then he has in months
the earthquake of his tiny nerves dropped from about a 10 on the Richter's scale down to about a 6.3
therefore i knew that i was comforting more then i was strangling this boy against my chest
i whispered, what you feel is okay
what you know if not all to life
there's more then just bomber planes that fly over your families unity
love doesn't normally involve being a prisoner to your bedroom
and certain doesn't involve yelling at the one you planned forever with
his eyes looked up at me like two rays of sunlight peaking through the rain clouds and said "so there's hope"
i never heard three words so sad but so reassuring
ecstatic in his conclusion, i yelled "YES OF COURSE" but obviously with much more enthusiasm then he's use to
he untangled himself from my net, and opened his backpack
he pulled out a piece of construction paper that read "tank you for your helb"
although there was no "h" in the word thank and there was a b instead of a p, i got what he meant
he said i made this for my teacher but i want you to have it
you help me dry my tears so my friends don't think i'm weird
and theres always more crayons in classroom anyways

since then we've walk every day to school together
and that piece of so perfectly written construction paper now hangs in the office of a doctor.
Kaleb Vernon Sep 2015
i still remember the amount of butterflies that pounded my chest the first time i saw you
i counted each one to make sure none of them were lying
you looked at me like i had just changed the equilibrium of your universe
and talked to me so gently i had to read into every word
each word was like a novel, more interesting then the last
you told stories about passion, love, and loyalty
but managed to giggle your way through each stanza
while i just stood there, waiting for the time i could throw in my two cents
but your words were more like dollars, even larger bills
you were so rich with so much excitement, i couldn't help but think
i wonder if this person could ever love someone like me

i played the lottery for 1 week straight, hoping that my ticket would get me a plane seat with the destination being your heart
see i could have flown to fuji, hawaii or any of those places, but you were much more beautiful then any white sand beneath my feet
luckily when i sat down that night to watch the news and they called out my number
i jumped out of my seat and tried to pack as small as possible
because i knew that this was gunna be an adventure
but i had to have more room for you then for me

ever since then, i cherished everytime i get to look in your eyes.
everytime you wrapped your fingers around mine,
i feel like a baby covered in fresh sheets
tucked in so tightly that there was no possible way I couldn't have a good sleep
oh i love how you sleep, your lips so plump i can tell you kiss the dreams that make you feel happy
how you curl up against me, thinking i was pillow
but I just sit there, watching you, loving you and missing you even though your still here.
Kaleb Vernon Sep 2015
you're 12
and you hand out flyers welcoming people to your body like you were 21
letting people feel the curves that should only mold to one person
at your age, your aloud to be immature
immature and I'm mature are not the same word even though they may seem like it from a quick glance
but maybe you're taking a chance
a chance to feel special, but thats the problem
you were special once those baby eyes blinked
now your trying to find a home in someone that can only make you sink
you tell me "i've only had one dog in my life so i haven't really had a chance to love on my own"
but now your all alone, looking for those feeling that are associated with love
but you just end up ******* and ******* up

but everything is okay.....

just because you slipped on the ice of life
doesn't mean you will never skate again
you have two feet that work
two arms that hug
and the ambition to make it better
so i plead to you, things will be better
just look in the right spots
Kaleb Vernon Sep 2015
i know the truth
if you do, don't tell it
cause i feel alone in a room full of people
people that sting much like bees once their mouths get the courage to open

the walls,
they are welcoming enough to let me lean on them
but move once i trust them
so i dont trust anymore

like roses, trust can be beautiful at times
but bite you once you try to reach for them
my finger tips still bleed from all the times i've tried
when i think of you,
i pluck out a thorn each time to remind me of the pain you left behind

but that's just it, it's behind you
you moved on. you don't care
while i'm just here trying to clean the hair from the drain so the water can flow again

your picture still hangs in the same place
not centered, cause you weren't the type for details
but neither in a place that would cause me to move it
im afraid that if i take it down, the dust will make me sniffle
so intensely that my mother will coming running to see if i'm ill
then i'd have to explain to her why you dress is still laid out on the bed from the night you never showed up

i wouldn't like that,
i hide from things, hide from confessions
confessions that make me feel like this
but i always feel like this

so why am i still hiding?
shouldn't i know how to deal with it by now
shouldn't i be comfortably numb
shouldn't i just...... stop for a second
take time for me,
understand my language
instead of decoding the character i call "love"

they say love isn't a game,
but how come i'm always checking for my mate like it was chess
checking through the little peep hole in the door for 7 hours at a time
cause that was your favourite number,
and if you were to show up then it would be perfect timing

you're perfect in that way,
that's why i'm waiting for that moment
the moment the door opens wide
and the dress is put back on
Kaleb Vernon Jul 2015
I surrender
cuff me up and lock me tight to this jail-sell
for I'm a prisoner of my mind.
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