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May 2019 · 112
Tick Tock
Ameilia Lewis May 2019
Tick Tock
Seconds go by
The timer will reach zero
But the clock will keep ticking

Tick Tock
Years go by
The clock will stop
But time will go on

Are we the timer or the clock
Or can we be both?
When we’re gone time will go on
But will our legacies as well?
Time is Endless...  Are We?
Apr 2019 · 354
I am of Marble
Ameilia Lewis Apr 2019
I want to say you have made me who I am
But you were not the sculptor
You were the one with the vision
Pushing the sculptor to create something
Without defects, without faults, perfection
But you pushed too hard
Until the statue cracked under pressure
You did not make the statue
It was the sculptor
It was I who made me who I am
Apr 2019 · 3.6k
Not Religious, Not Atheist
Ameilia Lewis Apr 2019
I’m not a religious person
I’m not a Christian
I’m not a Muslim
I’m not a Buddhist
I’m not any of these
Or any other

I don’t believe there isn’t a god
I don’t deny God
I don’t deny Allah
I don’t deny Nirvana
I don’t deny any outside force
I just don’t follow their rules

I want to be my own believer
Disclaimer: This is not meant to make fun of any religion and I respect all beliefs. I only ask that you respect mine.

— The End —