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Rishawn May 13
Uncertainty is terrifying
Indefinite is paralyzing
Isolation is immobilizing

We take these terms in stride
as we know of the greater struggle
yet the fear of fear itself is not a source of pride

Feel the stress, endure the hardship
and remember there is a family here
that will be there for kinship

What is coming is unknown
what has happened is not overblown
How we move forward will make a noise that resounds

Lets band together and rise
Ensure we mitigate a demise
Keep away and safe
but not alone
without good faith
Rishawn May 13
As the first rays of day bleed into my window near
a grin creeps onto my face as I think of what I hold dear.
Its easy to hold sorrow
when the darkness is engulfing.
Forget not, the sun will rise tomorrow

What we have is the chance to be excited
all of the passion and fires in you ignited.
So I want to bid adieu to you
my timid soul
and welcome in the grace of joy.

As I was once a boy
who used to dream, lets find that youth
and play with the old toys.
So if the question is to be shy or to speak
take the chance, humans are never so bleak.

As the words pour out of our vessel of speech.
These joyous instruments are models of expression
hold you back or set you free.
If you can handle their potential
they are dangerous
but oh how beautiful they can be.

I am that I am.
To be or not be.
Powerful phrases that have inspired me.

— The End —