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Vismaiy Jun 2017
Flowers, they rot
Flowers wilt, decay,
Smell and look pretty
For bees to **** on them.

Look at the banana flower,
'Tis neither presentable nor sweet
'Tis dull and dead
Yet, it is fertilized.

Provides bananas to eat
Fills a hungry gut
Fulfills a social purpose
What does a pretty flower do?

Sit on its branch
Like a *****, trying;
Desperately, to attract customers
To blow out their steam!

And they say "Flowers are beautiful!"
No, flowers are uncouth *******,
All they do is,
Die and ROT.
Vismaiy Jun 2017
I was dreaming yet again,
You were walking down a hill,
While we crossed paths,
It was a time not close to the present.

I could tell by a look at my fingers,
But you looked not a day older.

You had spectacles on,
The same as mine,
I stopped and turned,
You took a few steps,
Then turned around and smiled!

It was but a dream,
And it was when i woke up
To my room-mate's alarm tone,
Instead of him!

— The End —