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 Aug 2019 Lorena
3:01 AM
 Aug 2019 Lorena
I always have this feeling

that I'm not doing as much as I can in this world

or I'm not changing the world in any way,

So what's the point of living?

I just wanted to erase my existence,

but then a dreadful moment happened

I lost my mom to cancer

it made me feel like it was selfish of me to choose to die

when some people don't even have a choice.
 Aug 2019 Lorena
 Aug 2019 Lorena
I walk around
Scan the crowd
Randomly sit on a cafe
And wonder if that is the place
Where our paths will cross.

If that day happens,
Would you randomly sit with me
As if we've known each other
For a very long time
Would you start to walk with me
And never leave my side?
 Aug 2019 Lorena
Christian Albury
It's a miracle when you look at life, and all of a sudden life looks at you
 Aug 2019 Lorena
rose hopkins
you left
you didn't say goodbye
you left
you didn't tell us why
we wept.
july 2019

— The End —