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  Oct 2017 Corey Parsons
Via Moore
Tomorrow is like being on death row.

The idea of Tomorrow is intended to be hopeful,
But Tomorrow can bring the moment that ends
Life as you know it.

We cannot anticipate a tragedy.
When we awaken from a slumped slumber,
We don’t expect our future sorrow.

Every day filled with ruthless tears
Could have been a routine day,
And every routine day
Could vaporize in a millisecond.

We will forever be unaware
Of our fate --
Unaware of what will come Tomorrow,
Or ten minutes from now.

So savor every ignorant moment:
You never know when life
Will happen.
Embrace your ignorance when life seems too good, and remember you'll return to happiness as time heals your wounds.
Corey Parsons Oct 2017
On Sundays the creatures
Ooze from their awkward dwellings,
Like fat worms after a downpour,
And rush the City.

They infect silently with their sick eyes,
They brush along your shoulder in passing,
They exchange ***** money,
They cause accidents.

They stare at you from across
Your favorite diners
With black coffee depression
And mutter underneath their breaths:
"This isn't real."
By Corey Parsons
Corey Parsons Oct 2017
My lone, disheveled skiff is flooded
With moonlight. I am a real-life sea captain,
Wading off the shore of Life.

I have jettisoned my mighty oar,
I now lie on the hull, drowning
In a Champion's brew.

I miss my mates.
I'm sick of reminiscing w/ the stars
Of my friends, my crew,
Our complacency,
And the Great War.
By Corey Parsons
Corey Parsons Oct 2017
There is a stiffness in my thumb
That stops me dead on feet
When I bend it, snap,
I clench my teeth

Cars hiss, splashing tires
The rain soothes my bones
Outside my grimy pane,
Dolorous bells—

Do thumbs really ache
In inclemency?
All this time the rain
Has acidified, melting my marrows,
Or perhaps I had only fallen
by Corey Parsons

— The End —