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Nada Sep 2021
that day
I felt something

it felt off

since I thought
my heart was locked
#love #inlove #feelings
Nada Jun 2021
I told you we won’t work
yet now when I’m crying
and noises feel like knives
and light feels like needles
and I’m craving those pills
all I want is your safe arms
warp them around my heart
please make it feel less numb
Nada Jan 2021
every broken bit of my heart belongs to you
Nada Jan 2021
pressing shuffle on your playlist
hoping one day it will hurt less
Nada Jan 2021
in the depths of unsurance we suffer painfully  
the debate on what is best and what is not eats us up alive
crawls through our veins in every last corner of our body  
causing endless torture making us question our own being
Nada Sep 2020
love isn‘t always easy
sometimes it gets hard
and when it does, be careful
may not mean you‘re better apart
Nada Sep 2020
break out
break free
break through
break me
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