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Apr 2019 · 283
Brother Jimmy Apr 2019
Head is too filled
    And slower to think
Shoulders are hunched
    As we’re nearer the brink
Knees shooting pain
    Start knocking in fear
Toes curl and hammer
    As ending draws near
Mar 2019 · 428
Spring’s Emerging
Brother Jimmy Mar 2019
The creatures emerge
in ones
and twos

Into brightness,
eyes blinking
to fight the glare

Grasses smothered
all winter
regain their hues

And cool wisps
of ozone
enliven the air

As groups congregate
the scene

The joy
of lost burdens
revives the Song

And the finely forged
you glean

Is the motive
for living
and loving this throng
Mar 2019 · 368
Come on out
Brother Jimmy Mar 2019
You stay in
You stay in my mind
I’m lonely
I’m lonely for you
The image
That rises to sight
You’re preening
And ready for flight

You’re locked-in
You’re locked-up inside
You feel like
You’ll never get right
I know you
I know you by sight
You’re running
To just run and hide

I’ve seen you
Seen into your heart
And it is
A heavenly sight
Lay down now
Lay down all your strife
Stop striving
You are purest art
Mar 2019 · 129
A Song of Hope
Brother Jimmy Mar 2019
My dearest one
Put down that gun
You’ll have what you are after
The dopamine
And you’ll be seen
Relaxed and full of laughter

My truest love
Sent from above
Please resist the potion
Steel your nerves
And all the curves
Will freeze; there’ll be no motion

My sugar plum
You’ll be made numb
If you ingest the snake oil
Grit your teeth
And far beneath
Your feet will shift the loose  soil

In your cage
I can’t assuage
Your sadness and your longing
My truest prayer
Will pierce your lair
A new era is dawning
Mar 2019 · 182
Cease Striving
Brother Jimmy Mar 2019
The infinite being
The infinite knowing
The never ceasing
The everlong going
Can not be diminished
Though some will say so
And since “it is finished”
The striving should go
For strive as you may,
It’ll only cause strife
So enter this day
Your free gift of life!
Mar 2019 · 119
Getting back into it
Brother Jimmy Mar 2019
I dried up mentally
No more flow
The ideation ceased
         rising up from down below

Sick in the head so I’m
Trying once again
To put a little something
        down on paper with pen
Brother Jimmy Nov 2018
Gingerly walking on the ceiling
This place is wrong-way-round

And I can't help this feeling
That my logic isn't sound

The older I get, the less I know,
My perceptions,
Aug 2018 · 307
I trip
Brother Jimmy Aug 2018
I trip through each
                                  hair trigger trap

As I
                my weakened will

Crawling from pleasure
                                           to pleasure
                     Unable to set a course
                ...with mere intention

My corrections only
          change my heading
                      by fractions of degrees

~ need intervening  intervention
Jul 2018 · 483
Using Fire
Brother Jimmy Jul 2018
Red orange glow
Flits around the base
As plumes now rise
Toward darkened skies
Skin on knees and
Chest and face
Seems to tighten
And we delight in
Atavistic desire
To master its use
This lovely fire
Of pine and spruce
Jul 2018 · 3.1k
Brother Jimmy Jul 2018
Ten days of silence
Then you whisper a word
A single puzzle piece
Is all that is heard
So cryptic, so soft
And what does it mean
When ciphers are scoffed
And wisdom obscene

Just hold it and wait
You’ll see one fine day
A lightbulb will light
You will see the way
Things fit in place
In crystalline form
The sear of that face
And the dust, and the worm

The art can get wet
And the artist can see
If the hand can forget
That the master is free
When playing the part
Of the folks in his game
With sight for the blind
New strength for the lame
Jun 2018 · 985
Brother Jimmy Jun 2018
You should create
Write something down
Sing something out
Paint something golden

Make a new thing
Take hold of your voice
Or unique way of seeing
Your impulses, bolden

Your ideas are butterflies
That want to be caught
Grab your idea net!
Do what you ought!

Share with the world
Before they fly away
(If you wait too long,
they may fly away)

So what, you think it's already been done?
"Nothing is new under the sun"...
That may (or may not?) be truly true,
But no one has done it EXACTLY like you
May 2018 · 1.3k
To my Muse in Spring
Brother Jimmy May 2018
My sweet lady, I’m off kilter,
Wooed by all your lovely charms,
Here’s some maca for your philter,
Need to have you in my arms

Want your loving legs around me,
Want your loving arms as well,
Have to say your curves astound me,
Got to make your sailor swell,

Want to voyage through your straits,
Lovely portal made of jade,
Let my tongue throw wide the gates,
And let the choicest love be made

Let me sing you lovely music,
Let me try to make you swoon,
Here’s my flesh (O please abuse it!),
While my eyes reflect the moon

Lover laughing lovely there,
Behind your smiling eyes so deep,
In my mental pictures fair,
Close my eyes to try to keep,

Each new moment we’re entwined,
For each one seems to top the last,
Hold me close and expand my mind,
Draw me near, and hold me fast
May 2018 · 492
Brother Jimmy May 2018
Long, long ago
More than a few grandmothers back
The eye of Mr. Strachan
Was drawn to one Miss Jex
Out for an airing
With pipe and tree
Moss and rock
Water of the Awen
Began to flow
And his quill flitted
Across the leaf
As the veery thrush song
Spiraling through the air
Stultified him there
In his personal sanctum
‘Neath pine and locust
And glints in orbs
Foretold the progeny to come
The rabbit-cart-man
That hard-working peasant
Claustrophobia and smoke rings
Whiskey with sweet and smoky notes
Industrial accidents
Morality lessons
Spiced with misinformation
And hearty laughter before and after
And all led toward my creation
Looked up Clan Strachan to read about the Scottish branch of my ancestry, and was inspired to write this.

Strachan is an anglicized derivative with origins in the Scottish Gaelic (or 'Scottis') language. Originally from the Gaelic word "strath" meaning "broad valley", and "Aven" (pronounced /on/) which is a Gaelic word for 'river', and also the name of one of the tributaries of the Dee that runs through the Strachan District (Water of the Aven, or alternatively spelt on other maps "Water of the Awen").

Clachnaben (archaically "Cloch-na'bain"; Scottish Gaelic: "Clach na Beinne") is a 589-metre hill in Glen Dye, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is a distinctive hill visible from many points on Lower Deeside and is topped with a large granite tor.

“Clachnaben” was also the war cry of Clan Strachan.
Apr 2018 · 386
To Last The Winter
Brother Jimmy Apr 2018
To survive this last dreary winter
I hid inside my cell
I fed my eyes and ears false joy
To alleviate the swell

To pass this last lonesome winter
I hid inside my phone
And pushed the earbuds in so far
I never felt alone

To endure this last lonesome winter
I journeyed through my head
And it's almost like I jumped right past
The fear of being dead

To last through long lingering cold
I lit a little flame
And pulled the products of combustion
Up into my brain

To make it through it would've helped
If I had still been young
I had a small square paper door
I placed atop my tongue

To Last and First, now let me say,
Preferring Z's to A's,
I wish I didn't get caught up
Reviewing yesterdays

I long for the Omega
When we shall all be one
And I will catapult past Vega
And melt into the Son

To get through next year's winter
I'll need your guiding hand
Isolation didn't work
As well as I had planned

Though inner space was quite immense
I'll turn to face your gaze
And trip and traipse through forest dells
Where your beloved prays
Apr 2018 · 466
Brother Jimmy Apr 2018
In a minute I’ll start again,
It’s the same as it has always been;
With every human’s desire to change,
This whole world of women and men.

Mere cell death has changed me:
Shedding and shredding and shedding this skin
Looking but longing for old points of view;
Looking without what was once within.

Here, with a passing glance,
Chance has shown a glimpse of the true,
For you aren’t a bit who you were before,
Go forth and rejoice for the updated you!

Have you ever had a pivotal moment,
When suddenly all the world seemed to shift?
And everything that you once thought true,
Just left you lost, out at sea, adrift...

In a minute I’ll start again
It’s the same as it always has been
A world with blinders bustles about
Without the courage to look within.
Mar 2018 · 389
Springtime slurry
Brother Jimmy Mar 2018
My bones are sore
At close of day
With pain in feet
And hair more grey

And now begins the
Springtime slurry
Winter's death,
The sprouting fury...

But it's the autumn
Of my days
And joints now throb
And mind's a haze

Yet Spring awakens
Yearnings which
Have long lain dormant
How the itch

Distracts a stiff
From daily dribblings
Daydreams, donned
With nubile nibblings

And out into
The wood I jaunt
Till pagan ponderings
Hellishly haunt

The corners of
My craggly crown
The parietal plunder
Pulling down

But satyr romps
Among tree bases
With myriad pictures
Of countless faces

Create a stiffness
'Mid sickened stones
Not of ***** but
Of the bones

At close of day
A man lay hoping
For another day's
Eyes to open

O new day come
It's not too late
Inner wellspring
Mar 2018 · 216
The Start
Brother Jimmy Mar 2018
Today is the start
The time to begin
So put on your climbing shoes
Start digging-in

The sun will be rising
In an hour or so
And we should get going
So, hurry!  Let’s go!

How bad could it be?
You’ve done this before
So rinse off your dishes
And head out the door

And by this day’s end
I promise you’ll be
Higher up on that path
Toward getting free
Mar 2018 · 311
The Fire
Brother Jimmy Mar 2018
Come back to me
     From that vague memory
Those hazy retreats
     With singing and sweets

The word in my hand
     From memory, bland

I can't imbibe so much as a word

Oh pleasantry
     Come back to me
Plunge me deep beneath the river
Fond behemoth, make me shiver!

Hold me down... Hold me under
     Hark! The curtain torn asunder!

But the darkness is spread
     I lie in my bed

I can't imbibe so much as a word

I've children who yearn
     To learn and to learn
But what have I here?
     Doubt and great fear

What will this burning fire do?
     Should I try to paint it true?
Will it burn them, burn them up?
     If they choose to drink this cup?
Mar 2018 · 174
The Curiosity Chest
Brother Jimmy Mar 2018
These giant bones-
Where are they from?
How came they here to my English home?

To Uncle Chuck’s
Curiosity chest - the strangest treasures
In all the West

Grandmothers’ faiths
Don’t correspond.   A fresh new narration
Is sent from beyond

And small variations
Throughout the years, demand supplications;
Precipitate fears

Perhaps he’ll unlock it,
His eyes how they shine...when showing the locket,
The poisonous spine,

The shrunken head,
And the mummy’s finger, fill us with dread
The memories linger

The showman will bow,
As he locks them away, but seared in our brains,
These images stay
Mar 2018 · 626
Brother Jimmy Mar 2018
The head, bowed
The ******* silence
Those fingers clenched
To stave off violence
The face obscured
By cloak and hood
The hunger pangs
The lack of food
The knowing gaze
That pierces through
To very soul
The target true
The sound erupts
With sudden horror
The echoes bounce
Off walls and floor
And as you cross
To yonder shore
Wending your way
With scythe as oar

The mist grows thick
The view is strange
Your focus narrows
Your thoughts derange

And now you know,
With ransom pawned,
Your debts erased,
What lies beyond.
Brother Jimmy Mar 2018
This place, it seems, is closing in, like the trash compactor in Star Wars,
And ev’ry person in this place is trudging through; morale has died,
Each face is long, each jaw is clenched, and each heart dreads its daily chores,
For corporate greed has beaten down and stomped upon each person’s pride
Mar 2018 · 88
Brother Jimmy Mar 2018
Schmucklebones thinks quite highly of himself.
No way could he be in the wrong…
Sitting pretty, ‘midst the witty wordings on his shelf.
Who is this clod?  Could he have writ this song?
Schmucklebones sometimes puts ‘good sense’ up on a shelf
He is only human, so he says
Schmucklebones shan’t impose discernment past himself
But he’ll judge you in his head nevertheless
He used to think himself quite clever
Never not straightforward nor unclear
But as he is now learning there’s a yearning from the throng
It gets worse and worser ev’ry year.

The yearning is for him to clarify—or else shut up
His sayings tend to ramble on and on
His poetry is schmucky and there’s lots he wants to say
But...he is neither Roethke nor John Donne
Schmucklebones, that sad, ‘***** Loman’ of a guy,
Wants every body’s praise and adoration
Schmucklebones, it seems is someone no one wants to spy
Nor does a one desire his oration...
Schmucklebones deciding almost daily to block out
All the things that will not set him free
Schmucklebones does his best…so...
...”never send to know
for whom the [******] bell tolls;
It tolls for he....
Mar 2018 · 159
Brother Jimmy Mar 2018
Perhaps we are

The seed of something;

My ghost, the orchid

I’ll become,

And every bloom

We see unfurling,

Shall beautify

Th’ eternal home!
Feb 2018 · 284
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018
Open your eyes
Stop the noise
Feet on the floor
Jiggle the boys
Make the coffee
Let out the dog
Get to the office
Sort through the slog
Check the balance
File your forms
Get through the BS
Normative norms

Daily you’ll question
In the back of your mind
Why you feel this way
Most of the time
Maybe it’s your fault?
Are you to blame?
Guilt is a sharp tool
(More of the same)
Let it surround you
Give in to this
Current sit’ch’ation
Right where it is
Be in the moment
It’s better than some
And with atonement
Contentment will come
Remember amigo,
You will never tell
The story of days
Of everything’s swell
You’ll have a good story
When crisis has passed
And all of the drama
You’ll note till your last
With a smile and a twinkle
In an eye clouded up
You’ll fondly remember
How you drank from that cup
And still made it through
To your now wizened state
And maybe someone
Will be thrilled you relate
Feb 2018 · 143
The Slant
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018
Warbling whistling crooning chirping chanted serenade

Harmonizing humming hymns

Yodeling in the shade

Gasping groaning grieving murmuring moaning crying pant

Undulating swelling swirling

See the sickening slant
Feb 2018 · 137
Numb this Pain
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018
It is dark
There is light
I’m earth-bound
I take flight

Feels so cold
There’s a spark
Things get hot
In the dark

All I’ve lost
Altered mind
Sober, sad,
Still I’ll find

In the mirror
Empty eyes
Full of sorrow
Lows and highs

Here abandoned
Hope in Grace
Still I’m standing
In this place

No resistance
Here I’ll give
Let me die
Or let me live
Feb 2018 · 484
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018
And while we are in
Conversation here
So many humans
Have expired, I fear...
Each moment brings
New life and new death
Final words spoken
And baby’s first breath
Life’s currents unbearable
Meand’ring through confluence
The sublime and the terrible
Don’t know their own consequence
The rush and the curve
Create oxbow crescents
The vim and‪ the verve
Ensure each one’s presence
And all we can do
Is react and observe
(Our own bent deeds too)
And endeavor to serve
Either the self
That glutton of grease
Or somebody else
And attain inner peace

Or at least a brief break
From worry and strife
Hold on to the harness, take
Joy in this life!
Feb 2018 · 438
Church Trip
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018


Signs, signs,

Signs and wonders

Look at the truths

Look at the blunders

Lift up your head

Look at the light

Notice the angles

Beaming so bright

The textured ceiling

Whorls and waves

Parishioners kneeling

Warping the staves

Choral reflections

Bounce off the walls

Such genuflections

With genuine *****

Lysergic clergyman

Sturgeon and stews

Blue hairs with hats

And how-do-you-dos

Echoes of people

You’ve known in your past

All are connected

And all will contrast

Pick down the mountain

A way sure and true

Past frozen fountain

Through deep midnight blue

Brother Jimmy Feb 2018

Up from below,
Small chutes ****** forth,

A welcome sign
Of springtime promise,

Such relief,
Sign posts up north,

No bigger than
This page’s commas,


Grace is ALL;
The ragged ***

Can turn toward
The warmth and light,

And bathe within
The friendly hum,

When he understands
He was made just right


Up from below,
Small chutes ****** forth,

A welcome sign
Of springtime promise,

Such relief,
Sign posts up north,

No bigger than
This page’s commas,

Feb 2018 · 240
Where They Come From
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018
Human Chimneys

Through which pour

All the art and all the gore

Make up the roof of this place

The mystic bog of music and mace

Spice magma made of eurekas & filaments

Lightbulbs like butterflies the primary elements

The pressures from moments build up a good head

And up flies the lava through the living and dead…

By pure chance some catch it, latch-on to a wee bit

Of phoenix-hatchlings, which then briefly will sit

Upon chimney-headed free paupers of soul

So when one’s lips touched to that coal

Seraphim tongs, red-orange glow

From out of this mouth

New paintings

Did flow
Feb 2018 · 172
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018
I fell for a time,    ...and damaged my mind

Forgetting, for a spell
                               What makes us feel well

Having forgotten,
                           It makes me feel rotten

When body runs down,
                            Then I don a frown.

Remembered  today
                     What makes it go ‘way:

You’ve just got to move;
                       To get in the groove.

For body and mind
                  Aren’t separate, I find.

If one or the other’s neglected, my brothers,

Then suffers each one
                          For since they begun

Inextricably chained,
                   These two remained

If psyche is blue,
          Then body is too,

And if you repair,
           The body, mon frere,

It turns out that you
     Can fix the mind too!
Jan 2018 · 660
The Inevitable End
Brother Jimmy Jan 2018
And so, after years of tax and toil
I return my body to the earth
My shell to nourish the darkened soil
I’ve loved and lived upon since birth
I believe I am both matter and spirit
Not just dust returning to dust
There’s a deep music that, when you hear it
Awakens you to th’ eternal ******
Like husk of seed, is decomposed
To let the plant unfurl, renewed
Like seed to plant is juxtaposed
My ghost, from flesh becomes unglued
Jan 2018 · 318
Coming down
Brother Jimmy Jan 2018
There was a man spent decades off to sea

Adrift in whorls and waves of augur flights

Something in his existence bid him flee

To avoid long and lonely fear-fraught nights

But now he is sharp’ning his iron will

And keeping his feet aground, firmly planted

He’s leaning on his gods with a secret thrill

For he’s learned to love all things enchanted

Awakenings cut through thickest fog

Like light beams pierce through darkest night

  Illumining all of Gog and Magog,

  Winning them back at the end of the fight

He chose to believe and claimed the change

That sprouted within his weary chest

  Went forth not knowing domain or range

  And put-off longer his final rest

A fond acquaintance said, “One suspects

No one really believes in God at their core...

  Else if they believed in the fiery effects,

  They’d be monsters not to proselytize more!”

So deep did it cut him, to hear this said,

That he cried as he held his acquaintance’s face,

And spoke, “Yes, and it’s I that should be dead,

If not for the glory and brilliance of grace”
Jan 2018 · 342
Passing through
Brother Jimmy Jan 2018
Avoiding magic,
Elf, and bowl...
Nothing’s tragic
If made whole

Avoidance carries
Heavy loads
The miracle tarries,
Mind implodes

But winged creatures
Want dire things
Say earnest preachers
Who pull off wings

Perhaps the church
Should be avoided
And left in a lurch
As Christ destroyed it

When he read
From the scroll
Turns of head
All eyes did roll

The spirit is upon me
I’ve been anointed
To set captives free
I’ve been appointed

And as he put the scroll away
He uttered aloud, almost in song:
“These words are fulfilled in me today”,
Infuriating the offended throng

Leaving chins
Upon the floor
Churchy grins
Appear no more

They move as one
To chase him off;
To Him, what fun,
The shout and scoff

He looked not proud
On the brow of the hill
Passed through crowd
All felt a chill

For this, perhaps
Is how He loved
The cards collapsed
And all were moved
Jan 2018 · 194
in dreams...
Brother Jimmy Jan 2018
I dreamed I saw your grandmother’s ghost

She was smiling at me, and looked vital

When the dream took a turn,

I woke up with a start,

And longed to see



But you did not appear,

I only tossed and turned,

Struggling to quiet myself,

And get into the right state;

                      The correct position

    And the proper breathing

                   For seeing ghosts


I miss you.


I pray you are romping
In Elysian Fields

Further up and further in
I will see you anon
Jan 2018 · 332
The Epiphany
Brother Jimmy Jan 2018
I was in the middle
Fiddling with my head
Dreading every step
Trepidation fear and dread

All at once it hit me
We’re all inside this flow
Knowing you, I should’ve seen
Gleaned the twist, but no

I was blind again
When I looked within
Sin and death were lurking there
Where then should I begin?

All at once you revealed
Sealed secrets of the past
Lasting truths I’d forgotten
Penning me in at last
Dec 2017 · 253
The Glutton’s Despair
Brother Jimmy Dec 2017
I stuff myself,
I still feel hollow.

I still need to be filled.
The endless pit...

Is the despair
In my stomach.

The hollow feeling
In my soul

I ache
To be satisfied

I ache
To be done
Nov 2017 · 166
The Ol’ Nick
Brother Jimmy Nov 2017
I went down to “Eros”, sore,
And found that the Devil lived.

Every hour will emit time,
With the wolf flow and the ****-gals,

All decaf faced and sad,
Smug gums grinned and snarled,

Re-reviled deliverer,
You always stressed desserts,
Nov 2017 · 188
Brother Jimmy Nov 2017
Jesus was a Liberal,
He partied with the rabble,
He’d a brazen disregard for the law,
So said the Pharisees...
They thought him full of heresies;
He was stuck firmly in their craw…
They thought him radical and tragic
But didn't know the DEEPER magic,
"Let's trap this friggin' upstart", said they
His father, a staunch conservative,
Set down some rules, preservative
Of people that he chose back in the day.
*Then there’s the Holy Spirit, or "Hoppy" as he likes to be called,
He’s harder to pin-down politically… and he has no time for tarrying,
On social issues, he's had no comment, or none has yet been scrawled,
But rumor has it he's backing the Libertarian
Oct 2017 · 184
Sunrise through the wood
Brother Jimmy Oct 2017

Shine down on me

Warm breeze

Shake-up this tree

Sweet scents

Float on the breeze

Fill me

Make weak my knees


Roll over us


Green clover thus

Dew drops

Still cling to leaf

Fills me

With brief relief


Of reds and golds

Here’s where

My being unfolds


The maple tree


My heart to thee

Oh how

The speckled fawn

Brings joy

Unto the dawn

Eyes drink

This glory in,

Bright hues

From earthen spin
Oct 2017 · 224
I miss you
Brother Jimmy Oct 2017
Xanax is the devil
When mixed with too much drink
And so is escitalopram
That is what I think

    These things conspire to change your vibe
    And now it seems if you imbibe
    The smallest teensy tiny touch
    Of *****, it’s ...still a bit too much...

Seems my Dear has disappeared,
And swaying in her place
Another person, as I feared,
Without the charm; without the grace,

    I cannot stand my latest role:
    Authoritative scolding troll
    And I, not knowing what to do
    Retreat into a deep dark blue
Oct 2017 · 350
First Performance
Brother Jimmy Oct 2017
Today I’ll pack my woes away
And head toward the sun
And whisper to the surging fray
That I have now begun

So sit back as I start
Performing my release,
My new and novel fledgling art,
And hone my masterpiece
Oct 2017 · 364
Busker’s Hat
Brother Jimmy Oct 2017
It’s just amazing that
    A simple hat
Can transform me so

I put that pork-pie on
    And the spark’s begun
So let’s start the show


Looking for subtle phrases
    And all my graces
They seem to shine

Just wearing heart-on-sleeve
    And I still believe
That the words aren’t mine

          Where’d they
Come from?
                         Not me!
              I’m dumb.


I play here every night
    If I’m feeling right
So please come on by

My smooth responsive band
    Makes it all seem planned
When they’re primed and high


But if you listen close
    You can hear the prose
Is a bit too loose

Mark plays his tight guitar
    An unheard-of star
In his wing tipped shoes



          Who needs
   An audience?
                       They’d be
           Applauding us.

    And I’m just fine to be here in this place
    Where the rain can’t touch our chilly faces

And we can bless or we can sort of derange
We can play Roc-city for pocket change

    It’s just so weird and funny that
    I can be transformed by this magical hat

And I wouldn’t change a single note
As it’s ushered forth from my scratchy throat
Sep 2017 · 337
Brother Jimmy Sep 2017

"Look at   ME!!"




Cries the disenfranchised,

                                  The downtrodden,

Each bearer of life, really...

They want to be seen

For who they are...

To be appreciated for their "them-ness"

So why not interact?

Look at all the humanity around you.

Those aren't just the extras in the background of your life!

There are MINDS in there!

Fascinating minds,
   Full of interesting things!

So ask.    

           And ask...

And ask...

      And ask again.

Now, ask another question to see what query brings

Coax a little out and discover what sings

Attentively listen to all the details shared

Such magnificence you'll receive, because you dared

Sep 2017 · 559
I Wake
Brother Jimmy Sep 2017
As the morning dawns
Stomachs ache and twist
The orchestra of yawns
Gives way to morning mist
Sep 2017 · 443
Intrusive Pain
Brother Jimmy Sep 2017
Throbbing twinge
To blinding light

Doubling over

Pinioned, you'll hover
For a moment

The trap is set
All it takes is a tiny misstep

Just an inch
And the bone and sinew

Like a snubbed lover

Crippling and crumpling
My very form

To this spot on the pavement
Where I squirm comically

Attempting to right myself

I resolve to keep moving

Grit teeth
Eyes squeezed shut

The elusive sigh of relaxation
Seems like a long forgotten myth
Sep 2017 · 184
The fog on US Rt. 90
Brother Jimmy Sep 2017
The fog is all-pervasive
From here, it shades every vista

I thought it was was perhaps a smudge on my lenses
Or, considering the betrayal from my other faculties,
the beginning of the dimming that comes with age,

But my glasses were clean, and my eyes, but for the floaters, were clear

The edges fade as the settling fog
             reduces my view to impressionism

The streetlights pass at irregular intervals and I hold to my position at the end of the undulating line of red tail lights

When the flow finally becomes laminar, I am relieved,

Feeling like I'm making the jump to light speed as the beacons fly past,
Finally finding their proper rhythm
Brother Jimmy Sep 2017
It begins with a trickle
A small surge of light

And enters the room at the edges

Conversations falter
As they place on the altar

All of their flaws, their hurts, their pledges

Hedging bets, with guilty frets,

The Fire starts to stir

To spark,
     to grow,
     to arc,
          to blur

With tightly closed eyes,
Reaches up toward the skies,

And down around the corner forming,
Curving slightly, glowing, swarming,

Burbling nightly,
Flowing brightly,

A river of fiery lights,

Inverted, on the ceiling,
The intercessors kneeling,

O'er metaphorical fights...

O collective vision
With an unknown meaning

As intuitive as fission
For wizened guide with spiritual leaning
Sep 2017 · 288
Brother Jimmy Sep 2017
Pain in chest
Pounds and with
Each inhale
Stabs of lightening
Like I swallowed a taser

One glance skyward
And then I shift my position

Death might not be all that bad
Just the sharp pains leading up to it
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