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Aug 2019 · 132
I mourn
Lorena Aug 2019
I mourn the children we will never have
I mourn the mornings I will never wake up next to you
I mourn the coffee I will never have
I mourn the tomorrow that is not guaranteed to happen
I am death so mourning is want I do best
Aug 2019 · 152
Lorena Aug 2019
If I stay
If I leave
If I cry
If I laugh

It won't make a difference
At the end of the day
You won't care
Aug 2019 · 74
Lorena Aug 2019
I hate you yet I love you
Which is it?
I don’t really know
That is the thin line
Aug 2019 · 154
Lorena Aug 2019
She's hidden
Inside your pain
She's not your friend
Why can't you
See the truth
Aug 2019 · 67
Lorena Aug 2019
You should hate me just as you hate your worst enemy because that is the way I have been behaving
I'm so sorry
Aug 2019 · 51
Lorena Aug 2019
I think I can
I think I should
I think I could

I think I can't
I think I shouldn't
I think I couldn't

And I did not
It was just too hard
No matter how much I told myself I could
Aug 2019 · 69
We could be...
Lorena Aug 2019
We could be surrounded by people yet be so alone
We could be laughing yet crying inside
We could be lying to ourselves by telling ourselves that everything is going to be okay
We could but we're not that is the difference
Aug 2019 · 582
Lorena Aug 2019
I feel lost
And thought you were supposed to find me
But you never did
Maybe I was supposed to find myself but never really did
Aug 2019 · 58
Lorena Aug 2019
In the passing of time we are only our memories
It doesn't or shouldn't matter how we look but it does in this superficial world
At the end of the day we are only our memories
Some bad some good but without them you have nothing
Aug 2019 · 59
Lorena Aug 2019
To be happy sometimes you have to destroy the past
Aug 2019 · 66
Lorena Aug 2019
Telling the truth can be a weakness
Some secrets should be kept forever in order not to burden love ones
Aug 2019 · 46
Lorena Aug 2019
I live feeling sorry for myself
Because I have nothing
I live feeling depressed because I don't know how to feel any other way
I live feeling...
Aug 2019 · 67
I wanted to love you
Lorena Aug 2019
I wanted to love you more than I could
I never meant to hurt you
I'm just not capable of loving
I am broken inside
There is a darkness inside of me
A darkness that consumes me
I don't know how it feels to be happy
You deserve to be happy and I hope you will be
Aug 2019 · 398
Lorena Aug 2019
To live life without living is a tragedy in itself
To go through the motions because you have to is also a tragedy in itself
Aug 2019 · 69
In the...
Lorena Aug 2019
In the absence of joy there is sorrow
In the absence of sorrow there is joy
In the absence of happiness there is sadness
In the absence of sadness there is happiness
Aug 2019 · 63
It's only...
Lorena Aug 2019
It's only a tragedy when people die young or unhappy
Aug 2019 · 60
Lorena Aug 2019
I wish I never met you because it hurts too much to think about you        
We were never right for each other but it doesn't hurt any less              
Thinking of your smile helps me get through the day but also hurts me
It is my fault we are not together because I could never get rid of my commitment issues
I hope you are very happy with someone else
The happiness I could never give you
I will always hurt because I carry you deeply inside of me
Hurt is part of life and I have to get used to it
Aug 2019 · 54
I wish...
Lorena Aug 2019
I wish I could tell you what you want to hear
I wish I could love you the way you desire
I wish I could make things ok for you
I wish I could make my words match what I really want to say
I wish I could turn back time to a place where we could be happy
I wish I could...
Aug 2019 · 70
Lorena Aug 2019
There are things that I regret
There are things that I can't take back
There are things that eat me inside everyday
Is there a way I can let go of this burden of regret?
I wish I had an answer for all of this but I don't
The best thing I could do is try not to make the same mistakes
Aug 2019 · 152
today tomorrow
Lorena Aug 2019
I love you today tomorrow
I love you always
I love you and I always will
I love you and it doesn't matter what happens today tomorrow always

— The End —