Peter J 1h
Sometimes the night sky is deathly quiet.
Not even a falling star dares interrupt.
A silent veiled moon lights the way for shadows that play while their objects sleep.
I lay there in such darkness and dancing shadows to alter the stars into words.
And in your absence I feel you brush against me
my heart raced and my throat knew
Peter J 2d
How do you sleep at night
What do you do when I’m not around
How do you sleep at night
Do you close your eyes and think of me.

I’ve been thinking about your sweet soft lips
And the magic in your finger tips
Way you roll your tongue when we kiss.
I’ve been thinking about your long brown hair
And the way you held me with your stare
Been thinking of the way you made me feel.

How do I sleep at night
What do I do when your not around
How do I sleep at night
I close my eyes and think of you

I’ve been thinking about what I want to say
I still got your love in the sweetest way
I’ve got you in my breath my every thought.  
Been wishing that I’m right there with you
Thinking about the things we were going to do
The next time that my arms

How do I sleep at night
What do I do when your not around
How do I sleep at night
I close my eyes and dream of you.

It seems like the nights just drag on by
Since I fell in love with your loving eyes
I'm a fool for love,don't you know.
Just this thought that some other man
Might take your love when he can
I'm this fool for your love...and you know

How will you sleep at night?
What will you do when I’m not around
How will you sleep at night
Will you close your eyes when I’m not there.
#poem/song you decide...
Peter J 2d
It's not without notice
your hands look smaller.
And it's noticeable
your smile is quieter.

It's not underestimated
your beauty has grown.
And it's noticeable
your eyes are calmer.....

It's not without reverence
your fair skinned loin groans.
And it's noticeable
you ache too long .

And it's with obeisance
your vagueness lies in plenty.
And it's noticeable
you cure me of all ills.
#coffee and biscuits
Peter J 3d
It's the town lights
that oranges the slow
slopping clouds that fall
down from the breasted Maen.

Among traveled feet
the smell of exercised flesh
rises from this ones hour
all leathered and blue.

Amidst her reflected beauty
her coal black shorn hair
A face emerges early in child
And there is truth in this.

It's this cold still night
That whitens the slow
returning bone that fails
In mind and blistered lips

Beneath squatted frame
The doorway to heaven
veins full of memory
Leaves me ball mouthed, with husked joy.

Being in one's hour and ripened fruit
Its she who lives in her fixation
And loves those that are the same
And those that would remain the same.
Peter J Feb 14
When you are here with me
This room no longer has any walls
But trees,
Infinite trees.

When you are here near to me
The violet ceiling does not exist anymore.
I see the sky above us

Who remains here
As if there was no longer anything,
Anything at all in the world.

A harmonica sounds.
To me it seems to be an organ
That vibrates for you and for me
Up in the immensities of the sky.
For you, for me:
In the sky
Gino Paoli
# love song by Gino Paoli
Peter J Feb 14
In Wales we have our own sun
we don't let it out that often
but when we do,
it showers you golden
as daffodils
and sunsets
that would shame
even a single red rose.
Yet they both pale
next to you.
#Happy Valentines day from Wales <3
Peter J Feb 13
Me I’m the first soldier with spear to impale you on your cross.
You are the son of god, sent to save us from vanity, covetousness, greed and evil.
I salute you

Me I’m the second of soldiers also with spear to impale you on your cross.
You are a saviour I see from your back, your halo, your naked skin and bowed head.
I try to hide my eyes from your pain.
I salute you.

Me I’m soldier three from four.
I’m with whip to beat you until your crucifixion.
You are but a man that freed me from my shackles.
I need to bend my knee for you are also king amongst these dark times .
These countless deaths.
We are but barbarians that couldn’t see the folly of our way.
With an eyeless face I salute you.

Me I’m neither soldier nor man yet I am number four.
I carry no weapon just my words, my prayers and belief.
I worship at your feet now as I will forevermore.
I’m neither disciple nor anti christ.
I prey for you not salute you.

I’m just a man wrapped in cloth.
I know that you feel me as I look at you.
My body is weak as is my mind of the countless requests from humanity.
My arms weary from the weight I carry.
I am ready for death as death is ready for me.
I will seek no mercy nor expect none.
My shrunken ribs will guide your spears as shall my back your whip.
I seek no crown nor robe.
All that I ask for is your love.
#taken from the painting by David Jones.
#Cardiff Museum
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