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Oct 2022 · 170
Deep Ponderer Oct 2022
We live in a world where meanings have flipped.
The celebrities and the elites are being oppressed.
Antifa conducted a peaceful protest!
Privileged is better than hard work.
Biology is no longer scientific.
Genuine Health advice is body shaming.
Yes Free speech, but gets criminalized
to make you realise
they cannot agree to disagree.
Revoked for teaching reality.
The world is progressing
but where is it heading?
Your thoughts on this piece?
Aug 2022 · 830
Love vs acceptance
Deep Ponderer Aug 2022
Everyone wants to be accepted
But no one wants to be loved.
Accepting every attribute about a person
and not discerning right from wrong,
Cannot be loving.
"Oh I'm accepted, I must be loved"
But that kind of acceptance is out of fear of not being accepted in return.
To allow a person to self destruct either acutely or chronically
cannot be considered an act of love.
Love can be a constructive criticism
or a soft spoken word.
But if someone really loves,
they will not hinder the truth even if it hurts.
everyone wants to be accepted,
no one wants to be loved,
Because the world has redefined the true meaning of love.
Sep 2020 · 163
Think twice
Deep Ponderer Sep 2020
We live in a world made of self love
"My body my choice"
But what about those who desire to be mothers
Thinking "if only they had given the baby a chance,
Probably I would be able to give something better".
We believe in "my own choice", but we don't think of the baby's will to choose
because they don't have a voice?
The answer we give is
There are so many babies dying of hunger.
But boy or boy, would any mother
allow their own child to suffer?
Think twice, pro life or pro choice.
Most of the time the decision we make will always affect others as well. So think twice.
May 2020 · 186
A second chance?
Deep Ponderer May 2020
Would you stay, like I stayed
Would you forgive, like I did
Would you love when I'm out of reach
Or would this be a momentary feel.
Would I be easily replaced again
But this time, would you please have the guts to tell.
It's ok to fall out of love, I get it
We are not married yet!
But it's not okay to be infidel!
Would you give a partner who cheated a second chance?
Oct 2019 · 305
Deep Ponderer Oct 2019
Our good deeds won't take us to heaven
But surely they will lead others to Christ.
Sep 2019 · 202
Just maybe
Deep Ponderer Sep 2019
Maybe it was only at the surface
Maybe that's why God asked you to leave me.
Maybe He knew me as the 'deep one'
And superficial only creates questions,
the Chaotic kind that cripples my mind.
Maybe someday I will smile again
Even if the questions remain unanswered.
Aug 2019 · 256
Invisible momentum
Deep Ponderer Aug 2019
I am inspired by things unseen,
Like the air that helps me breathe
For without it we are mere dust.
So why then do you asked,
"How can you believe in a god
You cannot see?"
Do you believe?
Jul 2019 · 612
Deep Ponderer Jul 2019
Is this the kind of love I deserve?
One weighs more than the other,
All I asked is "have I done you wrong?"
Your only reply, "I've learnt".
I'm worn out now
From all the unanswered queries.
I need to loosen this cord,
before the forbidden rage
Breaks free from its cage.
Have you experienced one sided love?
Apr 2019 · 588
Inner vision
Deep Ponderer Apr 2019
Not being attractive outwardly opened my eyes
into seeing more than beautiful sights.
It delivered me from preconceptions
of perceiving the world through vanity lenses.
It tore down walls of misconceptions
that appearances are the only reflections.
Appearances aren't everything. Everyone has been created for more :)
Mar 2019 · 266
Hope untamed
Deep Ponderer Mar 2019
I hope that you stay
And wait till the end.
You don't look into my eyes
The way you did when it began.
Why do I still feel the same;
A feeling that remains,
Or  is it all just in my brain
This hope  untamed.
Do you feel like someone is about to leave you, But you keep crazy hoping that the person would stay? My current state:(
Mar 2019 · 307
The walking dead
Deep Ponderer Mar 2019
I no longer mourn the dead
I mourn the living,
For they build thick walls
From their past hurting.
they say they deserve love
Yet feel they are never enough.
They put on a stoic face,
And freeze their veins
To avoid any kind of feelings.
'The walking dead' living as though
they have but one last breath.
It's ok to not be strong. There is someone out there who will care for you and love you the way you have always wanted. Believe :)
Jan 2019 · 199
Shallow truth
Deep Ponderer Jan 2019
How can it be a habit
For someone to be forgotten
Like a shadow who follows
And requires no attention.?
Unless, you were never in their hearts
To be reminisce about from the start.
You were just a moment's delight.
But never a keeper for long nights.
To some you may not be important. So stick to the few that knows your worth.
Nov 2018 · 406
Heart of steel
Deep Ponderer Nov 2018
Why is it so hard for you to break free?
Am I a friend or an enemy?
Your walls are not bricks but steel.
I can't stop but think I am at fault!
Would you lie to please?
I prefer you breaking me with honesty,
Waiting for you to express
sometimes leaves me lifeless.
Sep 2018 · 1.0k
Season of change
Deep Ponderer Sep 2018
They say you should surround yourself
with positive people.
But everyone changes
A season to bloom,
A season of storm,
A season of harvest
A season to wither.
So are we suppose to leave
if they are not in their season of positivity?
Well I say patience is the reason
to love in all seasons.
So will you leave or stay when a friend goes through the season of change
Aug 2018 · 1.2k
Deep Ponderer Aug 2018
She tried to give
the door a knock,
She took a chance
to see if it would unlock.
Turns out,
she didn't​ have the key
to set him free.
Sometimes you have to set yourself free.
Jul 2018 · 343
I ain't lucky
Deep Ponderer Jul 2018
I'm no happy go lucky
I think too much.
I look up stuck,
searching in the constellations​
for answers about luck.
It doesn't inspire me.
Hence there is a reason
for my 'meant to be',
because you are
no longer a dream.
I'm blessed :)
Jul 2018 · 345
My longest block
Deep Ponderer Jul 2018
My words no longer compile sentences.
They act as antagonist,
preventing my every move.
I'm left with nothing but a blank page.
I'm having the worse kind of block lately. Hope someday I get back on track. :(
Jun 2018 · 675
Deep Ponderer Jun 2018
The people that make You believe
The sky is in your reach
Are the people you ought to keep.
people in your life that give you hope and believe in you are the people you must treasure because they themselves are the believers
Jun 2018 · 543
Deep Ponderer Jun 2018
You are not cursed
For better or worse.
To be able to feel every
Emotional outbursts
Is rather a gift not a flaw.
Feeling every pain,
agony and sorrow
Points you and
In turn, you lead others
In the direction of
The only way, truth and life
That sheds light
in every dark corner,
Delivering all from
The thought of no tomorrow.
Earlier I use to think that being deep in emotional aspect was a curse and sometimes I couldn't handle it, but now I think of it as a gift from God that leads me closer to Him and helps me understanding each individual better.
May 2018 · 442
Deep Ponderer May 2018
He murdered her soul
Yet he is applauded by all,
Because he was born in the spotlight
And she belongs in the shadow.
May 2018 · 340
My cup of tea
Deep Ponderer May 2018
The moment I decide to give up
A spark ignites in a mysterious cup.
A special tea garnished with
the aroma of friends,  family and even a foe,
it challenges me to taste all that life has to offer,
Be it sweet, sour or bitter.
May 2018 · 775
Soul. 10w
Deep Ponderer May 2018
While trying to save a soul
I lost my own.
10w soul
Apr 2018 · 434
Woman a Human
Deep Ponderer Apr 2018
Men are created to lead
Yes I do believe,
But you have no right
To force a woman to bleed
She is not a machine
Meant for your pleasure,
She has a heart
You ought to treasure.
Her duty is not only
to bear children
But she loves, nurture them
And shares their burdens.

God bestowed her with a mind
Dear society don't be blind!
She has the free will
To do what is right

Treat her 'A HUMAN'
Apr 2018 · 311
Broad minded
Deep Ponderer Apr 2018
Being broad-minded
I believe in God.
And I do not narrow down
My beliefs
in the things
that are seen.
And how do you define being broad minded?
Apr 2018 · 418
The Evolved Earth.
Deep Ponderer Apr 2018
The earth has evolved they say,
belong in historic caves
Along with all that
Expired and decayed.

Little children ending up
with older human!
It's a new trend
"Pedophilic love"
Everyone gets hurt.

Multiple ****** partners
Of any gender,
diseases come after,
Ohh but why bother!
We all fall ill
and die any day.

A child on the way,
Take a pill and
abort the unwanted,
So you may look pretty
With a thin body.

****** don't care
What you wear,
They are just men with
Ravenous appetite
To rip and tear.

Carry firearms
Shoot em' all
Who are you to judge
Whether they are innocent
Or not.

So the earth has evolved you say
All I see is a world rotting away.
It saddens me to see how the world is dieing gradually daily.
Apr 2018 · 630
To those I've hurt
Deep Ponderer Apr 2018
My thorns had *****
And blood had spill
For my words ****
And run down chills.
I couldn't tame my tongue
For then, I was undone.

I lost my grip,
I let you slipped
The solitude consumed me
I fell on my knees,
I begged please
Silence my voice,
Chain my tongue.

At present, I'm redeemed
My words have healed.
To those I've hurt
I hope in the future
Your forgiveness I shall breathe
As for now I urge you
Accept my apologies.
Apr 2018 · 1.3k
Season of singleness
Deep Ponderer Apr 2018
In your season of singleness
May God plant within you
Seeds of the Holy Spirit
And water you with the Living Word.
May you bloom,
Not only to meet "the one"
But to be the one
Whose sight is replaced
With God's perspective,
So that the pleasures of the flesh
And unfulfilled desires will **** out,
Filling your pith
With a deep rooted love.
To all the single peeps out there. Stay blessed :)
Mar 2018 · 500
Deep Ponderer Mar 2018
Each of us has a backbone,
That sustains us
and straightens our path.
My backbone is my Faith,
The path I follow is narrow
With certain scoliotic bends
But with all my heart I follow,
And eternity is where my road ends.
And who/what is your backbone?
Mar 2018 · 307
Deep Ponderer Mar 2018
I don't need someone
to complete me,
I just need someone
with whom I can share
the love God has given me.
What about you, why do you need someone?
Mar 2018 · 512
Deep Ponderer Mar 2018
Scars are evidence
to your "brave".
Wear them proudly
10 words: scars
Yes your are brave and your scars are beautiful. :)
Mar 2018 · 590
Romance fatality
Deep Ponderer Mar 2018
I am romantically fatal.
I give it all till I bleed to dead,
I'm left with nothing
But regrets.
How romantic are you?
Mar 2018 · 1.6k
Deep Ponderer Mar 2018
The crowd discerns you
a mundane nature
owing to the dark shades
you drape around your skin.
Darling, note this,
"Your daily deeds
And the words you speak
display the colours
From within."
I like wearing black and grey a lot... But I am a happy person :) never judge a girl by her clothes... ;)
Mar 2018 · 583
You are Art.
Deep Ponderer Mar 2018
You are Art,
Moulded with grace
From mud and clay,
Nourished with an
unfathomable mind,
A creation so divine.
Indeed, created to create.
Now, O Lord, You are our Father, we are the clay, and You our potter, and all of us are the works of Your hands. Isaiah 64:8
Feb 2018 · 379
Silence #haiku
Deep Ponderer Feb 2018
I cried out to you,
To make sure I'm not alone.
Silence, you listened.
God is silence...
Yes He listens.
Feb 2018 · 966
I'm happy
Deep Ponderer Feb 2018
I'm happy
I don't have what I want
I have what I need.

I'm happy
I don't have a lover
I have people who truly love me.

I'm happy
Not because life is easy
But I have peace,
The kind that is not of the world.
There is peace if you have Jesus in your heart :)
Feb 2018 · 406
Power of the unseen
Deep Ponderer Feb 2018
Don't be blinded by your sight.
There is Power in the Unseen.
It can get you down on your knees,
Or lift you up on your feet.
Do you believe?
Feb 2018 · 326
Be you.
Deep Ponderer Feb 2018
Be you, wonderfully you.
Then your identity
Becomes your beauty.
10w... What's your identity?
Feb 2018 · 408
Lost in the search
Deep Ponderer Feb 2018
I sought true love
From a man,
Who didn't even know
Who love is!
For that reason
He is not at fault
For not giving me the
Love I once knew.
God is love, without knowing God how will we ever know what true love is.
Jan 2018 · 303
My escape
Deep Ponderer Jan 2018
The lakes and mountains
Are my escape
A hiatus from life's ache.
What's your escape?
Jan 2018 · 251
Be nice
Deep Ponderer Jan 2018
Be nice, no matter the price.
It may create a turbulence
In the haters' veins
But you will stay sane.
A sense of peace
will occupy
Your blank space.
Jan 2018 · 405
I am weak
Deep Ponderer Jan 2018
I'm not ashame
To say "I am weak".
If I considered myself strong
That's only to make people think
I fought my battles
single handedly.
That would absolutely be a lie.
Because honestly "I am weak",
And I fall and cry.

I find comfort and peace
in knowing that
There is someone
fighting my battles beside me.
My weakness is not my enemy,
But it makes me realise
That I am in need
of a Saviour,
And His strength
is made perfect in my
Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ's power may rest on me. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
2cor 11:9,10
Jan 2018 · 306
Self torment
Deep Ponderer Jan 2018
We punish ourselves
Then we blame God.
We punish ourselves
With our own thoughts.
We try to draw meaning
From what was once lost.
We say "our sins
cannot be forgiven."
Hence we punish ourselves
But for what reason?

The guilt we carry
Can be forgiven.
Step into the light
Brust forth all
that is hidden.
For what is life
without a little strife?
Stop tormenting yourselves with unpleasant thoughts, pray for our God is great and wants to release us from such agony.
Dec 2017 · 362
Slumbering beauty
Deep Ponderer Dec 2017
I'm desparate for that girl,
She's slumbering I know
For my heart had turn cold.
She's a girl who sees
Through crystal clear eyes,
She discerns the black from the white
Even what's in between
the intersecting line.
She serves because she's loved
She doesn't please others
to quench her thirst.
I'm trying to wake her up
I need that girl in me.
The beauty I seek
That radiates love
with ever heartbeat.
Inner beauty is the best kind of beautiful. But for most of us it's in a dormant state.
Dec 2017 · 333
Deep Ponderer Dec 2017
My Knight in shining armour
is coming soon
To sweep me off my feet,
To cleanse me of all my iniquities,
He claimed and honoured me,
with the title
"Daughter of the King"
His name,
"Above all names"
*King of Kings
And Lord of Lords.
Psalms 18:1
God is bedrock under my feet, the castle in which I live, my rescuing knight.
Nov 2017 · 476
Hate explodes rage
Deep Ponderer Nov 2017
Don't let hate consume your peace,
Lest it occupies every space
Your heart can no longer contain,
Protruding like a pigeon's rib cage.
Till one day it lits a grenade,
And explodes an uncontrollable rage.
Nov 2017 · 1.1k
Child within
Deep Ponderer Nov 2017
I asked someone
In a serene manner,
"Why so serious?"
I received a full throated reply,
"Should I act like a child then,
The way you do!?"

I gave a poise reply
With a gentle smile,
*"I certainly do not act like a child,
But the child within
Teaches me to live,
Not to simply survive."
Embrace your inner child:)
Stay blessed.
Nov 2017 · 265
Deep Ponderer Nov 2017
Right your wrongs
Don't use them as excuses
For others to pity you.
Most of the time we find ourselves searching for someone to say "I understood why you did what you did" but we refuse to rectify the situation
Nov 2017 · 321
Unveiling reality
Deep Ponderer Nov 2017
We shadow our eyes with a veil
So we can write our own tale.
But when we catch
a glimpse of reality,
We see only the storm
hindering the sun
And the rainbow of life,
just a fantasy!
Most of the time we fail to embrace reality and we see it as a tragedy. But not all realities have sad endings.
Nov 2017 · 286
fear's marionettes.
Deep Ponderer Nov 2017
We are like marionettes.
Our fears: our marionettists.
Control bars direct our actions,
the strings limit our abilities.
We preform for an applause,
But not for a visionary cause.
Don't let fear undermine your ability
Nov 2017 · 184
The Promise
Deep Ponderer Nov 2017
A promise is meant to be broken,
Kept only for a mellifluous moment,
A whisper so melodious to the ear
But never an indelible action.
Only one is deep rooted,
Conquered with love
A sacrificial affection.
To die and to rise
Was the only solution
For a home in Heaven,
A promise
never to be broken.
1John 2:25
This is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life.
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