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Jun 27 · 184
Be Not
Mathieu Jun 27
Be not the king, for you are the kingdom.

Be not the Shepard, for you are the sheep.

Be not the broken road, for you are to travel

Be not the death of you dreams, for you are are to reap.
Apr 19 · 744
Glass Shadows
Mathieu Apr 19
Eponymous, insidious indifference.
Towers before fates road, exquisite.
Beckoning the soul to a fork.
A question.

A man can break who he used to be?
Or will he be? Until he breaks.
Ponder at the fork, day passes day.
From end to end, the requiem,
sings and rings, like a lovely dream
But beautiful things.
Like destiny.
Its crescendos extinguish.

Try though, he does to see both roads.
To sense and see the masquerade.
No map to guide.
No stars to follow.
No end to see,
Through his glass shadow.
Live for the moment, live for the future.
It doesn't matter, if you don't decide to live.
Apr 6 · 1.3k
The Night Comes..
Mathieu Apr 6
Lately, I've been stronger, than I've been

The ghosts don't creep and nights don't sew together,

Every rising sun, casts a shadow.

I shouldn't think about you, I know

The seasons change, but my love, it grows.

As we wind along the ocean road,

just to see how far it goes.

But it always sets.

It always



Jan 21 · 419
Mathieu Jan 21

Life had a story for you, from the first page you started.

Please, don't shed a tear, it's not your fault you departed.

Fate had a hand to play in the bed that you lay.

He tore us away in a moment of grace.

In rebellion, that smile not once, left your beautiful face.

Clea, visit me, please?

When I'm curled up in bed,
asleep, let your spirit rest on my chest.

Gently let me know, that I'm not alone.

That there is something left?
Jan 11 · 174
Shadow Boxing
Mathieu Jan 11
So do you see me?
Do you see what I've become?
I'm not the same beast, no
I leave a scar on all I touch
You think you know me now
Is it better than I know myself?
I know it hurts like hell
Admitting just how you've misjudged
You don't know me, you cannot own me
The path I'm on don't fit the old me
I bare my soul as I keep evolving
And I chase this taste for blood
See, I learned real young, don't seek no gold
Trust no fool, and you won't get sold
I never feared the dark, no, I just became it
When the lights go dead, you better pray you're safe, kid
Parkway Drive - Shadow Boxing
Jan 4 · 496
Moon Above You
Mathieu Jan 4
I cradle the moon in my hands and extend it to you.

To be swept far away, submerged in the waves

Adrift, I miss the starry night.
Mathieu Jan 4
"Validation, valediction
What's the difference now?
Eschew the standard
Turn the paradigm upside down
You could be happy, if you wanted to be
Don't feel obliged to live a life you never wanted to
The best way out is straight through
Let intuition guide you
You could be happy, if you wanted to be".
Hellions - Quality of Life
Dec 2021 · 123
Mathieu Dec 2021
If, all the trees would bend,
carve out your path.

All the plates may break,
but not my heart.

You will be in my arms,
until the fall.

And when it's dark at night,
you'll hear my call.
Dec 2021 · 494
To Dream,
Mathieu Dec 2021
"To dream,
Is to erupt the endless roads and unlimited possibilities,
of the human soul".
Dec 2021 · 716
Until the fall.
Mathieu Dec 2021
Where Are You Tonight?
On The Mountain, High
Looking down upon all,
The city lights.
Are you too tired to fight,
to try once more?
Will you come home for now, and be
loved by all?

If, all the trees would bend,
carve out your path.

All the plates may break,
but not my heart.

You will be in my arms,
until the fall.

And when it's dark at night,
you'll hear my call.
Oct 2021 · 394
Don't Go There, Kid
Mathieu Oct 2021
Don't go there, Kid
You need to breathe.
Don't want it too fast,
Time, it will pass.
My heart is sick,
Of the poison I'm feeding it.
I'm damnation, Incarnation
A weary soul,
bleeding for a better life.

Don't go there, kid
Hope, you still have it.
Cope, you can grab it.
Be grateful and stack it.
Mirrors crack, but you'll still survive.
And when all hell breaks loose,
Don't journey to the other side
Write it down, burn it.
And live.
God please live.
You've earned it.
In times of darkness,
the pain will thrive.
Through the night,
You're a gift in my eyes.
And tomorrow,
like today,
like tomorrow
the sun will rise.
Oct 2021 · 715
Mathieu Oct 2021
It's 2.00am.
Tonight My Heart Is
In The Frying Pan.
Tired of the Lies, I Give In.
Take Me Somewhere I Won't Drown,
I Can Swim.
Give Me a Chair I Can Sit In.
Cause' I Felt Your Eyes, From Across The Room.
I Could Tell From Our First Kiss, We Were Doomed.
When You Said You Loved Me, You Knew.
When You Said You Loved Me, You Knew.
And Never, Was There A Darker Room.
A Museum of Souls Ripped In Two.
The Shattered Glass Keeps Looking Back At Me, Too.
When You Said You Loved Me, You Knew.

Now The Silence Fills Every Second With Years.
My Courage Waivers, Then Disappears.
The Footprints Leading to the Door,
A Graveyard of Tears.
And the Strength of the Day Caving In.
When The Sun Rises,
It Will Be Behind Me.
Wind to the Horizon.
Oct 2021 · 693
Somber Serenade (Trailer)
Mathieu Oct 2021
Music is like a desperate plea,
to slip back into a feeling far away.
Clawing back a forgotten dream.  
As the song fades, the memory fades.
Those Sunday morning's slip away.

Music is the only element
known to break me down,
and remind me of who I want to be.
As I sit here alone, weeping for what I cannot touch
Lost at sea, the somber serenade of time
Washes over me..

Music slips through my fingers like grains of sand,
A finite youth warm in my hands
Taken by the winds to where it needs to be.
The night in it's wisdom, lets me breathe.
A single note travels through my sleep.
The sorrow of this note unbroken, brings me peace.
Sep 2021 · 343
Mathieu Sep 2021
"Give me the strength to live one day,
as if it summarized the entirety of my life".
To love, to give, to build, to be proud, to be awed, to be humbled, to be grateful, to be thrilled, to be terrified, to be courageous, to be silent,  to be LOUD, to be unapologetic, to be myself.
Sep 2021 · 32
No Country For Young Men
Mathieu Sep 2021
Held Down In The Dirt And Sweat
From Town to Town, Knows No Regret
Dust Sways In The Wind That Silence Thread.

Angels Weep To Hear The Sound,
The End Of Times Hides Underground,
Knowing Of The Road That Lies Ahead.  

He Answers Not, to Death or Sword
Violence is the Symphonic Chord,
A Holstered Gun That Knows the Words to Every Line.  

Footsteps Leading To The Door,
A Last-Ditch Rise Before The Fall,
Stood A Soldier, No More Than Three or Four

Here Stood A Bird, Wings To Be Clipped.
A Shallow Grave and One Swift Kick,
Honor Preaches In An Empty Banquet Hall

As The Ring Carried On Throughout The Town
The Shadow's Vision Faded Out
Fate This Day Had Reared Its Ugly Head

The Wide-Brimmed, High-Crowned Duster
Fell Slowly From His Head,
A Remnant Of A Legacy That Bled.  

Young He Was, Picked Up The Hat
Walked To The Door And Opened That
Drowned In The Sun, A Man.
#stranger #sun #legacy #young #man #country
Sep 2021 · 42
Big Picture
Mathieu Sep 2021
Did Someone Try To Love Me?
Did I Even Care?
Every Now And Then,
I See The Big Picture...

I Was Drowing In My Fear.

Did I Make Mistakes?
Did Life Try To Break Me?
I Tried My Best,
To You I Swear...

Still I Tried, Tried, Tried To Disappear.

Did I Ever Disappoint You?
Did You Ever Hurt?
Those Nights You Broke Down Crying,
I Strived To Make Life Work.

But I'm Only Human, Even At My Worst.

I Feel The Sunset Warm Against My Skin,
I Feel The Winter Breeze.
I Hug My Mum And My Sister
And Hear All The Trees In Harmony, Sing Their Verse.
Sep 2021 · 310
The Lonely God
Mathieu Sep 2021
Do you think...
That I care so little for you.
Though you betrayed my trust,
I'm not a man in love?
That my heart won't swell?
My eyes won't drown?
And of all the pain a human can withstand,
doesn't exist within this man?
Do you think tonight,
I'm incapable to forgive?
To kiss your forehead,
and remind you I'm here.
The words you must hear.
The words that **** you,
The one's you most feared.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
I must.
A thousand years now,
then a thousand years more.
I could live, if I chose.
A lonely god on his throne.
The truth will seek light, in any darkness, in any corner.
It will always win, it will always commit.
I would have been there for you..
Mathieu Aug 2021
Architects, Flight Without Feathers
Aug 2021 · 135
Left Of Me
Mathieu Aug 2021
Aspire to the heavens,
Looking for
                       a shortcut.
Time Dilates The Soul Like Evergreen.

Until There’s Nothing Left Of Me.                                                          

Un­til There’s
                                        Left Of
Aug 2021 · 1.8k
In The Night
Mathieu Aug 2021
In The Night I Stare At The Waves
Wonder If They're Calling me
And The Breath of the Wind, Bellowing
I Let It Know I'm Listening

A Thousand Stars Erupt To Life
My Heart Beats Faster Every Time
As The Blood Comes Rushing In
The Blood Comes Rushing In

All The Time It Hurts To Fight,
But Against The Coast I'm Glistening,
The Chill Like Silk Against My Skin,
I Breathe It In and I'm Home Again
I live in a series of moments, that feel like a photograph.
Tonight was wonderful.
Jul 2021 · 409
Hail Our Lonely Lives.
Mathieu Jul 2021
Everyone marches in a single file down the street.

Then those people chant
La Revolution! through the street.

So revolution comes for them,
and blood runs through the streets.

Then they scream for peace,
the ivory tower of deceit looking down upon the street.

And then they scream for truth,
and the truth beats them to their knees.

Then they scream for death.
the realization they wasted what they had.

They wasted the chance to be free.
I watch in awe of the Sydney protests, that nobody took their freedom seriously until it was taken away. Now their past lives are rendered inconceivable and their future uncertain. They fight because they've had nothing to fight for. They punch aimlessly because they've never felt threatened.

The beautiful demise of the greatest time in time human history...

Has come to pass.

We were given it all, we wasted it all. And a new era will separate the living from the living dead.
Jul 2021 · 156
A Day At The Beach
Mathieu Jul 2021
I dipped my fingers into the ocean sweet,
As the ripples washed my sandy feet
A wave splashed about into a playful mist
That brushed my cheeks and salts my lips
The fresh, crisp air fills my joyous lungs,  
My skin lightly wrapped in golden sun,
I watch dolphins chase boats all day long,
As they guess where next - the fish fly from.  
The esplanade emanates the waft of chips.
Parents treat their loving children with.
Each step more satisfying than a fizzing drink
A sunset divine, with a spectral light.
A privilege to experience this beautiful life.
Jul 2021 · 58
Peaceful Sleep
Mathieu Jul 2021

Wake Up To The Peace.

You Scheming Little Beast.

Unsanctioned Dreamer.


I Hope My Hope Deceives You.

You, Your People. They Are All See-Through.

An Eye For An Eye, But That Eye Is Blind.

Holding Down The Fort, Did It Cross My Mind?

Sacrifice Your Paradise, Just To Lust.

The Start Of My Life.

Begin Again, Forget The Why.

Every Now And Then I Pray

For The End Of Times.

Only Crocodiles Bathe In Wine.

So Nail My Heart To A Surrogate Chest.

I Can Become Your Familiar Emptiness.

Born From A Prosthetic Nest.

Falling, Falling, Falling, Rest.

Clipped Little Robin In A Scarlet Dress.

Prettied For The Wolves, Fed To The Fish.

Mathieu Jul 2021
Tonight is a Terrible, Silent Respite
From The Cruel, Cruel March.
The Brilliance of Sunlight's Beauty
Begins to Scar With Cracks of Dark .
The Echoes Of The Universe
Are Few And Far Apart,
And In This Of All My Treasured Moments,
I Wonder Where You Are?

The Pillars And Foundations Sometimes Fall
From So Many Things That Were Beautiful
And Tears I Weep As Light Escapes,
Kneeling Before The Fireplace,
To The Flames, Whose Soul Burns to Embrace
The Many Broken Parts Of Me,
That Can No Longer Be Replaced.
To Love Lost.
To The Friends, Now Gone.
To The Good In Me, Eroded.
And To The Man I Want To Become.
Where Are You?
I Need You.
Jul 2021 · 31
Mathieu Jul 2021
I know the enemy.
I know myself.
I have  the energy to
Away at this hell.
Those naysayers.
Those martyr's.
Those doubters.
Those harlets.
Drink in oblivion.
Taste all I know so well.
And when
the echo's
of dreamers
The meek
The crushed
The beautiful,
Won't hide in shadows
We won't be denied
Eternity will
swallow the victor.
Rewrite the world
History will reveal itself.
Gentrify truth.
Untarnished youth.
Segregate misery
to thrive without
converts publicity
wields authority
unshackled from destruction
Jun 2021 · 151
As Above, Doubt Below
Mathieu Jun 2021
Dreams that rattle in chains of stone,
Loneliness corrodes when it overshadows,
Destiny bound to the same old road
And the same old road is a double edge sword
Littered with bones and broken barrows
A slave to the devil in of a world devils
Stringing us up, feeling hope unravel.

Master, come a little closer to my breath,
Spill blood, spill death, Spill fear, unrest
But leave a little violence for the rest of us
As above, doubt below
Sleepwalk with a heart of lust.
May 2021 · 208
Face Today
Mathieu May 2021
I don't want to lone this world
Tear my mask off
and reveal this hell.
Apr 2021 · 48
Find Me Peace
Mathieu Apr 2021
Can you find peace in the heart of a demon?
Can you find home when the darkness is breathing?
Can you find love when your soulmate is leaving?
Can you find hope when your smile is decieving?
Apr 2021 · 393
Every Day.
Mathieu Apr 2021
"Every Day Is A New Chance To Make A Change".
Apr 2021 · 52
Mathieu Apr 2021
"Give me the strength to live one day,
as if it summarized the entirety of my life".

To love, to give, to build, to be proud, to be awed, to be humbled, to be grateful, to be thrilled, to be terrified, to be courageous, to be silent,  to be LOUD, to be unapologetic, to be myself.
to love, to give, to build, to be proud, to be awed, to be humbled, to be grateful, to be thrilled, to be terrified, to be courageous, to be quiet, to be LOUD, to be unapologetic, to be myself.
Apr 2021 · 40
Then You Were Gone...
Mathieu Apr 2021
You promised me,
As your shirt fell to the floor,
and the bumps on your skin,
my hand caressing them,
and desire our eyes,
every night,
cuddle fest,
kissing your head,
laying on my chest,
Forever, you said.
then you were gone.
Apr 2021 · 508
Eat Your Lies
Mathieu Apr 2021
Why do we worship superheroes so much?
It's reasonable to hope someone cares about us.
Is it because all the good men have gone?
They were gentle and strong
When they spoke, we felt hope.
Their truth could move millions,
Ignite a moment of brilliance.
Unite every color and creed and ignorance
That history itself couldn't bury resilience  

But the moment is lost,
A match struck in a wave,
a nation of hate,
and the youth in a daze,  
And all I can think is we made it this way
We stopped exposing our kids to the truth of the matter
and so they got lost in a culture that says they don't matter.

When a fight for a vote became a fight for a like,
We can't act surprised when kids fight for a fight
Entire religions preach having a purpose
And still replaced values with things that are worthless.
A society so numb to the progress they've won
Find a perverse pleasure to see it undone.

When a company is allowed to sell plots of land on the moon,
When a leader of freedom commits treason against truth,
Is a sure sign that we the people, have given up, too.
The allowance of absurdity into our lives
Little by little, it rots from inside
Until we cannot admit that we have allowed this.
Now the roaring crescendo of human triumph is silent.
Is it better to admit that we're dying contrived?
Or is it easier to shut up and eat their lies?
Feb 2021 · 51
Burning! Burning!
Mathieu Feb 2021
There I stood - the world ablaze
Try I did, to pave a way
My heart got lost in a tidal wave
and through the night, I slaved away;

Chose the course and caught a break
But you never opened up, saw the light of day
The shadows caught on, dragged you far away
I forgive you now, but the walls are stained.

Only never-ending rage could light a spark
Hatred only told me who you are.
When you needed someone most, you couldn't look within.
and that was on me, I should've known then.

Don't tell me how you feel when you lie awake
I came into your life and I cleaned the slate
You climbed from the beaches,
and spread your embers on the forest floor

and caught in the flames of war, was our little boy.
Jan 2021 · 1.9k
Love Yourself
Mathieu Jan 2021
“In a world that profits off your self-doubt, to love yourself is a rebellious act”
Credit: - Bliss n Eso, Lighthouse
Jan 2021 · 550
Come Alive
Mathieu Jan 2021
To the trees,
and the seeds
Please believe
The crease in
My knees
Are from pleading
Every which season
You’ll come alive

You’ll come alive

The weak,
The meek,
The speech that
Shakes the roots
We speak
Comes alive

You’ll come alive

Like oxygen,
So sweet
In the air
That we breathe
The droplets
We drink
Come alive

You’ll come alive

The soil
And soot
I kneel
No fear
I’m here for
You to appear
And come alive

You’ll come alive

The soul
It shouts
It loves
And doubts
Your life means
Each season
You are alive

You’ll come alive
Life is an exhilarating ride, full of trauma and triumph, and there is nothing more I want tonight than for each person to experience a single moment of total synchronisation with what it feels to exist. To come alive.

While it won’t solve the worlds problems, it makes us feel like anything is possible, and a little more courageous to partake in the wonder that is you.

Remember, today you matter.

Today you get to take a new chance, open a new opportunity and embrace whatever you’re going through, the good or challenging with a sense of pride that you are magnificent.
Nov 2020 · 55
About Last Night...
Mathieu Nov 2020
Last night, lady with a fervent face
Turned and asked about time and space.

The lights flickered; vision slim
Yet obvious how her night had been.

Trapping me between shelves of gin
might not be intention

Rather an honest to god lesson
in wormhole prevention.

Note for my readers:
I wanted to pass her

I wanted to sprint
And not give an answer

But I knew this would make
A great story to tell

That, and she hit me
With a fuzzy fox pelt

Not that it hurt,
Just gave me a fright

And out came the words
To her greatest delight.
About last night..
Nov 2020 · 417
Let Us Go A Little Mad!
Mathieu Nov 2020
Let us go a little mad!
If we try real hard I know we can!
Let’s not worry about what people think,
We’ll go bananas in a blink!

No more scrolling for what we need,
Or cave into another drink.
All that liquid dulls the senses.
When you’re insane the world is endless!

Let’s say what we really think,
Not be afraid of things hard to admit.
Degrade yourself for what, for whom?
Your ****** beautiful, you know it too!

Yes it’s fear that holds you back,
Your past, your story, you’re better than that.
Who you want to be,  that is your truth
And I’m crazy enough to believe in you!

Am I mad we so easily replace
One with another during a Netflix break?
If chilling is devaluing the human spirit,
How empty are we to need **** to fill it?

I’m not getting really riled,
So let’s go bon voyage awhile,
And not judge all the locals there,
You know, they too feel love and fear?

Now we’re lost in a nice direction,
We’ll stop using ‘hate’ in every sentence
I hate paedophiles and domestic violence
I don’t hate using an iPhone 7

Now we’re madly - I feel a-brewing,
Opinions based on fact reviewing
When emotions feel a little ticking,
Don’t buy that (blipping blip) they’re spewing.

Congrats! We’re seeping deep into nuts.
We COULD argue about funding cuts,
Or join the game of hide and seek with homeless/addicts/single mums.
OH! Using our imagination’s fun!

But in our little game of mad, we whisper
SHHH! 14 eyes will see the picture
No name, no phone, just disappear
I must be bonkers, a secret system!?

A game for friends and friends of friends
What a wonderful world when off your meds
When everyone is kept in a tidy pile
We can jump and stomp, kick leaves for miles!

Now I’m getting upset it’s blowing
The wind picked up and the rains are flowing
The little pile was so connected
They fight, the leaves for the nicest spot -  but in the end they fall, they wither and then they rot.

Some are pretty, some provide shade
But this pile seems to body shame.
If each think spring is unique to them,
the part they play will fall away.

I know that I’m most certainly deranged.
Some of these leaves, want weeds to spray.
All this trunk and extended roots,
They think this won’t affect them too?

I’ve had enough fun for today
Playing mad is a scary game
I need a joint, beer, some time to pray
Some pills, some sleep and don’t ask again.
I will redo this one! Reflecting as I drive over three days from north to south of Australia - the craziness of the landscape, the size, the emptiness - and yes, the kangaroo’s, camel’s and heat stroke.

It appeared to me that the key to understanding our reality is that we would have to be mad to believe it. Both the physical world - and the social structures - seem completely inconceivably mad. And maybe the people who understand, construct and command  it are, in fact, mad.
Mathieu Nov 2020
Divine embers illuminate the rotting sun stripes

Shining down against the pale patronage of trodden moss

Entangled beneath the shattered face and wraps around the rivers bend

And gorges itself on the pebbled trail that crescendo rings by growing stone

Laid by night and day the frail men who earned a pittance and suffer the same

Paved the way for ambitious men whose curvature gives them pass
By sheath and saddle of foul, of steed, stallion, and sacrifice  

From up the way where the grass does crease, draped in sapphire satin pleats

Where water wash the overflow, of dazzling scarlet undertones

Diffracting a brilliant whisper through the meadows and bending stems under throes

The snaking of a haunting breeze suffocates the boldest beasts

The subterranean systems whipping silt twists this flattered path

Craning against the wicker bark, stone and shard caress the mast

And carry splintered serenity shaved down to the soot at last

The rise of sparks and oxygen ignite the way for weary pass

Stone is overthrown and carried undertow towards and onwards its mark, unknown
A poem, a visceral poem, a misunderstood poem. But a poem, nonetheless.

We travel as the river travels, we encounter pain, and lay our path to travel - we occasionally neglect glory for the flow, and there is beauty in that, every now and again.

I  hope you have a great day / night, wherever you are.

Sep 2020 · 58
A Place For You
Mathieu Sep 2020
here before
standing on
golden shores
with childish

An eroding score
of violins,
glass cliffs
and visceral
made my eyes
open wide
at what's to come
a rising tide

A withered brow
furrowed now,
aged a day.
slipping into
footprints laid
seagulls sway,
I've breathed,
Do I fade away?

here before,
refracting howls
of the golden light,
reach my soul,
bottomless lagoons,
spring to life,
Prussian blue
this starry night

I've only been here
once before
and hence my weary
tired eyes
have lost their
and lust
for life

Here before,
but nevermore
nature remains beyond
claim or fate.
Yet tomorrow
should I
not wake
This secret space
Is yours
Aug 2020 · 205
Mathieu Aug 2020
Some moments in time
we think back and we smile
mellow for a while
suspended in our minds

A flicker of the eye
a crinkle of the cheeks
throwing up our nose
I know, she knows, i know

Did we mind a little rain?
Specs of dust about the place?
Beauty brushed landscapes
Golden were the days
Mathieu Jan 2020
Compliments compliment a yearning for love
But the leaves leave, like everyone.
Even from earth, space spaces things out

Sullen faces face the rising sun
Eerie silence silently patters the surface
Blue and black suits suit him best

It’s hardly hard to walk among the rest
Seasons season a life of despair
The buckle buckles after years and years

Our clutter clutters our heart and our mind.
However many roses rose from cracks he passed by.
Only his net nets a sense of worth..

Tears welling well into the cold, empty night
A glass of bitters, bitter against the palette
Feelings of dying dyes his kaleidoscope eyes.

Plotting plot notes of a final farewell...
Would his passing pass by everyone’s eyes?
This was an attempt at homonym structuring. I actually found it rather perculiar to push my vocabulary and thought pattern in a new direction writing this.

I didn’t expect it to manifest as a question to the path that we walk and if it was a road built by or for us... so there is some irony to the creation of this little piece.

The excercise was to be more creative in storytelling and using multi-use words without a dictionary or google etc etc.

It isn’t totally perfect and I will attempt an update next week but I hope today you enjoy this for your own pleasure -

Thank you kindly for reading and if you have any suggestions to improve or other multi-use words send me a message! I’d love to discuss :)

Mathieu Dec 2019
Breeding heathens in my darkest hearts, I hear you there

Scorned a devil laying deep, with my scrimaged soul to bare

And found myself apart from you

The love you'll never know was there

A sidestep from the heroism who stumbled into fate my dear

Quiet little tapping of the man whose laid to waste

Tied with all the anger that there is no controlling me, mate

Australian under the southern cross

Identity here is all but lost.

I trusted I could love again but bitter I've become

so filled with ******* lust for life

Yet sleeping between the busted pipes

Meowing of the tabby scratching up the chesterfield

against the glossy white shadow of the moonlight

Oh how I have become such a fan of silence in the russian snow

Breathing in chernobyl's chilly glow and winter air,

I feel my breath against the planets southern hemisphere.

I just want an escape from here.

I just want to escape.


Oct 2019 · 364
Thank You!
Mathieu Oct 2019
Thank you for sharing your poems on this site
Thank you too, for reading mine.

Thank you, yes you!
For opening up,

To share your soul,
To be strong enough.

Some of you I feel the tears, the fears,
I remind you now, you're welcome here.

Some of you have puffed and passed,
Jesus, how you've made me laugh.

Thank each and every one of you,
For sharing the journey you're going through.

This community has been a sense of life,
a place of acceptance that's hard to find.

Im grateful to you all for the time, the energy, the comradery, the sense of family,the support, the empathy and love in every poem that's posted, and to have experienced your view of the world.

It's a reminder that this platform has been an outlet for many people trying to decode their reality, to express the emotions,

Thank you :)
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Oct 2019 · 872
Sleep Sound, You're Loved.
Mathieu Oct 2019
Boldly Go Where Your Heart Beats It's Verse,
Don't Believe That You Can't Find Your Worth
You Are Golden, Brilliant In The Sun
Don't Forget Someone Loves You Now, My Son

Sleep So Silently, You'll Rise Smile On Your Face
Don't Desire Age, Don't Lose Your Sense of Place
Revel In Your Innocence, The World Won't Seem So Strange
You're Beautiful, You're Beautiful, And Safe.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Be,
Who You're Destined To Be.
Love Everyone You Come Across,
Chase Your Dreams, And Never Stop.

Boldly Go Where Your Heart Beats It's Verse,
Don't Believe That You Can't Find Your Worth
You Are Golden, Brilliant In The Sun
Don't Forget Someone Loves You Now, My Son
Oct 2019 · 192
Placebo & Cyanide Believers
Mathieu Oct 2019
Tearing At The Pulmunory
Can Somebody Come and Hold Me?
This Hell I Dwell & Simmer In
Gets A Little Bit Lonely...

Rage and Scarlet Hatred, Dripping Down These Pages
Devil's Figured Silhouette, Hiding In The Spotlight.  
Bibles Up In Flames Tonight, Gasoline in Oil Lights
Stress Fractures, String Severed, Illuminate the Nihilist.

Hurting, Stewing, Churning Out This Sadist Speech
Escapism From Reality
A Plea
Please Someone Save Me.


Someone Save me..

**Dedicated to the pursuit and understanding of the emotional nature of depression
Sep 2019 · 78
Celibacy Of Idealism
Mathieu Sep 2019
None, So Boldy Beautiful As The Flowering of Ideas
Several Miles From The Coast Of Home I Wildly Roam
Showering the Epitome of Lonliness In Picturesque Photography
Can The Endless Rivers End?
Oh, Let Them End For Me.

Forebearing The Path I Walk Is Littered With Consequences
Should I Take a Little Longer To Stare Out At The Sea?
Someone Save The Rope To Pull  A Heavy Weight Behind
I Catch A Glimmer In The Distance
Abstract Personnification Of What Life Means To Me
Sep 2019 · 327
Down the River Leie
Mathieu Sep 2019
Tell Me To Surrender The Moment
Such an Enigmatic Moment
Burnt Ochre Falls From The Heavens
Aurora in the waves

Silence In The Moment
Such Uninhibited Silence
Beautiful Quiet
Violins' Could Reverberate The Air

Drifting In and Out of The Moment
Sempiternal Golden
The Essence of the Broken
Nothing Feels Beyond Repair

Don't Let Go of This Moment
This Eloquent Component
Capture Life in All It's Beauty
To Feel Like You're Alive
Mathieu Sep 2019
They're never going to be
What you want them to be,
So leave us be, because they won't ever be what you want.

Can't you hear the chours sing?
Can't you hear the melody?

They Scream...

They Scream "We're never going to be what you want us to be"
So let us be, and let me be me,
Because I'm never going to be what you want for me.
And you're never going to get what you want from me.

And they're never, ever going to be what you want..
Aug 2019 · 71
Intra Aspiciat
Mathieu Aug 2019
A thousand desires burn the night
Reflecting cracks in a thousand lives
Lived them all, they pulled me back.
We eagerly consume what holds us back.

Psychosis or the clouds contorting
I can hear the angles falling
What chances an insatiable thirst
Strike hard and fast while the world's asleep.

There's nothing there to hold my hand
For now the sanctum calls me down
Follow me past the dreams of men

Push the door, Push it forward
Lean it against the hatred here

Through the grove and past the falls
Lay in ruin the hopes I sewed.

Weaved are the webs that hang in the breeze,
Are all the things that could have been

If you could know before it ends,
Would it have changed the waves or shifted lens?

Bring about the heart attck,
Let me hear deslotation ring
Waste my soul for all to see,
I hoped for more,
Never be.
Aug 2019 · 133
Mathieu Aug 2019
The warmth I miss
at the drop of a dime
The life I breathed
transcended time

Oh saviour  
Pull me tenderly  
beneath the waves
the icy depths keep me awake

No longer do I want to drift
Keep me fighting the endless rip
if every day that I rock the boat,
while keeping face, I stay afloat

The beauty of the the isle of wright
Was nothing, is nothing, but for those eyes.
Salted tastes of lonliness, replace the lips  
I so desire

But nothing comes from seeking hope
So too, the love, I used to know
Now bring this solemn soul to shore
If nothing else, you can never know
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