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Kinaadman Dec 2018
A four corner chamber
where hardship intrudes and
darkness seems to be endless

Years of agony and anguish
have make the souls numb
yet still too sensitive

The anxious ones silenced their mouth
while those lionhearted tried to oppose
but failed as success is hard to reach

Many candles of aspirations and hopes
had flickered to its death
and the fires that are still luminous
are relying with prayers

They are all in place
but they don't know where they are heading
as the chamber changed the routes
to the paradise where they must be

The chamber separates their wisdom
and strangles their thoughts
to create mindless puppets
that forbids to move unless controlled

But don't worry,
as you can be free from here
moving to a wider chamber
where you will conquer "life"
a darker place full of inevitable trouble
Being student is not that easy
Kinaadman Dec 2018
I stared into her eyes
And I've witnessed a beauty
I can’t describe
It didn’t made any noise
But I heard it talking to my ears
The silent sounds
Spoke to my soul
As it sneaks into my mind
To make my thoughts go in harmony
While my heart trembles terribly
I blinked...
After that, there’s nothing else
But her beauty remains.

— The End —