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  Sep 2019 Samantha
to him,
she was his escape,
his ever present lighthouse.

as shadows creeped up his vision,
he would go to her
seeking temporary paradise
in an unforgiving world
that would pass judgement
on those that failed
to meet their quota

it calmed him.

to be able
to completely surrender himself
to someone so pleasurably cruel

each whip lash,
each biting scar,
each punishing slap,
each delicious sting from candle wax,
his neck wrapped in a collar
his skin marred by abuse
yet he couldn't help but ask
for more
he would beg
and she would give it to him.

he let himself drift away
until nothing more
than welcomed thoughts of her
invaded his once clustered mind
he would do anything for her.
only for her.

that was his duty
as her loyal pet

to her,
no words needed
                   to be said
he was nothing more
  than an animal
       trained to
             satisfy her
                         in bed.

that's how its always been
with her partners being
lustful creatures
forever seeking an outlet
for their suppressed desires

but she couldn't help
but think that this one
this insignificant little pet
would be the one
to stay by her side

then again,
that's what she thought
about everyone else before him
but she'd gladly wait
and see if
this one was any different

the least she could do
would be to enjoy herself
and savor the moment
of being able to call
this pathetically beautiful beast
as her own.
hmm...not sure how I feel about this one. might rewrite next time, or might not. Who knows~ I might make this into a short story tbh
Challenge from Yan F~

— The End —