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Fey Torres Apr 2015
The life inside of me lingers out of her body searching for you  
She's only breathing not living
She's holding on with every bit of faith, with every bit of strength
She promised you she will wait
As long as it takes
Without you, her soul will not be the same
Together our souls will suffer and together our souls will conquer
And if in this life things don't go as planned in another we will meet again
I miss my Soul Mate ❤
Fey Torres Mar 2015
I might have took the wrong way
There were no signs on display
This path didn't look any different than the other
So how could I have taken the wrong path way ?
You were there in the intersection
You were going to guide me through,
Somehow I lost you and I now there's no path to choose
I have to keep walking as the path closes behind me
Where am I going ?
When will I be able to choose my way? I can only see an eternity
I can only feel me
I can only hear my heart pounding
Fey Torres Mar 2015
My head Is heavy
My brain is aching
I'm cracking
Surely slow and steady
I'm in Process of destruction
in so much need of construction
With every crack moving wider
I'm loosing peace going suicidal
Fey Torres Dec 2014
He wrapped his arm around my back...a little lower than usual
My chills already met my neck, and oh god I hope this isn't crucial
I think I want to let it happen
I won't let it be a habit
My heart racing fast beat upon beat
My knees fall weak when our breaths meet,
His big brown eyes staring straight into mine
I'm letting his hands slide..
Only to see, what so interesting?
He whispered to me "Are you ready?"
Like the rush of my blood running through my veins
The girl in my head told me I was insane..
I let him in, I did it anyway.

And I loved every single part of it.
  Dec 2014 Fey Torres
Grind it
Pour it
Twist it
Lick it
Light it
Inhale it
Swallow it
Exhale it
Share it
Feel it
Finish it
Adore it
Fey Torres Dec 2014
It burned as it went down my throat,
It was warm when It settled in
It was a rush when it finally hit me
But by that time you were in glory
Vulnerable to anything
This is not me
My blood flushes through my body faster than ment to be  
losing control, enjoying this lust
Maybe who I was isn't really who im supposed to be
I want this to be me
Oscar was here
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