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Alice Penny Jan 2014
My brain is constantly ticking,
Deep into the night.
Thoughts of what have been
and thoughts of what might.

With all the knowledge I possess
and all the years I've had
one cannot imagine
what becomes of good and bad.

That light shining through
could this be the Hope
of those loved and lost,
of those who cannot cope.

A human life time passes
but what does that mean?
You wouldn't begin to understand
the things I have seen.

My heart beating ever slower,
Life's centre core.
Is there something I have done
that I need to pay for.

Blood drains from my face
as you sit and gaze.
Eyes slightly off-centre,
almost in a daze.

Life isn't what you think it is.
Or maybe it is, I don't know.
Look upon me now, my child
and watch the horror show.
Alice Penny Jan 2014
Even by calling this poem that,
Makes it an instant cliché.
But I can't help it.
I'm in love.
What can I say?

There's something about you, my dear,
You won't get out of my mind.
Is this what happens
When soul meets soul
and they combine?

That's not as cliché as I would like.
I think I might step it up a bit.
Make it more generic.
Perhaps then,
even the words will fit?

So here we go, expect the best.
Or do you expect the worst?
I'll tell you one thing though.
My heart's so full of love,
it's fit to burst.

Right. Okay. Back to my point.
Are you ready for this?
I hope so because
it's worth
at least a kiss.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
There's one thing to say and that's
Alice Penny Jan 2014
My love is like a sensuous being
the naked curves so smooth.
You've fooled a hundred thousand men
into lusting after you.
My love is like raw desire,
a passion hidden deep within
the heart of all mankind.
One of the seven deadly sins.
Once spotted, eyes are torn to you,
not daring to look away,
in case they miss for a second,
the beauty you portray.

You are the giver of life and death
in moments of blissful agony.
Alice Penny Mar 2013
They fought alongside their friend's bodies,
Under their general's command.
They did as they were told,
Until their deaths arrived,
In the form of a bullet,
With love from their master's enemy.

Clearly, it was not their war.

Eyes, cold, an endless stare to the sky.
The mouth forming the shape of "why?"
Commands and screams mixed up,
In a blend of unfathomable noise.
"As long as you fight,
You will die with honour, boys!"

Even if it is not their war.

But what honour is there
In fighting a war you don't understand?
A war you personally did not start?
A war for other men
That take your life as their own?

A war that is not your war.
Alice Penny Jan 2013
all around
no one there
but the wind
gently pushing
an empty swing.

The swing
creaking, slightly eerie
and the leaves
over the concrete ground
these are the only sounds.

a crow cawing
spotting berries
for a snack
the only life
in this deserted playground.
What with technology etc. , who plays at a playground now-a-days?
Alice Penny Nov 2012
There once was a girl named Alice,
Who looked a lot like me.
There was one big difference though.
She had ceased to be.

We grew up together.
Even calling each other friend.
But as we got older,
We could no longer pretend.

That was when I realised,
We were falling apart.
Time came to a halt,
Just like her beating heart.

Was her existence real?
I don't even know what she looks like.
Was she from imagination?
A mere mirage in a dusty desert.
A reflection looking back.
A picture buried amongst pictures,
A body amongst bodies,
Bones buried in the ground.
Alice Penny Sep 2012
If you go down to the woods today,
Prepare for a big surprise,
For there you'll meet the Slenderman.
Believe me, I'm not telling lies.

As soon as you pick up that paper,
You're really not in for a treat,
For if you were to turn around,
Slendy, you will meet.

Watch out for Slendy's... Can I say face?
For then you'll see your doom.
Make sure your flashlight's on bright.
For in the shadows, he does loom.

No where's safe, not even the bathroom,
So I wouldn't go in there.
No, really, I wouldn't...
Welcome to Slendy's Lair.
Yes, I wrote a poem about the Slenderman. Deal with it! xD
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