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Ethan S Dec 2020
Everyone’s scared
Scared of love
Scared of life

Nothing is fair
Fair is a lie
Fair ain’t life

I can see all the lost boys
I can see all the children
I feel the spray of a hot spring
I sing a song about family
I can feel the spark of life
And it’s fading away

Nobody cares
Cause nobody’s there
Watching over
Only mocking me
It’s torture

I can see all the lost boys
I can’t save all these children
I feel the spray of a hot spring
I sing a song about tragedy
I felt the spark of life
And it’s fading away
Ethan S Jan 2020
Teasing danger
Playing god with snow globes
I’ll shake up your world
But I’ll never let go

In-between flag poles
Stubbornly un-sovereign
From the nation whose working class chose
To vote for an elitist dictatorship unopposed

Scraping by stitching smiles on lampposts
Plastering hope on a news feed
Raising our lighters to false hopes
To again see in the press our democratic right the **** of the joke

Keep in your lane
Stay in your estates
Someone else is always to blame
For the last 10 years of mistakes

Governed by Snakes in suits
Bowing to rats in boots
Saluted by prats in robes
Voted in by tw*ts who chose
That they’re who knows what’s best for normal humans.
Ethan S Nov 2019
Gran runs to break the ballots
Those old weathered hands
Are the answer to why
Youth never had a chance
Lined up in a row, walking stick in tow
The tide of lies that they believed
Turned a vote to a stampede

With age comes weary wisdom
With age comes deathly fear  
You’re cold, scared and vulnerable
Your once distant future is now here
Your time has been and gone
Don’t hold the next generations back
With outdated bigotry and hatred
You’re white blood cells on the attack

I’ve lost track of all the times you spit the seeds out in the grass
I wonder if in time
The seed will birth a tree to feed the classists
Leaves will blossom, weeds will rot them
Fire will burn the bark to ashes
The smoke makes me sick, there’s no wood left to build my kaleidoscopic casket
So I can bury all my points of view
I can’t be ambivalent near fascists
Ethan S Apr 2019
We’re Generation lied to
Absorbing fake news
We don’t trust a soul
So rare is the truth

We’re Generation pollution
Pretending we don’t care
No one will be laughing
When we’re gasping for clean air

We’re Generation priced out
Forever burdened by debt
They don’t care you’re hungry and freezing
The taxman has come to collect

We’re Generation depressed
My mood swings like a rope dangled from a tree
I keep picturing a silhouette sway lifeless from a noose on the end
I can’t help but imagine it’s me

We’re Generation false hope
Promised it all
How highly you built us
How fast did we fall?
Ethan S Mar 2019
We’re heartless but emotional
We’re lonely but sociable
We’re threatening but approachable
We’re different but the same

We’re happy but sad
We’re chilled out but mad
We’re gutted but were glad
We were born insane

We’re sure as hell but indecisive
We’re together strong but so divisive
We’re selfish but we'll sacrifice this
We’ve got nothing here to gain

We’re ****** and *******
Through arteries and veins
We look clean but we're stained
We’re pleasure and were pain

We’re the worst then the best
We’re the cursed and the blessed
We’re ignorant but obsessed
That we’re no different from the rest

We’re the strong and the weak
Half awake, half asleep
We’re the bright and the dull
Half empty, half full

We’re the old and the young
Emerging from shadows to feel the burn of the sun
Put down the knives, put down the guns

Stop waging wars forged by fake words, fake politics, fake divinity
Make peace, make love, make life
My unholy trinity
Ethan S Jul 2018
Finding an audience beneath the gods and stars
The night sky is always listening
Not even Jupiter or Mars
Can stop a sunless heart from glistening

I seek my solace above even air
So far up gravity can’t drag me down
I’ve learnt that nobody cares
Down here on the ground

Always staying radiant
Yet like Erebus bound to shade
Until morning light comes
Apollo curses stars to fade

I’ll always be here waiting
At the end of every day
Stood absurdly patient
Itching to have my say

Like a drug the taste of moonlight
Let’s me release and ease my mind
Ease your own and simply realise
We’re but a spec just born to die

Infinitely small in a universe infinitely big
Look up and feel yourself shrink
Feel the sky expand above you
It gets scary the more you think

I find beauty in the wonder
Sadness all the same
Parallel to awe in hearing thunder
Forlorn boredom at following rain

Pushing a boulder up an endless mountain
The struggle itself enough to fill a man’s heart
Swallowed and spat out like water in a fountain
Every time I get close I’m thrown back to the start

Bereft of belief there’s an eternity to sink into with conscience clean
I almost hope there’s no light at the end of the cave
Omnipresent white bearded psychopath always judging me
Maybe heaven is just a tale softening transition from ground to grave

But when we kick the bucket into endless fall back
Who says that the other side has to black?
Maybe they’ll show you dimensional paths
You landed on your feet and escaped gods wrath

I see my gods every night
Ruling sky’s I’m graced by the divinity
Still shining blindingly bright
Forever I’ll observe this affinity

It may seem odd and obscene
You’ll think I’m crazy if you see
I’ll still painstakingly preserve this routine
Because the stars are all that’s looking out for me
Ethan S Feb 2018
Stars and slingshots
Hot rocks flying through the sky
Matter blinking at me non-stop
Doesn’t matter were alive

Expanding blackness or bliss
Darkness that I can’t resist
Black holes and myths
Shards of lights and comets

Surviving on the one round stone I’m capable of breathing
Stumbling around with no money desperate for a meaning
Corrupt with greed and corporate crime
Dead presidents more powerful than the one that’s still alive

Money is divine
The bank is god
Stealing is a crime
When the rich are getting robbed

It’s complex but it’s primal
A thirst to have the most
Spit in the faces of your rivals
Stash away and hoarding paper notes

Consumer capitalism is a miracle
Built a world connected
But made us all so cynical
We sit in mansions miserable

It’ll only end when the sun and sky collapses
***** us all in whole
Won’t be a god to grace you
You can’t cash in your worthless souls

By then we’ll probably be somewhere else
Where the wheels keep turning
Crushing the poorer and helping ourselves
On and on until the universe is burning.
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