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Peter J 1d
When we were strangers
And I made you a moon
Out of clouds

When we were lovers
And I made you a sky
To share the moon

When we took shelter
And I made you forever
My heart from words.

When we made love
And you let me
Flip your bean.
#Soundcloud Peter John - Flipping the bean
#is three minutes ever enough?
Peter J 4d
Anyways just in case.
I don’t just want to *******
I don’t just want to kiss you
I want to touch you in places
that will make your skin burn.
#friday is lollipop day
Peter J 7d
I’ve never had a problem with knowing the right thing to say.
It’s knowing the right thing to do I struggle with.
Yet when I said I love you
It was both the right thing to say and do
And so it goes
Words Words Words
Out the back catching some rays
I swear the sun in all her glory
Seduces me with thoughts of you.
Peter J May 14
Was I the only one.
who looked among her words
and struggled to find their reflection.
Am I the only one she wrote?
That now I see her kneeling
among the soft ruins of Capel y ffin
nestled among a bosoms heave
that lay halfway through a dark
Dyffryn Ewias that left me staring
into this last dark year.

And lament that I am this only one
who sits among her darkest keys
then fails to unlock this quivering wing.
And when all things become known to me,
as stealing black Crows flock to the moon
that later return with empty wings
only to find my thirst had been quenched
by my ignorance that leapt from her thighs
where modesty was all night afloat
and the black return of her hand.
#today is Dylan Thomas birthday.
Peter J May 5
I asked if she had the time.
She replied sorry I don’t
But you can blow my
Dandelion if you like.
I knelt down
gently holding
her seeded bloom.
puff - one o’clock
puff - two o’clock
puff - three o’clock
That time is now
I had one hand in her sea
The other in her sand
And I left a man
with knowledge
#do you play the Dandelion clock game?
Peter J May 4
In the still of the night
I could hear the train
far away
Perhaps the next time.
Peter J Apr 28
I don’t want to be another statistic
I want to be
#i don’t mind No9 either but prefer No7
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