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Oct 2013
I looked between the sheets
to see if I could see your feet
Something that once was there; disappeared
Couldn't even find a single hair;
For proof you were there

Must have vanished in mid-air
Amongst the others who were just as fair
But managed to lay their head in another home
Who laid comfortably beside others bones
For proof you were scared

Now there's a lie wrapped around your finger
Married to another but your feeling still linger;
Your smile still flickers as I look in the mirror
Where I used to grab your hips in sensual bliss
For proof you loved, then lied, then sailed another ship...

Your ship missed port and now your bagging for more
But how can I love when I'm ripped up and torn;
Although, these open doors give me sight of fool's paradise;
these legs don't move after you taken them as your prize
Even when you left I still saw me on you
For proof that my mind is delusional too
Cause all this drama is emphasized by me
Crafted by a simple mind and vocalized by a feign
Kaleb Vernon
Written by
Kaleb Vernon  Toronto
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