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Sep 2020 · 185
Leave but don’t
Andre Flint Sep 2020
I need to get away,
I can’t handle these feelings anymore
Two people with so much love
And nowhere nearly enough to give
I want you and you
But I hate you and you
And at the same time I need you and you
Run with me
No! Stay ******
Don’t follow me
But please don’t let me be alone
will be alright I know
In my mind
In my heart
Sep 2020 · 112
Life sucks
Andre Flint Sep 2020
Do I want to cry?
Do I want to laugh?

Should I enjoy life or let it pass
I feel so good but equally so awful

Stop killing people
Stop bringing pain

Death is the only source of peace
Can’t find it in the human life

I’ve felt pain
I’ve felt joy

But when is the happy ending?
Where does the hurt stop?

I like to think it will all work out
But that ***** not gonna happen
Sep 2019 · 219
Dead Flowers
Andre Flint Sep 2019
when I bought you those flowers I knew they were already dead
so beautiful but I knew they were damaged
I'll just give my best effort I know I can do it in my head
come to find out the death of plants can be baggage

"water and give them sunlight they'll be fine" I say
"something tells me it's not enough"' you reply
there's no way, it'll be healthy someday
I'm still taking care of these flowers watching them die

they're almost  gone now, fighting for air
I knew they would go but I didn't know when
I'm heartbroken but I know you don't care
but I know the day will come where I buy you flowers again

— The End —