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Oct 12 · 28
Howl Oct 12
There is one person that I keep telling God to protect every single day...

My mom.
If I could ask Him to let my mom live forever, I will bow down everyday.
Oct 5 · 44
Howl Oct 5
Life is so tiring.
Guess we are all tired. ?
Sep 30 · 37
Howl Sep 30
If we want to make the world beautiful we need to start it to ourselves.
How does it feel to born rich? I'm so sick of this life!!!!!
Sep 27 · 25
Howl Sep 27
Archives from a year and more makes me cringe
Sep 20 · 27
Howl Sep 20
Don't let your emotions lead your decisions.
Thank you for tonight.
Sep 18 · 25
Howl Sep 18
Sometimes people who made mistakes deserve to be happy too.
Sep 17 · 32
Howl Sep 17
I just hope that we still have energy to face next year after this long tiring year of 2020
Sep 13 · 13
Howl Sep 13
You shouldn't respect people base on how you look at them or on how you think they are.
You should be fair.
Every person is designed to be respected.
No matter who that person is or was.
Sep 6 · 26
Howl Sep 6
how about letting people live their own lives? that would be so respectful
Sep 3 · 138
Howl Sep 3
Sometimes, not letting feelings involved is the right thing to do.
Aug 31 · 35
Howl Aug 31
can't be thankful enough for having a person who's such a blessing
I love you Mom.
Aug 25 · 45
Howl Aug 25
Take me to a world where money is no big deal.
If there's a world like that
Aug 24 · 28
Howl Aug 24
Time change everything
Aug 21 · 38
Howl Aug 21
Can everyone please stop normalizing favoritism like you don't know anything about the feeling of someone being left behind
Aug 20 · 65
Howl Aug 20
It feels like the most easiest thing to do for others is to give judgement without knowing a single thing.
Aug 18 · 264
Howl Aug 18
Struggles are proof that you are trying
I am Commissions open for digital portraits and fan arts. Visit my Twitter and Instagram account @artoferl_ to see my works. I can do this.
Aug 17 · 25
Commissions open
Howl Aug 17
Hi, this is not an poetry related but I want to take this chance to offer my talent to everyone who wants it.

I'm doing a digital portrait, and anything related (check my accounts to see) to help my parents in our everyday life that has been hard because of this pandemic.
For my Twitter and Instagram accounts, visit @artoferl_ . Your support is very much appreciated, thank you.
Aug 17 · 21
Commissions open
Howl Aug 17
Hi, this is not an poetry related but I want to take this chance to offer my talent to everyone who wants it.

I'm doing a digital portrait, and anything related (check my accounts to see) to help my parents in our everyday life that has been hard because of this pandemic.
Send me a message for my Twitter and Instagram accounts to see more. Your support is very much appreciated, thank you.
Aug 16 · 27
Howl Aug 16
Just in case you have forgotten today: You matter. You are loved. You are worthy. You are magical.
Aug 9 · 25
Howl Aug 9
When you look at your life and feel at peace because of changes you’ve made, that’s recovery.
Aug 6 · 153
Howl Aug 6
Sometimes you have to let yourself get hurt to realize that you are alive.
Aug 4 · 247
Howl Aug 4
As long as you live, keep learning how to live.
Aug 3 · 137
Howl Aug 3
Nanay, isa lang gusto ko,
Yung kayanin mo pa hanggang sa kaya ko na.
Aug 2 · 43
Howl Aug 2
You can't trust people's feelings. Why? Because it's shallow.
Jul 29 · 49
Howl Jul 29
Learn to say sorry without minding your pride
Jul 27 · 37
Howl Jul 27
No matter what the situation is and how much effort I'll put in, you're not mine 'til the end nor from the beginning
Jul 19 · 46
Howl Jul 19
You know, you don't have to be everyone's favorite
You only need one person who's favorite is you.
I already have that one person. I hope you too. :)
Jul 15 · 255
Howl Jul 15
I know we are all tired
But that doesn't mean we should give up
Jul 8 · 44
Howl Jul 8
What if something from the past made a little different?
Maybe this present wouldn't be a mess.
Jul 5 · 428
Howl Jul 5
Being a good person doesn't required being perfect.
Jul 2 · 634
Howl Jul 2
If only we could stop and skip this year, we already did. 2020 is so tiring.
...But read the first two words again.
Jun 23 · 255
Akala ko
Howl Jun 23
Akala ko hinahangaan lang kita
Akala ko okay na na kasama kita as barkada.
Yung tipong kahit ilang ako okay lang basta nandyan ka, okay lang basta nakikita kita.
Akala ko okay na na napapatawa mo ko sa mga biro mo
Akala ko okay lang kapag nalaman ko na in a relationship ka na

Pero akala ko lang pala.

Ngayong in a relationship ka na, hindi na kita matingnan ng daretso sa iyong mga mata.
Hindi na ko makatawa kapag inaasar ka o di kaya'y kapag nagbibiro ka.
Ayoko na. Akala ko okay na, ang sakit pala.
Jun 22 · 47
Howl Jun 22
You are the most funny one.
You are the one who catches my attention the most.
You are the one who is silently carrying about everyone.
You are the one who can't hide anything when I look in your eyes.

And because you are the one,
you hurt me without noticing it.
Is it u hurt me or is it me who hurt myself?
Jun 22 · 33
Howl Jun 22
If we could just see what ahead of us and choose the other choices that we didn't take.
Jun 21 · 52
Howl Jun 21
Why is everyday seems like just a normal day?
Jun 19 · 36
Howl Jun 19
In order for us to heal, we should learn how to let go.
Jun 17 · 124
Howl Jun 17
if there is a thing that I could do for my mom not to suffer, i will do everything
Jun 15 · 59
Only 19
Howl Jun 15
I just wish that we could look at each other longer, more sincerely, and more tenderly.
Jun 14 · 137
Howl Jun 14
Find peace and happiness in everything. Don't let sadness ruin that.
Jun 12 · 50
Howl Jun 12
I wish I am a memory everyone will always remember
Jun 10 · 51
Howl Jun 10
Sometimes, everything feels right until something goes wrong.
we got into an accident that everyone doesn't expect
Jun 9 · 172
Howl Jun 9
forced smile is more hurtful that tears.
have you ever remembered something that you wanted to smile but tears keep falling from your eyes? i love my mom so so much. i don't want her crying. never.
Jun 9 · 49
Howl Jun 9
Do everything you can while that everything gives you genuine happiness
Jun 8 · 100
Howl Jun 8
the night hits different when I'm thinking about you
thinking about the things I did before
Jun 8 · 40
Howl Jun 8
my heart is being broken for every person that is fighting for their rights. Right to speak up what's on their mind: the right that every person in this world shouldn't fight for because it should be the number one rights of every human being.
Jun 8 · 43
Howl Jun 8
it's better to be surrounded by few true people than to be surrounded by many who you can't even trust
Jun 8 · 40
i love you
Howl Jun 8
i missed you
you know better
Jun 7 · 50
Howl Jun 7
let us all do what we love.
let us all live our lives to the fullest.
let us all not be afraid to take risk.
let us all be thankful about everything.
let us all be not bothered about what others is thinking.
let us heal our hearts from the pain.
let's not let ourselves be criticize by others.
life is short to not seek and search for our own happiness.
i want to say more but can't say enough
Jun 6 · 272
Howl Jun 6
we should appreciate every little thing that every little day gives us
we know nothing last forever
Apr 22 · 44
Howl Apr 22
You can't give enough explanation to something until you experience it all by yourself
thinking about we are complaining about something we have no idea what is all about
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