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Apr 2015 · 10.3k
My Fight
Evelyn Moreno Apr 2015
I fight against this pain
I fight against this anger
I fight against this agony
I’m going against myself

I fight against my nightmare
I fight against this animal
I fight against the world
I’m going against myself

I fight against the truth
I fight against the lies
I fight against reality
I fight against these thoughts

I’m fighting my self
Mar 2015 · 3.9k
The Wonder. The Hurt
Evelyn Moreno Mar 2015
Those hurtful words
Those hurtful hits
Those hurtful falls
Those hurtful lies

To this day I still hurt
To this day I wonder
To this day I question myself
To this very day I hate myself

Where's my strength
Where's my smile
Where's my knowledge
Where am I?

Who am I?
Feb 2015 · 672
Gray Hoodie
Evelyn Moreno Feb 2015
Do you remember when you gave me your hoodie
You'd smile at me playing with the strings
And at times when i felt insecurely
You would kiss me and i would grow my wings
I don't know heaven but if i did
Heaven must be like this when i'm with you
My parents would and always forbid
But then you tell me we will make it through
It's funny how this all started with this
A simple old gray hoodie in the rain
You had my heart at the first glimpse
Knowingly that this love would cause me pain
I took the risk because i wanted you
Wanted you, needed you, and only you

— The End —