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Mish Sep 2021
i don’t think i’ve ever had a day
where my own name
didn’t taste foreign in my mouth-
for some reason
it doesn’t taste like mine
it belongs to someone else
Mish May 2020
You are art,
whether you see it or not
your smile, your eyes,your spine,
the curves of your body...
your nose
the way you laugh
the way you love the people around you
you are art
don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
you are beatuiful
Mish Apr 2020
you told me i was a priority
i guess you lied to me
why did i come twelfth?
Mish Apr 2020
it’s funny how someone you used to think was your favorite is now slowly becoming your least
even though you say we aren’t drifting i think otherwise
Mish Feb 2019
I like to stare at myself in mirror
Just to try and find things that I love about my face
But usually it ends in me hating myself even more
Maybe I’m not meant to love myself,  I hope I earn soon
Mish Feb 2019
Lantern boy
Pick your head up
Everyone is looking
Don’t panic
Let the cocktail of depression and anxiety take over
Soak in every moment
Go numb
Abandon your friends
Don’t answer calls or texts
Don’t leave your house
Eat minimal meals like cereal and water
If your friends ask why you haven’t answered simply tell them ‘I was busy’
They may not buy it but it’s good enough for now
They will try to tell you to eat, don’t listen, even though it pains you not to
After all this they will begin to worry, don’t let them
Tell them you are fine
It hurts you to lie to them but you have to protect yourself from them finding out

After weeks of lying you will finally break
It hurts at first but gradually it starts to feel better and you will start to think “hey breaking down doesn’t seem so bad”
Your friends won’t understand this overflow of emotions and why you kept them bottled up for so long
They ask”why you didn’t tell us sooner”
You don’t reply because you know the truth will hurt them
But hey at least you survived right?
Mish Feb 2019
Guilt...a feeling that I’m not used to
kind of like being in love
When it comes to love I’m inexperienced
So, I give someone all of my love to make up for my lack of experience
I should have known better
Because now I’m left feeling empty and guilty
I’m guilty of breaking your heart into a thousand pieces
Not once but twice
I gave you a second chance
At first I felt that we were made for each other
But my heart thought otherwise
I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you

— The End —