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Peter J 4d
If you had a boat
Would it sail in secret winds
amongst salty birds
Where sea spray washes your face
And light breaks from the eye of sleep
Then sail into the white hail
And let your sum and sanity
Forever be Queen of the sea's hall.

If I had a boat
I would sail into the misty morn
where green eyed fish
and rose red sails whisper
Softly through grey *** rain
Upon chapel blood waves
That drift on dreamless hours
And let my sum and sanity
Forever be Lord of the drowned sea.
#there is an accompanying picture for this on Instagram #nolittleboy
#sail away with me for I am forever lost without your sails x
Peter J Jun 15
She brushes her hair
from her eyes.
Uncouples her ***** heave
from latched bodice.
Turns upon a world
her paled complexion,
arachnodactyly fingers  
that spins a web
over her winter skin.
She hates that summers here
and all its worms.

And I fled this ground
just to climb
a sugared loaf mountain,
where sprawled out
on a sea of flour
rising in timeless
tales that leads my eyes
to walk upon her limbs
this one summer morn
Sun and Moon
with long legged
foothills that are
stunned and laid
And in these minutes
under her lank a cuckoos cry
and as is Summer
my warmth covers her
like April in flour.
Peter J Jun 9
We sat and watched the moon this evening it wasn't so much like a strawberry
just a big beautiful star that lit up the sky and I thought about going to Marrakesh, Mexico and Monaco and that's just some of the "M's"
I said we missed Sun set
She replied, there’s always tomorrow.
Peter J Jun 8
the milk
in your mouth
that leaves me adrift
at the dead starved tip
of your tongue.
#i miss you
Peter J Jun 5
Raging raging torrents of water
It lashes against me exposed
Yet my boulders remain in place
As they have since Adam and Eve
Man has built bridges and dams
Before quietness and sandy mouth
Where a tide teases me with abandoned wood.
Winter colours me white
Summer colours me with life
And my debris washes far away
It croaks and groans such immovable
rolling Hippopotamus relics.
My exposed thighs rise as miniature cliffs
And salted sea air mixes with my far away mountain stream.
I’ve never counted the number of raindrops that have peppered me
North’s times a full moon has filled me
to bursting.
I never tire from a sunsets colour brush
Or trout that tickles my belly bed.
Look at me from far away to near
I turn and fall with ease and grace
From Ffestiniog hills to Bae Ceredigion
#David Nash exhibition Cardiff
#Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened”
Dr Seuss
Peter J May 28
When I opened my eyes this morning,
I realised how quiet my life was.

I would've planned for the future,
but I didn't expect to live this long.

And it was this time of saying
under its dark patch and uglier side
I remember girls growing up happy
and boys that played and whistled
Not now in these darkened hours
Possessed and silenced
In these learning skies
And at long dear last
I’ve taken my madness
Prescribed by a greater insanity
In this my God proof asylum.

When I opened my eyes this morning
I noticed how quiet my life is.

I’d have planned for its future
But I hadn’t expected living this long.
#just something that bounced around in my head this beautiful warm quiet morning.
Peter J May 27
I remember watching  her
as she ate her doughnut.
Her lips covered in sticky sugar coating
and raspberry jam.
She smiled licked them clean
and said I love you with her eyes.
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