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Jun 2016 · 1.4k
Sad Cherubs
Sin Jun 2016
Who cries for the little children
When pain and hurt fall upon
The little hearts of purest love
From the hands of the cruel and sick

Who cries for the little children
Locked up and fed a fist
Thrown around the floor like dust
No meals or drink no more

Who cries for the little children
When their voices are so mute
The only thing they know right now
Is life must be extinct

So let them fall into the arms
Of hearts that truly love
In sleep forever they rest now
And tears shall fall no more
Jun 2016 · 740
Never Ending
Sin Jun 2016
Upon bracken soaked hills tears did flow
As memories glide away
The moors they hold a deep silent love
Of hearts now lost to above

How the winds and rain carry on through
The ghosts of yesterday now roam
Betwixt the hollow ground
And shadows of fate now gone

Tis here that silence did fall
And the hand of death slain them all
For the devil he did roam the moors
Beneath the moonlight's shadow

Oh lost spirits cry and wail
Bring us to the resting gate
So we can say our goodbyes
Amongst the wind swept
Fears and lies
Apr 2016 · 680
Sin Apr 2016
The outline of her body as the sheet clings
Every contour of her womanhood
Makes angels sing
For perfection she has become
And a burning desire for me
Just watching her from this point
I want to always see

I want to crawl under that sheet
To feel her warmth inside
To caress her ******* and skin so soft
To taste her honey hive
**** she is so perfect
I love her evermore
I hope that this **** we have
Will never fall to the floor

Breathing in and out so low
Her lips so ruby red
Now I'll close the door right now
And climb into her bed
Apr 2016 · 372
Alone The Dark Soul
Sin Apr 2016
I look for her in burned pages of
My queen that love brought to my door
The darkness brings with it the shadows
And lost kisses fall upon
The dust riddled floor

How my black heart aches
To see the moon shine in her eyes again
And to taste the crimson life
Spill from the neck of pure beauty

Am I destined to howl like a banshee
Alone and chastised
By the hand of the master that now
Robs me of slight happiness
And blinds my sight
Oh cruel world punisher of my soul

Tis not the sound of her
Baying at my door
For my sense of sound deceives me
Yet love holds me tight

Play not with my feelings oh lord of the ******
Just let one more night belong to us
For I am nothing come the morn
And by the light of this nights moon
She will be gone
I know it's not a poem but just had to put this out. Hope all who reads it enjoys. Thanx.
Apr 2016 · 451
Don't Mourn Me
Sin Apr 2016
Cry not for me on this day of mourn
For angels shall rejoice to a summers morn
When voices carry a heart felt song
Upon the breeze of life

Patchouli serenade's the mind
With vanilla mixed in time
And cheeks that sting with tears
Each one a drop for all the years

Upon the grassy meadows we ran
To tunes of larks and whispers of love
The sun kissing our necks so raw
And smiles that did tore
Through the tears of joyous love

But greener is the grass this day
As still and quiet now I lay
And mop your brow as sadness holds
Onto your love strong and bold

Look up into a sky and see
Each little cloud could be
A piece of history of we
The picture book of life
For you my loving caring wife
Apr 2016 · 628
Cold Broken And Alone
Sin Apr 2016
Winters born in frosted love
Bitter frost nips at the throat of ****
Breath upon a cheek new cold
Of his precious love the one he holds

Gone are the bluebells of summer past
And bees hide in hives until time at last
Can edge away the frosty king
And thrushes wait to chirp and sing

But cold hands cannot hold tight
And love did go upon the night
As snowflakes fell in shadows drawn
Her heart did stop he forlorn
And how the silver moon did weep
For the emptiness did greet

And when the snow and winter pass
The rose of passion shall at last
Grow in the space where she now lays
On warmer brighter summer days
Apr 2016 · 267
Just A Small One
Sin Apr 2016
In the night I hide under the bed
A nightmare for your head
Don't cry or scream aloud
Let me wrap you
In a hatred world
**** for me
Mar 2016 · 349
Just To Let You Know
Sin Mar 2016
Years of love pass by on each night and star so bright
The darkest sky the silver moon
There is no time when I'm with you
With hatred in a minute blown away by a cold night breeze
Tender is the love that brings me to my knees
How I hold you close to feel your love inside
My exquisite self destruction of hope and pride
You rescue me and lead me away from all the harm I feel
My strength my rod to wipe away the tears
Love grows love dies but in you I know
That together we shall walk this earth
As one we reap and sow.
So hold onto my hand so strong and never let it go
Because my love I have for you
Forever in my soul
Mar 2016 · 328
Not Really Me
Sin Mar 2016
I fell deep down into myself
And discovered an emptiness
Of love and understanding
How shallow a man I have become
For self importance is the skin I wear
And my crown of tear stained lies
Sit proud upon my head so empty
Yet I walk with confidence
Of a person learned
If only wasn't a lesson I lost
Mar 2016 · 253
Lies Can Break A Heart
Sin Mar 2016
Darkest soul take my hand ride into the night I beg
For far away I need to be under the blood red moon I'll see
That upon the hill is where my love now lay
With silver blade and life ebbing away
For wrong I was with his heart so true
I did stab him for a lie that grew
Within his lips it feel upon
My ears and heart a poisoned song
Played out through day and night
And now I fear this deadly sight
Ride oh shadow of death's wish now
Let me stop the life gone sour
For my breast the knife should hang
Not in the ***** of my love now stained
And as we rode faster than the night
The dark soul looked at my eyes so wide
And stopped his steed and set me down
Beside the love that I uncrowned
Mar 2016 · 708
Don't Think About It
Sin Mar 2016
Still my body lays interred
Earth now cover
Silence now baits
Wasted breath upon

Closed are my eyes to the world above
Yet all around I see
How this life I led
Made me bleed

Rain shall soak this frail soul
And the sickness cleaned
From a heart that couldn't love
Have pity on me
Until the sun sets

Then wipe away all sorrow felt
For a lost man lays deep within
And the wind blows
So harsh and cruel
Upon a wasted day
Mar 2016 · 401
What A Waste
Sin Mar 2016
Waste away the days of life
Drink till the puke stinks of time
That's passed by with every drop
How you lived and parted non stop

The nights are the darkest and dreams don't come
Only nightmares live inside the space
Chasing memories down a path
That leads into the deepest dark

Sweat and tears adorn your skin
Wishing how you lived no sin
But oh how fruitful your ***** became
Seed of hatred now remain

So don't fight your true path in life
You've had the fun now pay the price
Writhe in stupor hurt and pain
As the dark hand slays away

One more drink perhaps a few
Go on wasted soul you know it's you
Now slip away for no one cares
Walking down ****'s blacked stairs
Mar 2016 · 263
Sin Mar 2016
Let the river bathe me oh highest king
For thine eye's are closed
To **** it seems
Wash away my sins so great
Abound me with your glory
So great

But do my ears deceive my mind
For sounds of darkness now climb
Into my empty mind at times
When lonely less
Stands by my side

So not forsake or abandon me
I feel the hands of him
Drag me from this place of peace
Down into
A space so bleak

Why doth you let me go
Did I not sing hallelujah
To your praise
Prey tell why this is so
That now my soul resides below

Rescue me I beg you now
For eternity taste so sour
And my eye's stay so blind
Below here amongst his kind

Now as I rest in soil so burnt
How my heart sinks
A lesson I've learnt
Yet still I belive in all that is written
While my world lays burnt
Mar 2016 · 272
Sin Mar 2016
Banging on the door, can't take this no more, as I watch you fall to the ground.

And broken hearts no longer sing
And tears she cries no longer sting
The years fly by and the harder it seems
To get up and be everything

She holds her broken heart
Along with the smashed promise
That he would never again
Or so it seems

Laying on the floor whispers behind the door
Tell all is not what it seems
She begs

And broken hearts no longer sing
And tears she cries no longer sting
The years fly by and the harder it seems
To get up and be everything

And now the light dims
Nights closing in
And another slam awaits
In the cold night air
Mar 2016 · 443
Sin Mar 2016
A kiss from her steals my life away
As fangs of ivory she now place
Upon my neck
Entranced I am
For the dark nights
Hold me tight

Take me to never land
Princess of all bad
Steal my soul
Lead me by the hand
For tonight I am fallen
In love

A thousand years you and I will walk
Down the path of ill wealth
And hope
Never to see the sun rise again
Have I lost my mind
Gone insane

Don't stop feeding upon my vein
I now know
I'll never be alone again
So take me now
Forever in your kiss
And drown my life
In dark evil bliss
Mar 2016 · 249
Sin Mar 2016
Wind falls the quiet sound
Only heartbeats can be found
Pulsating louder in my mind
As try I might but cannot find

The key to open a chest so rare
Is to bequeath a soul mate to share
The special moment when the light exudes
All around and love consumes

If one cannot have the elusive prize
And blind takes the sight of loving eyes
Then broken times lay ahead
And peace shall be found
Within your bed
Mar 2016 · 231
Sin Mar 2016
Is it so strange to dance under the  star less night
Where memories glide into Neverland on whispers of tomorrow's winds
And the rain kisses a face so radiant

Come hold my hand and run
Through the grass that never weeps
To a time where my love for you
Can quell a thousand fires
Of heartache and storms

Don't look too far into the past
For the future comes with gifts of
Suprise and wonder
Each held within my heart for you

Blind the soul may be
But feel inside your heart
And then and only then
The light of all the stars
Will shine for you my
True love
Mar 2016 · 410
Sin Mar 2016
Lullaby's and the sweetest cries
From a broken heart
That lays shattered

Splintered shards of
Dreams gone by
And fairy wings
That carry them away

Looking out from the inside
Upon rainbows of coloured tears
With each wish popping
Like bubbles from
A forbidden kiss

Life is never unicorns and sunshine
But sometimes a dream
Is not to far away
For the yellow brick road
Ends somewhere
And here is where
You'll stay
Mar 2016 · 233
Thinking Of You
Sin Mar 2016
Don't cry for me today
For I'm not lost or far away
In dreams I'll always stay
And in your heart
I'll be

The time files by and the world moves on
But stand tall and stand strong
For in memories I sleep
Inside your mind
With love and kisses
Never far behind

Celebrate this day today
In whatever way
And say a little prayer for me
To let me know
You set me free
Mar 2016 · 345
Sin Mar 2016
Twirling, dancing, hypnotic trance
Amerela the gypsy queen
Captures your heart with her dance
Eyes of cobalt skin so fair
With flames of **** upon her hair

Singing her song of love unbound
Watch her twirling round and round
Hips alight the inner beast
Drawing closer to her feast

You cannot move words hide inside
All you can do is stare at the gypsy bride
You so desire and want for ****
Selling the heart of deepest trust

Closer she gets you fall from grace
Amerela twirls spins and fades
Darkness now kiss your eyes
As into the abyss your love lies
Mar 2016 · 194
Sin Mar 2016
To cast the first stone one must be prepared for the ripples upon one's life
Mar 2016 · 308
The Battle
Sin Mar 2016
Under the sycamore tree
Lay a secret as dark as could be
Thunder splits the sky
And fairy tears caress
The bluebells bending with the wind

Storm clouds rumble
Rushing in to blind out the light
On the horizon
There's a mystical fight
As wizards and warlocks
Cast their spells
Bringing out the hordes of ****

The sun and moon hide with fear
And banshees howl
To the song of the dark
Time to choose time to stand
Against the magical of the land

Run little children
Into the arms of love
Cast away the spells
With songs of memories
Where hearts are true and smiles
Are there gateway to
Forever more
Mar 2016 · 1.8k
Cockney Am I
Sin Mar 2016
I met this geezer down the frog
Who said mate you gotta have a butchers
So we went into the rub a dub
And I couldn't Adam and Eve it

There before me mince pies
Stood a treacle all sugar and spice
She was a bleeding treat
For this London boy with sore plates

For I had been walking for quite a while
But now I was beginning to smile
Watching her with a pigs ear in me mitts
Boy I was chuffed to bits
Mar 2016 · 221
Sin Mar 2016
Writhe in ecstasy at the hand of pain
Ride the wave of being insane
Smile as you take the last gasp of life
Grip the edge of passing strife

Let the dark rush into view
As sounds of gurgling breath
Drown out the tears of hurt
And heartbeats slow
Like the forgotten times of the sand

Closer to the abyss of forever
You step closer with each slow beat
Like a drummer coming to the end
So you climb the darkest step

Into beyond you now fall
Black eyes and crimson veins
All life expired
The end is here
Go to your maker
Below the sun
Feb 2016 · 412
The Strange Figure
Sin Feb 2016
In the woods by the knurled burnt oak
Hides a shadow in the blackest cloak
With bent up spine and boney fingers
And a rasp like a **** hound in his throat

Don't look his way just pass on by
Sneak around the moon so high
Hide beneath the breeze that chills
Look out for the shadows that ****

Once you pass the stench of death
Turn to the weeping willow
Kneel down upon earth so soft
And rest your weary head on earth's soft pillow

Close your eye's and let him pass
Hear his twisted bones chime the hour
As he looks for you to take tonight
And drag you into the boggy crag
Feb 2016 · 739
Sin Feb 2016
Speak not of dark things under your bed
For little child they're all in your head
But don't tell mommy
Or she will see
The madness that grows from the seed

I'll hide until night when all asleep
Then I'll come out for you to keep
A plaything I am but not a toy
Just a special demon
For you to enjoy

Don't be frightened of my looks
Or try to hide behind a book
I'm here always as night draws in
Waiting for playtime to begin

So early to bed and close those eye's
Pretend to sleep and get your suprise
As knurled hands reach up for you
And drag you down to your dark tomb
Feb 2016 · 369
Sin Feb 2016
Frozen by the bitter wind
Hands so numb
To hold her heart I cannot win
With love so cold and dark

Punish me now great north god
For **** is locked inside my heart
I know that I cannot have
Lips of hers so warm

A soul you **** as you blow tonight
Holding my love till death will fight
My last breath I call her name
Oh winter god why do you slain

My ***** awaits with bated breath for
I will return to her warm breast
In another world so strong I'll be
Then and only then the sun
Will bathe me
Feb 2016 · 266
Sin Feb 2016
Did the time just pass me by
For sleep did afford my tired body
The rest of an angel
And eyes that shut tight
Hold me in dreams so deep

How I step into realms of beauty
And wonders of nature
Rush to greet me
In slumber so deep

Yet on the horizon storm clouds do gather
And the darkness grows in my mind's eye
Wake me oh angel of comfort
For your hand of guidance
I truly need

Lead me into plains afar
With wild juniper
And vanilla kisses
So this slumber I shall not wake from
And dream my lonely hours away
Feb 2016 · 310
A Deal Is A Deal
Sin Feb 2016
I asked the devil for one more chance
To feel the warmth and to dance
Beneath the blood moon high above
He waved his hand and took my love
A deal is a deal his raspy voice said
And **** will now become the bed
That you have made and now must sleep
With all the horrors that I keep

With broken spirit I did stand
For my selfish wish was now in his hands
I thought I was a bad *** soul
But now I see I'm just a rotten fool
It's true they say what they do
About paying the piper
When he plays your tune
So remember all when you think big
Old nick is there with his bent stick
Feb 2016 · 261
Sin Feb 2016
Buried her in earth so dark and damp
Opened up her vein and drank
Sliced my sign on her thigh so soft
Took that ***** to heights aloft

Shrouded in black she lay interred
My ritual sacrifice she would prefer
A nightime habit I can't resist
Such sweet flesh I must persist

So quiet she lays bleeding out
No more tears not even a shout
As blood seeps into earth so dark
I feel elated my heart it barks
Feb 2016 · 216
Sin Feb 2016
Hold onto cherished memories
Grab today by the throat
And open the door to tomorrow
For time runs out
And regrets can burn your heart
Feb 2016 · 252
Sin Feb 2016
Under the mask hides the scars of pain
Forged by the knife when she was insane
Driven by guilt from daddies hand
When he used to play
His special game

Tears burn the lines that the knife has left
Reminders of nights best left unsaid
Closed eye's see nothing except the dark
Where the welcoming hands outstreached
Of death

Close to the edge she now stands alone
One more cut forever leaving home
He can't hurt her when she's gone
Unfair she knows
Her dying swan song

So lay her down to rest in time
The final cut came to save her
No more daddies little special girl
Just a sad alone soul in ****
Feb 2016 · 339
You Ain't Nuthin
Sin Feb 2016
Splice the life you've taken for granted
Wash away the dreams of tomorrow
Drown all hope
Burn all love
For you my friend
Never gave enough

You piece of ****
A real low crawler
Talking all that jive
Like a real hip slinger
You ain't better than me
But you try to be

Yeah it hurts when I **** on your day
See I'm a real time player
So get the **** outta my way
I'll always be the best
For that I cannot lie
So do me a favour
Shut the **** down
And die

There ya go again with all that cussin
Boy you gotta know
I ain't hustling
For when I tell you
Judgement day
Will come along
And **** you gotta prey
Feb 2016 · 253
You Can't Read Me
Sin Feb 2016
You ask about my state of mind
You don't have a clue
Sitting in the ornate chair
Painting me black and blue

Shades of darkness cloud the way
In which I should be thinking
Unravel me if you wish
And see if you can play

Obvious questions the standard ones
Like what's this shape mean to you
Can you tell me when it started
Why do you colour
In darkest hues

I'll let you in once I find
Your weakest little link
And when your locked deep inside
Its you who will need the shrink
Feb 2016 · 257
Your Fault
Sin Feb 2016
Scared fingers claw at the wood
Breath now rapid if only she could
Escape from this tomb that lays in the dirt
This my angel is the price you pay
When you flirt

I saw you strutting around the bar
Chating to all the men
As they tasted your scent from afar
Wishing you belonged inside their bed

A smile a laugh you made it real
Turning heads like sunflowers in a field
Wanting each and everyone
But my little angel
You come undone

I waited for the time and it payed of
A little chat here the touch of your cloth
Against my skin it felt so soft
You are the one my love aloft

And so here you lay unable to scream
As stitches hold your lips so pristine
You never know who you just might meet
When selling your soul
On hells mean streets
Feb 2016 · 222
Sin Feb 2016
Green fields of dreams how I lay amongst your love
Tenderly caressing the love you wrap me in
Daydreams float by in clouds of wishes
And time stops by the hand of a caring breeze
Wonderful field tell me all that you have seen
Your green coat sways back and forth
Rocking me to a sleep that I crave
Feb 2016 · 260
Sin Feb 2016
For whom the bells toll
**** awaits below
With all the desire of heaven
At a price you can afford

Nymphs dance with glee
And ******* see
The ***** filthy needs
Of your minds eye

So fall on down your hard luck now
And raise a hand in honour
For the horned one is waiting
To fulfill all your pleasure

And now your there and the dust has settled
How small and worm like you are
Well this is what you wanted now
The fiery path is yours to walk
So go and enjoy
My withered soul
This is all for you
Feb 2016 · 328
Dark Prince
Sin Feb 2016
I find your skin soft to the touch
Your eyes like the darkest moon
How my soulless life yearns tonight
To taste your sweetest love soon

I hide in the night waiting for you
To fall into a sleep
Where I dance my way
To your fantasy
For I am your prince of the other world
Your knight and lover too

So just tilt your head and let me kiss
Such sweet porcelain skin
Where I can bite into your neck
And make you whole again

Now walk with me my dearest heart
Amongst the black roses of the night
And see through eye's that shine so bright
How life has now become
Feb 2016 · 315
Sin Feb 2016
Could you hold my heart
With scars so deep
And kiss them
Away from my eye's
For in you I want to see
The angel
With clipped wings
Feb 2016 · 249
Sin Feb 2016
I write to them the good old police
To see if they can ever catch a thief
Of stolen souls and bleeding hearts
And crimson tears that fall like stars

For I am the silent shadow of ****
My appetite I feed I know I must
I'll sneak into your room at the midnight hour
And feed upon you yeah I'll devour

And when the morning comes anew
And light of the sun shines
Around your room
How the red of death will glint
Smeared on the walls with a hint
Of cocky means from you know who

But bless the police for they do not see
How on earth they'll catch me
One step ahead in the game
Oh chief inspector your so lame

Onto the next one soon enough
In a few days I'll release my gruff
And sneak once again into a room
And there I'll stay spreading my doom
Feb 2016 · 288
Sin Feb 2016
The guns did roar the sounds of death
Heavens skies cried
As draped in blacken smoke
They hide
The day men did fall

Brave hearts beating inside each man
Eye's wide with fear
Holding onto memories deep
Of loved ones
Shrouded in tears

The guns bellowed and death did rain
Upon the muddy fields
Men fell to the earth
Alone lost and pain

As death walked the sodden ground
Looking at the fallen
One man glimpsed a shining light
From heaven it was calling

Reaching out with a bloodied hand
A heart slowing down
He praised the lord above
For this was his thorny crown

Another roar and the mighty fell
The guns they called to all
No soul should live
For this day they give
To the iron dictators
One and all
Feb 2016 · 170
Sin Feb 2016
I looked into an empty well
And saw how empty
My heart had become
Feb 2016 · 248
Sin Feb 2016
And I still feel your breath, and my heart regrets, the time that you left, but it's over.
Will time ever feel, and do you think we will heal, even though miles keep us apart.

I know he's holding you now
And his love comes in showers
Does he kiss you
Like I did
When love lived here

How I wish that things had been
The every dream that we had
And how I try not to break down and cry
The way I'm missing you now

I know he's holding you now
And his love comes in showers
Does he kiss you
Like I did
When love lived here

So goodnight to all it seems
And may nightmares turn to dreams
Of a lonley road that leads you to me
Once again
Feb 2016 · 195
The End
Sin Feb 2016
Down by the shore
I stood ***** and alone
Asking my father above
Where could be my home
Why has all forsaken
Leaving me to drown
In silence pain and loneliness
My ears deaf to all sounds

The water look calm no ripple at all
No crying of waves or crashing down
In anger and dispare
The stillness it showed
Calmed my heart
Not a sound in the air

I stepped forward upon the sand
Making fists with my hands
Closed my eyes and I could feel
The water kissing me

I want to feel the bite of cold
To know that something cares
And as alone I did walk
Thinking of a prayer

None would sing inside my mind
As deeper I did fall
The cold quiet water now
Becomes my one and all

And now the end has greeted me
No longer do I crave
A kind of love that never came
My lord I thought would save
Feb 2016 · 259
Sin Feb 2016
Snippets of love fall from the scissors of heartache
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Summer Gone
Sin Feb 2016
Summer came and went we both knew it was said
That grey skies and pain would wash us again
And love it fades away
In the dying day
And emptiness drowns out the cries

You took my hand my heart and soul
And made me feel like a man
And summer days flew by in a haze
And love blossomed around

Yet it stays the same
And love is a game
But I can't play anymore
For this man is broke on the floor

I look in your eyes at all the suprise
I gave you with trust
And when I look back
At what we had
My tears they fall like the rain

Yet it stays the same
And love is a game
But I can't play anymore
For this man is broke on the floor

So good-by to love
And summer was gone
In clouds of grey and black
So I wish you the best
Don't ever look back
For my love will be gone
Feb 2016 · 240
The Devil Came To Town
Sin Feb 2016
Upon a hill I stood looking down the way
At all the harmless souls that live
Making their own way
With a steady walk my hoofed feet did carry my onwards down
Yes I'm the darkest soul you see
And I've come to your little town

With each step closer I smile with glee
And chuckle to myself
I am the son of the dark decree
And your my secret wealth

As I approach the little town
Smiles rush to greet
Silken skin on maidens fair
Oh what delights and treats

Just you wait I mumble low
For when the darkness falls
Inside your thighs I'll be bestowed
And desire in your eyes

I walk along as if I own
Every one that breathes
A little town that didn't know
What came on the breeze

And now I sit upon a stone waiting for my time
When **** and coupling of our love
Will surely make you mine
Feb 2016 · 550
Sin Feb 2016
Lonely little flower
Hiding from the rain
Waiting for the sunshine
To warm you through again
Don't wilt or bend or wither
For tomorrow you will shine
And there bees that visit you
Will keep your love devine
Feb 2016 · 192
A Thought
Sin Feb 2016
To feel love one must first
Build a ladder of
Inner knowledge
Then climb the way
Into your own heart
Feb 2016 · 180
Sin Feb 2016
It's crazy how we laugh at the end of the road, and crazy how we smile at the way we both stand
Yet here we are, still standing alone, and here we are, two hearts that grow so bitter and sore

And remember you said I love you
And still my heart wants to
And feeling the warmth of your soul
Can never replace the dark deepest hole I'm in

So begins years of lies and
What was this early suprise, was it just a broken good-by
And you and I stand at this road
Laughing at what might of been yet dream of love and the scene
Where we kiss and become lovers again

And remember you said I love you
And still my heart wants to
And feeling the warmth of your soul
Can never replace the dark deepest hole
I'm in
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