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JuneForever Feb 11
It's okay to be best friends
To be best friends and the opposite ***.
To be best friends and not romantically involved.
To just let it be as.
We're great as best friends
It's okay that we don't want it any other way.
That we're better as best friends.
That we care about each other deeply.
To just be friends and know that we care and respect each other.
Society tries to push their agenda on your friendship sometimes.
JuneForever Feb 11
Life pushes you to together, life pushes you away.
Life pushes, but you don't have to let life push you like a victim.
Life can seem like a bad dream, or a really good dream almost like there's no way out.
It's like sometimes you keep on living the same dream over and over. It can seem almost mentally unbearable, exhausting!
You begin to give everyone the cold shoulder and you begin to not even feel lonely. Emotionless.    
You barely look at yourself in the same way.
Until one day you begin to say ***** it you're done with bull crap and the excuses you give yourself not to change or socially engage.
All the stuff you suppressed has to come out some way.
You finally wake up and start realizing that life doesn't stop and neither should I.
JuneForever Oct 2020
I have to say the silence is deafening yet the silence has a different sound to it.  

Silence keeps me from running my mouth where I shouldn't. Silence keeps me at peace.  

When you pull silence closer to you. The silence is no longer an enemy but the silence is a friend.

Silence can be more a friend than the people who say they're your friend. The silence helps calms me down as a baby who is calm being rocked and soothed to sleep.

The silence helps me heal into the person I'm supposed to be like how nature functions so naturally.

The silence breaks down walls that I never knew could be broken down.

The silence builds and keeps on building.

Silence can really be a person's best friend.
I really like to put the one lines because sometimes when words are bunched together you can't really process what you're reading.
JuneForever Oct 2020
I'm starting not to believe.
I know you like mind games and you play them well.

You say she does all this stuff to you but yet you let her treat everyone around you like they're her game. An you treat everyone around you like they're your game.

You make love look like a joke and not a good joke. You have insulted love with the way you treat your friends and family. You take them for granted like they're nothing even though they do so much for you when they can.

You feel insulted by your family all.the time but you insult your family consistently.  

When did your heart become so hard and cold like a coldest of continents? When did your mind get more messed up than mine?

We all need help, and have issues.

some people are willing to receive help and work through the issues that life has thrown their way in this world that is so small in many ways yet so big in other ways.
Just some thoughts. I'm not better than anyone.
JuneForever Sep 2020
My intentions weren't to hurt you. I wasn't as good as a friend as I wanted to be. I do care about you because I want you to get help. I still want you to get the help you need, but I know I  can't help you the way you need. It would be selfish for me even to pretend I could. I hurt you and you hurt me.   I wish you could see how much I honestly care about you. I hope one day you will.
It's a poem but I just left the writing as is.
  Jun 2020 JuneForever
Imran Islam
Let Your name be safe
in my heart always
Let my eyes run down
with tears for You my God!

I'll always remember you
in my youth
I'll always bow down
to you on earth
Lord, let me hold the truth.

My sins will make an ocean
if I get them together,
Please be kind oh Creator
and forgive me forever!
Let me read Your Book
every morning, my Lord!

I want to be a good person
with full faith in You,
Let me stay on the right path
with peace and love, O My God!
JuneForever Apr 2020
All I want is for you to be free, healthy and whole.
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