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I leave my heart in cities
I've never been to.
In states
I've never seen.
And I wonder why I'm lonely
when I'm the only one who leaves.
There's a heartbeat
somewhere in me.
Though it chooses
not to love.
I do care,
but for a second,
so please don't press your luck.
Indestructibly hopeless.
I won't hide it,
I'm a mess.
I'm addicted to
this chaos,
and you don't want to know the rest.
they'll never be us darling
we're as good as it gets
I've been sitting here waiting
alone while you slept

It's your silence that calms me
like a wind in my face.
In the letters you write me
I read only the space

you don't mean it
I never will
I only promise to leave.
To you:
all my love,
take your heart off your sleeve
I've destroyed far too much
to give anyone the chance.
I've let the darkness on the surface
with my demons I will dance.

Don't let me in. It's for the best.
You will, too, soon come to know
that I'll take and rip your heart out
You'll be begging me to go.

So now that I have warned you,
it's easier for me to stay.
As hopeless as I want to be
my feelings always get in the way.

And so I'll make a place to live
inside your thoughts, I will reside.
But I'll move on without you
leaving only love behind.
we know how to love
we just don't want to
- relax
It's 2017.
We're all capable of feeling
just scared to feel the same thing.
Love is for the weak.
Sins are for the blind.
Tinder matches, face to face
"I'm just here for a good time"
I can read through all your posts
secretly we're lonely
You favorited my tweet
so I guess that means you want me
We've seen it all
it's nothing new
So please hide all your demons
Choose your insta caption wisely
love is not in season

— The End —