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Tanisha Sep 2018
You are a love song,
I repeat your words,
The lyrics to my heart,
i can’t get this song out of my head.
And this isn’t just a song you want to get out of your head,
It’s a song that you want to hear.

Almost an addiction,
You could say.

Like that time I told you that I was addicted to Kanye West new song,
I constantly played it...
i told people I didn’t even like Kanye, but deep down I actually love Kanye West.

So I guess all this is just a metaphor of me pretending to not have a place for you in my heart, so we can actually be together.
So people will think I’m over you,
Even though that isn’t true,
The truth is that I’m so madly in love with you,
That every time I see you, i have that same feeling as when I first met you.
Tanisha Sep 2018
I’m falling to pieces,
When I’m on my own,
Even though I’m walking emotion,
I can’t go a day without you,
My love
Referenced from 4 seasons- Rex Orange County
Tanisha Sep 2018
The first day without you was the hardest,
But I feel like the feeling will only get worse...
Tanisha Sep 2018
Love carelessly,
And impetuously.

You’re not bad for me,
You do me no harm,
You bring me joy and happiness.
You complete me,
You are the missing piece to my puzzle.
Tanisha Sep 2018
You dissapear so briskly and abruptly
Tanisha Sep 2018
These men try to elicit a reaction from you,
These men demean you,
They degrade,
And humiliate you,
These men make you vulnerable,
And defenceless,
These men damage,
And incapacitate.
They will use,
And manipulate you.
Notes from past experience. Even if you put all your trust into someone, they may abuse that
Tanisha Sep 2018
And here I lay,
Worrying about you,
Complete silence is all I get,
So here I lay,
Quietness filling the air.
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