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Carel Prinsloo May 2021
somedays I look up, up into the mysterious sky
searching for aliens, shooting stars flying by

somedays I look up, up until the break of dawn
over the horizon, a light so very bright

makes me look down, down to the very ground
I see my shadow, my very living shadow

a reflection of the Sun
I truly am
Carel Prinsloo Jan 2020
surfing gravity waves,
all the way
to the edge of Time..

crossing the oceans of the Universe
in my mind
Carel Prinsloo Jan 2020
we are but little ants
walking between the GIANTS.
some of their footsteps are careful
most of them are not

if only the GIANTS
were not little ants
Carel Prinsloo Dec 2019
my mortality
is what makes this
moment in Time
Carel Prinsloo Nov 2019
a beautiful woman
is something
that no man can ever be
Carel Prinsloo Jun 2019
shoo shoo! Little Tiger
you make me feel
Too Alive..
Carel Prinsloo May 2019
History teaches you everyting
you need to know.
About today, tomorrow,
and the future..
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