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 Apr 2016 mac azanes
Sy Lilang
Ikaw ang pintuang may bukas,
Siyang pag-asang maibsan ko ang taglamig na kalinga.

Ikaw ang bintanang may hangin,
Siyang susulyap sa pangungulila.

Ikaw ang sahig na sasalo,
Siyang saklolo sa pagkahingal at pang-aabuso.

Ikaw ang mesang may hain,
Siyang magbibigay lakas sa panloob na damdamin.

Ikaw ang kutsilyong gagalos,
Sa yugto ng buhay na akala'y perpekto.
At ang tubig na didilig,
Sa *uhaw at lantang isip.
Awake, awake my little Boy!
Thou wast thy Mother’s only joy:
Why dost thou weep in thy gentle sleep?
Awake! thy Father does thee keep.

“O, what land is the Land of Dreams?
What are its mountains, and what are its streams?
O Father, I saw my Mother there,
Among the lillies by waters fair.

Among the lambs clothed in white
She walked with her Thomas in sweet delight.
I wept for joy, like a dove I mourn—
O when shall I return again?”

Dear child, I also by pleasant streams
Have wandered all night in the Land of Dreams;
But though calm and warm the waters wide,
I could not get to the other side.

“Father, O Father, what do we here,
In this land of unbelief and fear?
The Land of Dreams is better far
Above the light of the Morning Star.”
Sometimes it’s hard to breathe.
Sometimes the world closes in on your lungs like the
mountains need your breath and the ocean wants your soul.
Moonbeams of indefinite prosperity gleam down upon your skin like
a bridge made of children’s dreams.
They dance along your goosebumps, trying to calm your racing heart.
You cannot see,
you cannot hear.
All you know is the deceptively comforting pale, white walls of your world,
but you do not live in a world,
you live in a cage.
You have never closed your eyes and let yourself be
guided by the wind,
an everlasting pool of transparent anger trying to rule the world,
but never getting farther than vice president.
You will never know the deep blue waves crashing methodically onto the shore,
howling and groaning their way through a job that they will never finish.

Oceans can be selfish, you know.
They own 70% of the world and they’re still not satisfied.
Their deep blue rivers of fear snake their way under our skin and into our veins,
never content until we define ourselves by anxiety and pain.
Cages may hide us from the waves, but they also shield us from our own hidden hearts,
wallowing in the loneliness of pale, white walls with a transparent roof that yields
only to prosperity that is no longer indefinite.
 Jun 2013 mac azanes
ella maria
 Jun 2013 mac azanes
ella maria
I like his voice, his laugh, the bravery that he unintentionally coaxes out of me.
I like the shape of his mouth and the softness of his lips.

I like the way that he walks;
hands in his pockets and facing the floor.
I like the length of his eyelashes and the freckle on his ear
that I once mistook for a piercing.
He is beautiful, so beautiful.

But the words that tumble from him are twisted and cruel,
He is not soft and golden like the hairs on the back of his neck
that my fingertips know all too well.
The butterflies in my stomach are trapped bats
which tear up my insides when he smiles at me.

I crave his outsides, as he craves mine.
He filled a gap, and now it is time for him to leave.
 Mar 2013 mac azanes
Alice Penny
They fought alongside their friend's bodies,
Under their general's command.
They did as they were told,
Until their deaths arrived,
In the form of a bullet,
With love from their master's enemy.

Clearly, it was not their war.

Eyes, cold, an endless stare to the sky.
The mouth forming the shape of "why?"
Commands and screams mixed up,
In a blend of unfathomable noise.
"As long as you fight,
You will die with honour, boys!"

Even if it is not their war.

But what honour is there
In fighting a war you don't understand?
A war you personally did not start?
A war for other men
That take your life as their own?

A war that is not your war.
 Jan 2013 mac azanes
You are the dream  
You are reverse raindrops rising.

You are fantasy
Made real by the magnetic pull that guides you to me

You are
Liquid lucidity
Your lips languid
How they speak to me.

You are the wetness of my mouth
You are the blood in my veins
You are the oxygen in my brain.

You are the arched back
the parted mouth
the eyes in the back of the head.
You are
The escaped animal sound
Sending waves of pleasure
And hummingbirds to my bed

You are the Earth beneath my feet
You are my dove
You are all of my love

You are the resurrection of perfection
You are intoxicating liberation.
You are the crystal cave
Humble in your beauty


Stripped of this garden of blood, bone, flesh, and muscle.
The garden of the lucid rise.

But before we are freed
I want to admire every vein on your body.
Follow their faint glow
See where they guide me.

I want you to feel the delight inside of me!
I want to eat this innocence and turn it into love made vulnerably.

A symbol of denial, congeniality, and assurance of love;
the fate of maternity, motherhood, that is witnessed
and cherished from afar.
From a sacred little haven;
from a struggle of motherly defense.

O ******!
Temptations are to you never a bother,
in the tempests of lush dreams,
the draining of purity,
and veritable sensations.
Steadiness is your notion;
it barely leaves your mind
you may be deeply hurt
but never hurt,
you may be a stranger
but your grace is your power.

Truth that is unpardonable,
veraciousness at my simplest words,
clarity that is gleaming in your eye,
a token of pleasure but indestructible affection;
adorable as you are,
serenity is beyond question;
dreams are but inseparable from your docile life.
O ******, the sweetness and gentleness of thy eyes
are my irreplaceable silence,
my appraised soul,
and my most resolute
and irrepressible invocation.

O ******, one that is so rare a rose
Many as in the May-day dance are tainted;
marks of annoyance, omens of indulgence.
With hunger for nothing but moans;
unsober groans, and quickening breaths in paces of outward satisfaction;
intoxicated desires but unloving movements;
on the grounds for endless dancing;
there is the thirst for grips, the grossest of stateliness!
Voluptuous romance, perfidious touches, and
false-hearted toys!
In the wakeful dreams of which
I long for you, a handful of thy chastest kisses!
I pray for your hands, so delicate
as mine, how they shall fit into each other!
I long for your lips, your spotless, uncorrupted cheeks,
My demand is for your hands;
for sanity, and sincerest cordiality
Despite of my guilt and former unconsciousness
I shall amend my grief for you,
for you only,
for oureth perfect, unconquerable happiness,
and the union of our souls
in a day of holy matrimony.
The man I love is full of curiosity
He has a benign charm and ardour
His youthful soul is bright with splendor
He is far from madness and animosity

The man I love is nothing but distant
To him I am just a small yoke of childishness
I a servant who serves him a jar of friendliness
He a merchant, handsome precious but indignant

The man I love is not the one I met
He is the stem and root of my morning flower
Plump as a shade of the glade in a bower
Dainty as the evening dove's cozy net

The man I love has now been gone
Unreachable no matter how fast I could run
In his arms is a dame with endless beauty
Pleased as he is by her false murmurs of vivacity

The man I love is not within my sight
But he is still the one source of my gracious delight
In him only do I lose my thought and wildest daydreams
For him do I vow my love and the highest esteem.
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