Peter J 1d
And once when I was free
from the heavy wind that
weighed me down under
It’s strong arm and dead leaves
I looked for poets and artists
who would tell in writings
sad laments of Samson, Romeo
and their Juliet’s not just to please
these ragged bones hidden in breast
from black horse cart and gaggle of fallen Angels.
But I listened to their words and studied
their imagery yet failed to see
Delilah nor it’s Judas that slept
on the shorn hair of lovers.
Nor did I see in their writing
waves that screamed where
Sea swollen stallions pierced by
Neptune’s spear and all and all it’s truth
that with such a thunderous roar
from an army of men that marched on idealism
and those with no home or land of their own
would deafen the hardest of hearing.
I see not, so therefore there can not be
where it’s written in words so bold
that my moan darkens the walls
around my blanket bed full of snakes
nor the drive of sex that was married then left
at the second corner before my enemies
sword cut out it's voice and lovers wing
that fled into tomorrow’s night
that was innocent between my dreams
of lust and buried memories.
I waited and waited and waited
but could not find these words
that were promised upon this moon lit stage.
#its kinda like blah blah blah lol
Peter J 3d
She promised me a rainbow
To tie herself to me
She promised me an Ocean
love as deep as it could be

She promised me forever
love would last you wait and see
But forever is a long time
Long enough to see
You're not coming back to me.

She said that she loved my eyes
They were as blue as the sky
And how our lips would never part
Now I know it was just a lie.

She promised me forever
That our love would feel no pain
But forever's such a long long time
Long enough to see
She's not coming back to me.

She promised me a desert
A timeless fall of sand
She offered me her loving words
And took me by the hand

She said she would show me
All the stars the sun and moon
But she stole my heart and left it
In someone else's room

She promised me forever
Until the end of time itself
But forever is forever
no longer together
forever is forever
#I think this will be a song
Peter J Aug 3
I am the first soldier with spear to impale you on your cross.
You are a son of God, sent to save us from the lust of flesh, lust of eyes and pride of life.
To protect us from his locomotive drawn carriages full of lies and evil.
I salute you

I am the second of soldiers also with spear to impale you on your cross.
You are our saviour and I see from your back, your halo, naked skin and bowed head.
I try in vain to hide my eyes from your pain.
I salute you.

I am soldier three from four.
with whip I will beat you until your crucifixion.
I am filled with hate and loathing .
You are but a man that freed me from my shackles.
I need to bend my knee for you are also king amongst these dark times, these countless deaths.
We are but barbarians that couldn’t see the folly of our way.
With an eyeless face I salute you.

Me I’m neither friend or foe, yet I am soldier number four.
I carry no weapon just my words, my prayers and belief.
I worship at your feet now as I will forevermore.
I’m neither disciple nor anti christ.
I am pacifist and prey for you not salute you.

Just a man wrapped in cloth with crown of thorns.
I know that you can feel me as I look at you.
Your body is weak as is your mind of countless requests from humanity.
Arms weary from the weight you carry everywhere.
You say you’re ready for death as death is ready for me.
You will not seek mercy nor expect none.
Your shrunken ribs will guide our spears as shall your back our whip.
Seek not this crown nor robe.
When all that You ask is for our love.
#taken from a painting bu David Jones WW1 poet
#i have re done some of it so before I remove it permanently you may wann read again.
Peter J Jul 20
Before I awoke this morning
I felt your arms peel from me
I could feel my skin, fluid, bone flow until blood ran freely in my veins.
I knew a time where your shadowed dance held me captive with arms hanging upside down trying to capture me, trouser’s from a dismembered torso trying to shake free and sheets as white as newly driven snow caught the breeze like a tea clipper bound for exotic lands.
And you remembered and pitied me,
until the secret of your shape
would be known beyond my eyes.
#theres just something about a windy day and washing onthe line.
Peter J Jul 19
Down amongst waterlilies
Undergarment displaced
On her skin the mark of a hand.
A red print that faded on her milk white skin.
Purple lace against dew wet grass
While I squeeze the vein of the long red tentacle.
#painting by Dianna Merrick
Peter J Jul 18
On flat bank’s where
grass runt reeds grow
waiting for rising tide,
A lone Heron stealths silently
while Gulls cry warning, and dive effortlessly in to a cold sea air.
Phoenix  Peanut and Pandora
stranded on wet mud bank,
wait for their chance to escape
but it’s bonds that need to be severed in their quest for freedom.
Estuary lights dim and flicker in the distance while closer to shore Mermaids sing on the breath of a storm.
Beckoning sailors "come ride the waves"
Siren songs of lost souls and shadows
“Come with us” on this bursting sea.
And they sing with a drowning charm
as fishermen launch vessels under a shawl covered wife's watchful eye.
And yesterdays widows weep, face rained bright from navigational lights.
Ships bell ring in time with a rollicking sea,
Phoenix  Peanut and Pandora
still await their escape but not this night.
While the Heron has long fled this great swell.
No cries now from gulls nor mothers hurrying their little ones to the safety of their coal fired warm homes.
Just the rage of wave riding mermaids that will have their bounty
the heart and souls from a fisherman life.
#Something I dotted down while sat under the brown Laugharne castle gazing  out to sea.
Peter J Jul 17
Three wood nymphs danced around
a child dressed in coloured sails.
Discarding  their silk foulards and garlands of wild flowers they spun round and round on tip toe singing song’s that twisted the mind and thought.
And with the itch of hunger I was laid by my mothers side and my strength grew by the day.
Pren looked at me through her fingers
I then noticed she had green eyes too.
And from an animals bed I rose a man.
#almost finished
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