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I spend every moment replaying the abuse I endured
And every second I prayed my soul would be cured
I'm wishing that someone would listen
That my screams may be heard
It seems like hoping for a hero is far fetched
It's absurd
It feels like my plans to get to the surface will be impeded and deferred
It feels like the mental abuse is lifetime insured
I try to escape from my memories but I'm trapped by the blows that occurred
I wish my mind could delete it's memory
So I can see the finish line
So I can see my victory.
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
I find myself lost in thought
In moments curious
About the wonders of those
I lack any of
Sometimes I wonder

At these times I know not what to think of
Searching for a path
Embedded in the insanity I call my mind
Undisturbed, until placed under the guise of my curiosity
Sometimes I travel these paths

It’s a unique feeling
Finding pieces of myself
I hadn’t known were shattered
And beginning to build on what I hadn’t known
Quite a complex puzzle

I place regret in the lack of relation
I hold with those who call me close
Knowing I could never show them these pieces
In the face of what they saw as whole
Enveloped in their naïveté

Sometimes I approach the ends of these paths
Finding parts previously unknown
And in certain cases
Certainly unwanted
But I realize their place in what I seek

This path unfurls itself to me
My mind slowly revealing itself to me
Not as a continuous staircase
Rather, an intricate river
Fed by the kindness of many streams, many still unknown to me

I close my eyes to these tunes
Some playing to gentle piano keys
Others to the harsh shattering of glass, perhaps something else
And yet they all play in the same key
Performing movements to the growth of my path

Sometimes I lay terrified to these pieces I find
Yet I still close my eyes
Looking through the streams, paths, and interlaced insanities
To find those pieces I haven’t yet placed together
Reaching out to their neglected whimpers

Sometimes I wonder whether this path is wise
When most others ignore the streams,
Choosing the clear way in front
But then I think to who I am, and finally see
Sometimes never has enough

And I realize this
The need for my Sometimes
To become Always
And perhaps it does
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
Love carelessly,
And impetuously.

You’re not bad for me,
You do me no harm,
You bring me joy and happiness.
You complete me,
You are the missing piece to my puzzle.
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
I long to taste the sweetness of your lips again.
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
I love you,
And I’m not giving up.

I will forever be your one and only.
I shouldn’t even have to tell you that.

For our love will continue,
No matter the consequences that come with our forbidden love
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
And every night I dream of waking up to find you next to me in the morning.
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
But maybe love is never intended to last forever...
Please come back.
I miss you.
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
I believe,
If the moon can kiss the darkness of the night sky,
Our love will forever perpetuate.

I believe,
If the broken waves can kiss the softness of the sand,
Our love will forever pursue.

No matter what stands between,
Our love will prevail.
This possibly doesn’t make sense, but hey, added some fancy synonyms and tried to describe my thoughts....
I love you ry ***
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
And even though now this distance stands between us,
You’ll always be my one and only.

I love you...
 Sep 2018 Ryzeofthepoet
This is goodbye for real now,
Isn’t it?

No last kiss goodbye,
I can no longer feel your touch,
Or see your smile.
No longer feel the presence of you...

It’s only been a day and I already miss you,
How will I survive without you?
If only love lasted forever...
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