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Christian Albury Oct 2019
Sometimes you just can't go on and on about why you're upset. You just need someone who gets it and doesn't ask
Christian Albury Aug 2019
It's a miracle when you look at life, and all of a sudden life looks at you
Christian Albury Aug 2019
You don't go blind by looking on the bright side
A note from a dear friend
Christian Albury Aug 2019
I want to dissaper
And go somewhere far
I want to leave all fear
And be where you are
Christian Albury Aug 2019
I am me
Because you are you
You are you
Because of me
Christian Albury Jul 2019
If we're ever standing on the edge of the world, will you reach out and grab my hand
Christian Albury Jul 2019
I love being in love with you. All the stupid lil things you do. The way your face lights up what you see something amazing, or how you get excited when you hear one of you songs. I also love your voice early in the morning after a late night of us talking. I love the way your face flushes pink when you get embarrassed. But most of all I love it when you're in love, even though you're not in love with me.
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