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A trek through a dark Arctic sky
Nothing in hand
But souls to guide our way
By chance I pass you by

Through the beautiful silky curtain
Of a myriad of colors
And for a few moments
The Sky glowed in the Aurora

And though it had been there
Where beauty and light covered
Still towards your eyes
Did my own gather

For precious moments
Blinding speeds became slow
The Aurora's wave halted
And time froze the falling of snow

The passing of still Time we share
Though not hand in hand
Or souls connected
Even if just through a stare

However we keep moving
To keep our journeys like before
We Broke Off The Aurora
And slippped into darkness once more..
What is the matter?
What is the  matter my dear?
Do you cry?
For thy weep falls into into my ear.

Thy clutch, stoppeth my strut.
Embraced around my body trembling.
Draped upon me, like heavy cloth
Your cry unceasing.

I look down our twined form
where our shadow cast upon your grasp.
lo, thy hand, burying a blade.
I let out neither shriek nor gasp

As you pour me to the floor,
in a blood smeared display.
Where my blood and your tears meet
where I for last moments lay.

Thy weeping figure leaned in
And I beckoned for a final reminder
For you, my dearest love
I'd forgive little sins such as ******....
Dearest, I'll see you in the next life. Even if it meant I should be killed again.
When you're done.
When you've grown tired.
When you've solved all your mysteries.
When you've sated your desires.
When you feel that it's enough.
And you've gotten all that you can get

Would you come visit me
And everything that you left?
Faint night stars
Come guide me to sleep.
Give me dreams sweet
In a slumber so deep.
I wish nothing more
Just the numb of an eve's rest
And the sweet nectar
Of a vivid dream's caress.
Take me away
To a solace in my head
Into sweet sweet dreams
That mirthful memories fed
And I hope when I wake
The dreams kept somber thoughts at bay.
So that once more I find
It was worth waking up to another day.
I'm sleeping better now
The night doesn't make sense.
Nothing's fixed
The world's still spinning, broken

How come you're still here?
Am I Imagining you?
But you feel real.
What should I do?

I don't want to believe it
This night doesn't end it all
Divide it be zero!!
**** it all!

***** the numbers
Let's forget the ******* theories
I didn't stay up to see you leave
I don't care if it's insanity.

Don't give the feeling a name
Don't give the night a chance to end
I want it to stay like this
Even if nature's laws have to bend.

So what if it's wrong?
It's all I have right now
And all I lose if that sun comes up
So please, I beg.

Don't let it end, keep time stuck
Let's keep it here and never let go
Take the night
And let's divide it by zero.
There are no monsters
Underneath my bed.
But they exist in other places.
They exist in my head.

The monster that says
I should stay home today.
Why would you work hard,
But still be called lazy anyway?

Another monster that says
Love isn't real.
And if it was,
Then it's something I've yet to feel.

There's a monster that feasts
On my fears and insecurities.
And another that tears apart
Logic and rationality.

And in the darkest corner,
Bound in chains.
My biggest monster
And most terrible bane.

He whispers to me
At night and even when I'm awake.
He retells me every regret
And every deep mistake.

And some nights,
When he won't let me sleep.
He tries to pull my thoughts with him
Into the darkness deep.

To show me everything I hide
In the abyss of my mind.
Memories of happenings
And people unkind.

There are more monsters.
They never leave me be.
And I hope one way or another,
I can set myself free.
But sometimes I think,
Monsters? Could they really be?
Maybe I am wrong
And the only monster was me?
I made a bet today.
If I came home
To a gloomy, empty house,
I'd say it's over and end it all.

But today was different.
I saw my father
Sat on the table
Eating his lunch.

He was never home early.
He spends the night here to sleep.
And the rest of the day at work.
Never had time to talk.

He called me over
"Son, let's eat."
With barely a smile
I take my seat.

He says "You're home early"
I nod and chew away.
A spoon or two later, he asks
"Tell me about your day."

It was lazy, the usual,
And spent alone like any other.
Is what I'd say
If I could be honest, father.

My father finished his meal
Gave me a pat on the head
And went back out to work.
"Goodbye son, stay safe okay?"

It was weird to me.
We barely ever talk.
But It felt warm for a second.
For second, then I brushed it off.

I thought I was alone again.
Time's about up, right?
But the bedroom door opens.
And out comes my sister.

She slept like a rock.
She woke up at noon!
But she's a grown up, older than me.
That's bound to change soon.

But like a child with a request,
She says "I wanna watch a movie!"
"You're old enough to do that yourself."
"But I can't decide which."

She says "Tell me what's new."
"The Greatest Showman?
You really wanted to see that."
Her sleepy face lit up, "Yes!"

So I play my copy of the movie.
And watched the logos fly.
The intro plays
The minutes passed by.

A young P. T. Barnum sang
My sister tries to catch the song.
So I sing alongside her to help.
And she got the chorus before long.

I swear, she's two years older.
But she's like a precious child.
She stared at the screen with glee
And a smile so wide.

I felt oddly warm to see her that way.
Like the smile was my doing.
"I like this movie!"
"I knew you would."

"It's weird though," she tells me.
"It's weird to see Wolverine singing"
She burts in a heap of laughter.
I couldn't help but feel warmer.

I came home with a bet today,
Like my life was on a coin toss.
But now I feel ******.
I wouldn't miss out on this.

So maybe I'm depressed.
And maybe the world's a bit rough...
But days like these,
They'll keep me happy enough.
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