Vismaiy Jun 2017
Flowers, they rot
Flowers wilt, decay,
Smell and look pretty
For bees to shit on them.

Look at the banana flower,
'Tis neither presentable nor sweet
'Tis dull and dead
Yet, it is fertilized.

Provides bananas to eat
Fills a hungry gut
Fulfills a social purpose
What does a pretty flower do?

Sit on its branch
Like a whore, trying;
Desperately, to attract customers
To blow out their steam!

And they say "Flowers are beautiful!"
No, flowers are uncouth bitches,
All they do is,
Die and ROT.
Vismaiy Jun 2017
I was dreaming yet again,
You were walking down a hill,
While we crossed paths,
It was a time not close to the present.

I could tell by a look at my fingers,
But you looked not a day older.

You had spectacles on,
The same as mine,
I stopped and turned,
You took a few steps,
Then turned around and smiled!

It was but a dream,
And it was when i woke up
To my room-mate's alarm tone,
Instead of him!

— The End —