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Gaffer Jun 2019
God it was sad
The guy next door just shot the howling dog
Now it howls no more
Dog lovers cried in vain
They came from far and wide
To pay homage
To the howling dog
That howls no more
The guy next door
Realised to late
The howling dog
Became his fate.
Gaffer May 2019
The grave was freshly dug

Just awaiting the arrival of the body

Four Ghosts stood silent in wait

They had waited a long time

The waiting was over

The gravestone would remain nameless

There would be no mourners

No prayers goodbye

The body was checked for the final time

A customerly nod would start proceedings

The coffin was placed into the hole

The gravediggers quickly shovelled the earth back into place.

No words were spoken

Satisfied, they left

Four Ghosts stood silent in wait

They had waited a long time.

The waiting was over

Four Ghosts



You are a Wonder, a Miracle, Someone very Special indeed in all ways.
You are an Island that has tasted the Rain and knows it is Good.
You are a beautiful Creation , because only Beautiful has God created.
For His Love reigns in you now and always, God bless you too.
I just want you to know just how special that you truly are in every way.
Because Christ knew you all before He even created you in your mom womb.
He knows everything from the beginning in the wombs to our last breath.
You are truly beautiful to Him in all of your deep Love for him and the Father.
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