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My love for you is lke a pearl inside a shell.
Safe.  shiny and pure.

Shell ✨🐚
I don't know what's worse anymore

Missing someone you once had

Or missing someone who was never even yours.
 Jan 2020 Mia
 Jan 2020 Mia
when i run
and i purge it all out
i can almost see the embers in my throat
cinder and ash exhaled
leaving my heaving lungs

wrath and envy
familar feelings so sickly
set alight
blazing on the inside of my skin


but i dont cry
my tears and fears evaporate
the furance in my chest cavity
burning so brightly
takes and takes til there is nothing left
nothing to cry out
or to say

it burns until i am empty
except for the memory of ash
there is no way to extinugish it
so i sit
and i let myself
burn away
i let myself get too caught up in my dreams and fantasies

i should stop dreaming
 Jan 2020 Mia
Carel Prinsloo
 Jan 2020 Mia
Carel Prinsloo
surfing gravity waves,
all the way
to the edge of Time..

crossing the oceans of the Universe
in my mind
 Mar 2015 Mia
The Grey Lady.
 Mar 2015 Mia
He watched her walking through the night
Into the darkness of life
To the ever changing days
She glanced with the words trailing
You can’t see me
In the night all cats are grey
It’s always been that way
Did you see the sign
Walking towards
Like death walking towards that point
But going no further
Not when the gravestones scream
For the mourned
They watch in the night
For that glimpse
As the rising mist
Touch her aura
In a strange way
We rejoice
Watching her walking through the night
You can’t see me
In the night all cats are grey.
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