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In the morning rise, and evening slumber
We carry with us, pieces of each other
For when life gets rough, and days are long
We are reminded that in our hearts, we are loved and belong.
I was shown a happiness that I will never let go
I left behind me
a bleeding trail
from all those years ago

I travelled blind
I travelled scared
with so much in tow

But in the journey
I learned simply
to be kind

To others,
and to myself
To leave those outgrown wounds behind
I can be happy. So I will be.
Even if the darkness of the world

Turns your heart to stone

I'm here for you

You're never alone

Remember these words
She needs me in her darkest moments
I keep my words
Hidden in my heart.
Wandering phrases,
pieces and parts.
That maybe one day
you'll come to hear
if some fateful day
the perfect chance appears.
So I'll keep close
And bide my time
for chances I get
to make you smile.
If not a longer while,
or even a moment from now
Never mind the wait
All I care is how.
How I might say these words
to wipe your sorrows and doubts
perhaps to show a heart
that for you I'd pull out.
Maybe to flatter,
maybe to give life.
Share in sympathy
or to hear during strife.

These words I keep
Though seldom expressed
Are from a grateful heart
That Your gentle soul caressed
A trek through a dark Arctic sky
Nothing in hand
But souls to guide our way
By chance I pass you by

Through the beautiful silky curtain
Of a myriad of colors
And for a few moments
The Sky glowed in the Aurora

And though it had been there
Where beauty and light covered
Still towards your eyes
Did my own gather

For precious moments
Blinding speeds became slow
The Aurora's wave halted
And time froze the falling of snow

The passing of still Time we share
Though not hand in hand
Or souls connected
Even if just through a stare

However we keep moving
To keep our journeys like before
We Broke Off The Aurora
And slippped into darkness once more..
What is the matter?
What is the  matter my dear?
Do you cry?
For thy weep falls into into my ear.

Thy clutch, stoppeth my strut.
Embraced around my body trembling.
Draped upon me, like heavy cloth
Your cry unceasing.

I look down our twined form
where our shadow cast upon your grasp.
lo, thy hand, burying a blade.
I let out neither shriek nor gasp

As you pour me to the floor,
in a blood smeared display.
Where my blood and your tears meet
where I for last moments lay.

Thy weeping figure leaned in
And I beckoned for a final reminder
For you, my dearest love
I'd forgive little sins such as ******....
Dearest, I'll see you in the next life. Even if it meant I should be killed again.
When you're done.
When you've grown tired.
When you've solved all your mysteries.
When you've sated your desires.
When you feel that it's enough.
And you've gotten all that you can get

Would you come visit me
And everything that you left?
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