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 Oct 2020 Marvellous
'twas August when i cried alone
always been on my own
but i wish someone was there
while i was in despair.

i wish someone held my hand
and whispered that i will be able to stand
after this dreadful dream
and just let my emotions scream.
 Oct 2020 Marvellous
until you
to feed
your heart
with nothing
but the
Who cares if it's a lie, anyway?
if you forget me,

as an animal, wounded by man,
forgets its natural predator

I will not weep, for the ocean
is already swollen with jilted
lovers tears

more so plant my feet, like roots,
where I stand

grow new skin over the injury

and wave my
healed, heart, hand
at the sun
 Oct 2020 Marvellous
Kafka Joint
There was a light,
There came a sound,
It was very deep
And so profound.

— The End —