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Cari Alva Jul 4
Your crown
Your power
Your security
Your confidence, when all else fails
But what if your crown starts to disintegrate?
Leaving you vulnerable, open to the mouths
Of dragons and daggers
Leaving you in shambles and distress
Fighting a war against the mirror
And feeling defeat as you surrender to the hairs
Around your feet
To shear? To accept?
With tears in your eyes
And clumps of hair in your hands
You are defeated.
Cari Alva Jun 28
The storm in my heart rolls in like waves
from a mighty ocean.
Deep diving it takes me away to memories unspoken,
Only to be heard by my subconscious, that devilish creature.
The door is slammed shut, the yester years will be forgotten.
The rebirth of the first breath floating on the horizon.
Eyes twinkle like fireflies, hands of an artist,
a smile that mirrors a sunrise.
My heart pounding.
Recounting fairytales of first love arousing.
The yearning of only wanting you keeps you
forever in mind and father time will not be so kind.
The constellations and the stars only know the secrets of my heart.
As I whisper forbidden words into the dark.
The dark is the dream of my devilish subconscious,
Where you will never be forgotten

— The End —