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Emily Mar 26
What a lonely word
Everyone goes through it
At least one time in their life
Doesn't it feel lonely
Don't you just want to crawl in a corner
And do nothing
I know
I've been through it
At some point
The corner will smile at you
And you will
Smile back
Emily Dec 2018
The love I feel for him is growing
Much more than I thought possible
More than I want
I'm drowning in feelings
Feelings I don't want
Feelings I don't need
Please don't let this love grow anymore
Please don't
I don't want to love him
No more
No more feelings
I don't want to fall
No more than this please
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Please heart
Don't let me down
Emily Nov 2018
don’t forget the life you used to have
don’t forget any of it
no matter how much you want to
it won’t change what’s been there
what’s happened
nothing will change if you forget
‘i love you’
those words you spoke won’t leave his heart
or yours

move on with your life
don’t stay in a stand still
take your first steps
take the little baby steps you need
you will survive
no matter how hard this is
it’s not gonna last forever
no it won’t
just you wait, it’ll come to an end fast
this pain will end soon
just keep holding on
remember the positives in life
have to remember

the memories that have going through your mind
they will be there forever
they will be the past soon
not your future memories
have to remember
there will be more memories
more things that you’ll love
more memories to come
Emily Oct 2018
You’re always so noisy
Can they not hear?
Why is it only me that can hear you?
You sound so real
Everyone says you’re just a voice in my head
I guess that’s true
Why are there three of you?
Can you leave me alone already
Why do I not want you gone?
At times I want you gone for good
Although, the times where I need you
The voices
The horrid, horrid voices
I need you
Don’t go
Emily Oct 2018
caging me in
making me wanting to be free
you’re making me the bird
and you’re the cage
now that i’m finally free
i feel more caged than ever
what have you done to me
i’ll never be free
never will he free me from his grasps
he caught me and tamed me
what am I now?
i am a caged bird
Emily Oct 2018
Wouldn’t it be lonely to be the only dragon alive? What if you, for this matter were that dragon. What if just as figurative speaking, you lived your immortal life knowing no one would understand you, would never grow old with you. Wouldn’t it be lonely to see all your friends die before you? Wouldn’t it break your heart to never fear for your life. Well, for one, I am not a dragon. I am not immortal. I will watch my family die before me. Nobody will understand me, no matter how hard they may try. I w do not fear the death but, I fear the fact that i’m alive. My only fear is life itself.

— The End —