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Nabeelah Mar 2020
Beauty is how you feel inside,
it reflects in your eyes.
I never make eye contact
that you'd notice that mines
dull and blank.
Nabeelah Mar 2020
I cried for years
eventually losing
sight, losing purpose
And then you came
The glasses I neer knew
I needed
Suddenly everything had
a meaning
I had a purpose
And I became color blind.
Nabeelah Mar 2020
You hold me,
So gently as if I'm glass.
If only you knew
I'm already broken so I'm...
I'm not sure
which piece you're holding.
Nabeelah Mar 2020
Our love was equivalent
to you dropping me
in a trust fall.
Nabeelah Mar 2020
You opened up like a book
but it was written in code,
And although you
displayed everything,
You were still hard to read.
Nabeelah Mar 2020
Memories of us flood my eyes
but I guess I'm that selfish
For never allowing it to touch
the cheeks that once turned up
at the mention of your name.
Nabeelah Mar 2020
The reflection at birth was exotic.
Over the years
one has become colour blind.
A prisoner...
A prisoner of losing one's self in a monochromatic world.
Nabeelah Mar 2020
You slowly tore down my barriers
and discovered something new all the time.
Constantly getting hurt in the process.
You've finally seen me the way I've
always seen myself.
Sorry that it scared you.

— The End —