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Dear Nov 2014
You are like mid week pandemonium
I know you're coming
I can't deny you
And there's no point in regretting you
  Nov 2014 Dear
Mark Lecuona
A body has length, width, mass and occupies space
But in what relationship to time?
When did it begin and must it end?
A mere witness is required at the mark of the line

But a rock is not a baby
You could ask a scientist
But as we walk there is no need to know
For the body is there in motion and at rest

For man it is what it is
Utility, beauty, an obstacle
A nuisance
A receptacle
We perceive its properties
And what it means to us
We know it occupies space
Regardless of how gracious
Just because it is
It does not care about what
Unless it knows to survive
Or it bleeds when cut

What science
Tells me I’m cold?
What theory
Confirms I’m old?
There is a perception of what I have seen
Through my own eyes
Without reading a book
I wonder if I believe in lies

I know the absence of light can make red black
I know a rock is a rock
But the illusion is defined by a relation
For color or stone is defined by what it is not

To what end a distraction of sound unoccupying space?
A beautiful sound occupies time
And time stops for us yet we know this is not true
Because the witness has continued to draw the line
The scientist can measure
And I can walk in a circle
As I ponder what it is that I hear
I wonder if that is the particle?
For what man once saw
And could not hear
Was there all along
In the air
When birds flew near

What is next?
Will it erase everything we know?
I don’t need gravity anymore than I need long ago
For what change would be in me
When a magnetism between the earth and myself
Is assumed
While that thing between you and I
Is something I always felt

Someone called it God
Something I cannot explain
I wonder if they can
We are resigned to believe in a superior brain
I read the words about mass and volume
And a higgs and a boson
But the sun continues to rise and set
And the wind and rain fill each season

They broke bread and opened a bottle
They congratulated one another
But who was saved and who was condemned
In a sub-atomic world where no baby can find its mother?

The God Particle
Can it save my Father or your wife?
Can it save the world?
Can it bring my friend back to life?
I think we will continue to suffer
For as knowledge continues to make itself available
We retreat into the minds of others who think
And man defines himself by what he is unable
Yes by what he is unable to do
And what he is unable to know
And what he is unable to conceive
And how he is unable to grow
Dear Nov 2014
Gold saturation in bed under blankets/Silver saliva /The hue of your iris /It's gaudy not quiet /Deliver your brightest /And best/Your dingiest vest /Is still so crisp and clean/Stomp a few times/Laugh at our voices /Curve of your hand/Can't catch my inertia/Quiver imagine /Exaggerated action/You're tongue somehow fits in my mouth.
Dear Nov 2014
Saccharine sheen I once saw in a dream more silver than a movie screen.
Blues inflates your pouty mouth
rock n roll shouts in your hip bones crooners sway as easy as your tongue mountains made and crumble as bodies repeat slide into one.
Move over
slide your hand across my shoulders. Brush off those boulders
Dear May 2014
defused into dumbfounded speed kicked eternal dream
almost sleep state
we never took off.
stuck in rest.
i rub your head, you lay on my breast.
brush away webs.
your skin, it's just fine.
It'll pass.
It does every time.
Hours upon hours
Our bubblegum brains, they turn sour.

We knew better
You relearned all your vowels, all your letters.
oh, but your jaw and your lips and the spin and that glass
oh the glass..

isnt worth it.

i can't believe we ever had the gumption.
please don't ask..
ill be vague and you make your assumptions.

this is not romantic.
Dear Mar 2014
rushed out
dirt kicked
asphalt gripped
and i am gaping
open flesh wound  
infected with your insensitivity
blame it on
bone dry
tongue manages to barely slip out a
no hug
no kiss
while my arms are wide
asking where is this coming from?
tripping over cracks in the sidewalk to wander
you don't want to do this right now
you want to run
i want to run after you
you want to drown in black dreams and ******* pupils
i want to barrel out of this tunnel and into the light of our peripherals
because this isn't the worst we've fought through
and we can fight through this if you choose to
ill stand beside you
i hate being behind you
every time you
rush out.
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