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Zersrol Jan 18
Disappointed disorder of contentment
Nobody orders love
Love is not content
Commitment does not disappear
Her perky lips, distracting
Caressed in red
Slim-fit hoods no more

Delicate lips grip smiles
A wistful taunting has no more
Miles beyond mile
Wishful thinking beyond my cornea
Droopy volatile apnea
Filled lips without me
Her heart rides continuously

I smile to sad love songs
Because this love falters on me
Along Abiding Bits
Instead of Elated “Adore Me”(s)
Planning on performing this piece for my poetry club this week. I felt like I needed a different opinion before then. Enjoy
Zersrol Feb 2021
I walk with "ANOTHER",
I walk with a "LOVER",
I walk with "LOVED" ones,
I walk to be "MY" happiest,
I wish I had my four leaf "CLOVER" luck.

"THE" way of life relies on luck
Yet my "CLOVER" was secretly five,
Hit with bad "LUCK",
I found out that I "NEEDED",
Less luck & more "LOVE",
With that said I left "SINCE",
My heart was "NO" longer whole,
I will always love that "ONE",
I guess I "COULD" be the one,
Yet I couldn't "FIND" the one.
So is one's "LOVE" important, or one's pain.

"FRIENDS" can be here,
Or there,
But the ones we "FIGHT",
Tend to stay the most,
Probably as "OFTEN" as they fight,
We can see that,
They feel compassion despite their spite...

"LOVE" is a tragedy brewing,
Yet friends find "LOVE" in anything,
So is all we want is tragedy,
Or the small amount of good times,
We find from "LOVE".
Zersrol Feb 2021
I ask and Take,
Fight and Break.
I Burn and pretend to be a Snake;
To get people who cry to get along.
Who tend to Sneak around.

I always wondered what concept Follows
When a child is faced with something New
What breaks a Fighter
who usually Solos
In everything he ever Knew and witnessed.
Why must he understand the Laughter
Of the crowd.

What makes some Understand,
More than civil words and calm breaths ever would.
Why must I Stand for This.
Its too hard for This child.
But it's the ability to grab another's heart.
With less words, more Actions
More physical touch, and compassion.
Less sad days, more happy Reactions.

May I give the Sad girl a happy Reaction,
And the Sad boy more Compassion.
Jun 2020 · 66
Flowers In a River Bed
Zersrol Jun 2020
I was sitting by the cross
An view of a split, filled with mist
A cross of land's moss
and the body's fist
Of water sprinkling across
There was no one else to witness
Other than the first
Of many who was jealous
Only the one with a cross
See that land had filled the body
Making it feel like Belle
Watching the Beast's life fell
The cupid's flower of choice
Grouped for nobody
And felt for the Crossed man,
A feeling of rice,
in a cooker
Ready to play a game of poker
Guessing the time of the pedals' fall.
He felt nothing but the heaven that were tall.
He picked a rose,
And looked up
He arose
To the view of the girl from the riverbed top
Ending his day with a stop
Never may he let a flower ride the brook
Of another man's crop
Happy, romantic, over the top, original poetic story.
Oct 2019 · 106
Zersrol Oct 2019
Zero zero
One zero one
Never should’ve loved no one.
Zero zero
Ain’t got the trust to.
Zero one
That’s one way to hurt me.
Zero two
I guess you got double the trouble,
because this mindset ain’t right.
That’s a
Zero zero
No love for THE WICKED tonight.
Oct 2019 · 195
Dropping the Truth
Zersrol Oct 2019
Dropping a thought
Heating up a fight
Never should’ve said nothing
Unless you don’t want to waste my time
I respect the truth
But it ain’t needed
Should’ve stopped in your tracks
Before you broke the line
From between our ships
That’s just ain’t right
May 2019 · 194
A Truly Blessed Person
Zersrol May 2019
She was very kind.
She even kindle the light,
To my eyes.
She brought me to my senses.
When I was broken.
When I couldn’t stand up,
She was there,
To help me up.
What could I do without her.

My depression seemed senseless.
My joyful attitude had risen.
And her beautiful eyes,
Really blossom the night.
What could I do,
But ask her tonight.

As I made my attempt,
Her smile was tempting my heart.
With the sudden warmth,
Of a relationship so appreciated.
Since love is so vague,
I appreciate her everyday.

Seeing her cry hurt more,
Than the reasons she did.
Watching her struggle,
Tighten my chains.
Not being able to care,
Really hurt my caring feelings.
I hold to her,
To shine the way for her,
Darkest days.

Oh how much I cared for her.
The way she writes,
Doesn’t need to be define.
I just need to see her smile,
When pen hits the paper.

I always wish her a beautiful day,
In my mind.
For she doesn’t feel pressured,
But when she finally answered.
It was too late...

My hesitation,
From my intimidation.
Really made me late,
To what I really tried,
But it’s pleasant.
She is still doing fine.
All I offered was a presence,
For she wouldn’t be alone.
At least she isn’t alone,
Despite me.....
At least I had guts, I’m back and I hope you guys enjoyed this return poem. I made it long since I had so much time to plan it. I really hope you appreciate this piece. If you’re wondering about the “Obsession with a car” it’s at 1.6k views and Im proud, so proud I submitted it to a contest and made 3rd place. I’m really happy. I hope all the best you all despite your tragedies ❤️
Zersrol Apr 2019
Mama is gone
Mama isn’t coming back
Ever again
Mama can’t be trusted to drive

Mama is gone
And that will never change
She gonna stay gone no matter what
Even if I wanted to change it

Mama is gone
She is never coming back
Yaya still cries
Abuelo just forgets
And I tell them

Mama is gone
She is never coming back
Mama can’t be trusted to drive
She can’t turn back
On the straight road she drives on
She took too many lives before going
So Mama is gone
Abuelo just forgets
And I cry with Yaya
But I know
Mama is gone
She is never coming back
She doesn’t know how to turn
Even if she knew
She couldn’t turn back time
To be with us again

Mama is gone
I will never see her again
Until I am gone too
Mama is gone
And Yaya still cries
As Abuelo forgets
I will remain crying alone
As I know
Mama is gone
And she is never coming back
Even if she could turn
Time will never change for her
Until we meet again
But for now I will stay until
My time comes
For me
To be gone
For now I made a song in the memory of my mother who has passed exactly four years ago ago beginning April 8. Which for me rn is tmr night so yeah I can’t wait for that since I’m going to have family over and remember the good times. I hope you enjoy, this poem isn’t a exact poem but a song but most of my poems are lyrical so I just went with this. GN ❤️
Apr 2019 · 218
I.L.Y (I.Lack.You)
Zersrol Apr 2019
I told a man I was blind
He asked me why
I told him I was blind due to my lack of understanding
So he called me naive
Then I called him my friend
Now he is gone from my life
Not because he left me
Because I didn’t understand what he meant
when he said I was too good to him
So I left him and now he is blind to what I once inclined.
It’s been a while...
Jan 2019 · 455
Pulling Through
Zersrol Jan 2019
Telling a lie
Always wanting to shine
When really I was polished the wrong way
My heart was really on decline

Saying her name
Used to be a praise
Now all it is
Is just a way to go down
And cry
Wishing she was mine again
When really she being gone
Was my pilgrimage to a great revival

Very vital
For my arrival that
I stay mindful
Of my trifles
Due to how I’m always tripping on the cracks
That makes everything black
Activating my brain
And making me rage
Since my temper is on edge
With my neck
That is carrying a lot of the sweat I get
From ******* tryna wreak my moderation
Tryna give me a education
In how to be substandard
And Rendered into something  
Worst than America giving a Cheeto
The leveage to all of our bombs

So now I’m just thinking about what you did wrong
Instead of my flaws
I’m reminding you of what you missed on
Always catching wrong
Missing all shots
Finally hit a home run
But didn’t run
Instead you walked away
And became a snob
Who couldn’t turn a ****
As if it was Brittney telling a song
Without hatred and love

Always switching up to benefit your life
But messing with my redefined mind
Which has no space to give you my time
So I’ma make this short and give you a new comprehension

Don’t look at me
Don’t say you gonna love
Or that you gonna **** me
Because all you really doing is lying to yourself
Because I’m non penetrable
Due to my thick skull
That’s always getting dull from whenever you wanna score
Instead you fumble
Like the dolphins in the playoffs
Now I wish you good luck
Since your sorry *** just loss all your luck
When you left me taking a piece of my
This was suppose to be a rap but I decided to post it on a poetic website but most of my poems are lyrics based so I decided to make it mostly lyrics instead of poetic. I hope you Enjoy❤️
Jan 2019 · 136
My Mental Break Down
Zersrol Jan 2019
I look up
Then towards the ground
As I see the shaking of my hands
Crumbling into dust
My mind going places
They should never go
My heart racing
Like a jet that has to go

Crying and crying
Hoping no one sees
Hoping someone helps
But they could never know
Why you tragically fell
Into your darkness
Where you are broken

Feeling forever forsaken
And never awoken
Feeling more than just pain and suffering
More like thinking out my whole life as a Issue

Others are problems so am I
My brain can’t comprehend everything
That wants to hurt my mind
Maybe I’m naive
Maybe I’m Too Shy
All depends will I ever shine and rise from my little mess

Now I’m laying in the Street Breaking Down
Hoping that truck runs me down
I hope you enjoy❤️
Jan 2019 · 118
My Little Play Of Words
Zersrol Jan 2019
How do I put this into words
Maybe a phrase
Or a story
Maybe a Series to extend my glory
Through pages and pages of memories
And thoughts

I wonder
If a man screams
Is he as weak as a Person who fears Death
Or as strong as Someone who does
I wonder if I’m the only one
Who journeys above the box
We do commonly find ourselves in

I wonder if a Bird Sings for a Melody to please others
Or to sing for it’s own Pleasure
To be for all
Or to be all for one
Is what I wonder most of all

Give to all
Or give all to one’s self
That is what I really wonder
To thy self
I hope you enjoy ❤️
Dec 2018 · 123
Zersrol Dec 2018
When I couldn't walk and I couldn’t speak
I had someone to serve my Needs
I was always Safe and so full too
She Fed me and Defended me
I can remember her long eyelashes that I own
I can remember her brown eyes that I own
I can remember her Straight Black Hair that I own
But I never had the courage that she owned
I would wake up at Noon while she would wake up at the Afternoon
Always so tired she said
I will always Love you I said
As Noon became Midnight
I would Love her for every second and every breath
I can remember her
Checking my bed for the ghouls
And when I call for help
She is there
She is my Protector
She is my Lover
She is the best in the world
My Mother
Only if she can see me now
I would Hug her and Love her
Until she's Sore from my Love
I hope
Up there is
As here
This is a repost of a old poem that I didn’t reveal the name to sooner. I hope you enjoy this poem❤️
Dec 2018 · 122
Give it Some Time
Zersrol Dec 2018
Don’t go for the moment
Be patient
May be better if you wait
Instead hurrying
Without knowing
If it’s safe or not

Give it a moment
Or you may ***** it up
Give it the time
Instead of going right before time

Rather wait
Than mess it up
Or possibly mess yourself up
Patience is key

In actions and emotions
Nothing is a expection
Some things just need time

Wounds will come
Time will heal
Not all but some
Never to be revealed

Hearts will separate
Things you say won’t matter
Give it time
You might like the manner

We all need some patience in life
No matter how we live it
Your life will always need patience
So good will come with it
I hope you enjoy❤️
Zersrol Dec 2018
Recheck yourself
Recheck life it’s self
As hideous as it is
But look past that
Smell the drama
And the scent of depression
In your life
I lied
You just went deeper in the hole
Look into their eyes
Black as coal
Their heart probably have a bit of shine
But is that really enough
The ones who seem perfect
They used to be coal too
Just took them time to
Supposedly age into a perfect gem
But they still have some dark spots
To their perfection
And don’t hestitate
Life is what you make of it
Even if it takes your breath away
I hope you enjoy❤️
Dec 2018 · 240
Oh So Horrid
Zersrol Dec 2018
Or so creepy
I wonder
What’s more creepy
His face
Or how he walks
So rigid
So horrid
It’s as if he is a puppet being controlled With wires

What do I do
He is getting closer
Eyes as red as my blood
Or more
With a head
That looks more dented
Than a crashed car
A smile filled with horrible secrets
That should never be told

Do I run or hide
Do I even have a choice
It’s Too LATE
He already surround me
I hope you enjoy my horrid story ❤️
Dec 2018 · 299
The Masked Winter Girl
Zersrol Dec 2018
Hidden faces in the snow
Bright colors make me blind
To tragic scenes of life
Going through the room
With a bit of Christ in the air

Joyful screams and relaxing teens
Dancing in a room
With each other
All is good
Then all goes slow
It is near the end
So everyone began
To find a pair
For they can fill the room with romatinc flare
Slowly but surely
Romantic but dramatic

I am alone
Who is there
With a hidden look
How I wonder
If I ask
Will she be glad

So I began to shoot my shot
Soon enough my arm was around her
And my other beside her
I wonder if she can hear my heartbeat
She is so close
She can possibly read my thoughts

As I move
She does too
As I spin her
She spins
As I get closer
She lets me

Her face is a hidden image
But she truly did finish my fantasy
With a beautiful kiss

Before I knew it
I was in my bed
Regretting my sudden wake from
My dream
Of a Masked Winter Girl
This is more of a story than a poem, I hope you enjoy ❤️
Nov 2018 · 98
Help my Child
Zersrol Nov 2018
He is sick in the mind
He is terrible and turned
Toward a dark scene
He can not leave

My child is hurt
So he hurts others naturally
He doesn’t try
He just does
But here is the catch
It’s not his fault

He didn’t choose any of this
He just went through ****
That lead to this
He never tried to hurt anyone
But he did
Because he is broken
Because someone hurt him

He watches time go by
As if it’s the show he watches over time
So invested yet not envolved unless asked by the screen itself

He cries when someone dies ofcourse
He turns in bed as he remembers what he saw
He feels what he sees no matter what

The boy is me
The child who needs help
Is the inner me
My child is scared of the world
I am his cover
To shield him from the world
But keep him engage
To help himself
But please help the child from within
I hope you enjoy this long poetic piece, we all have a child we want to protect ❤️ (Out the screen or in our head)
Nov 2018 · 108
The Two Poetic Approaches
Zersrol Nov 2018
Short and Sweet
Bitter and long
Depends on what we believe on
A story
Or a deep meaning
To bring a spice to your thoughts
I wonder if you get my memos
Like Spider-Man on the watch
I hope you enjoy my little piece of literature ❤️
Nov 2018 · 86
It’s 4 am
Zersrol Nov 2018
Why am I writing as if it’s important
Does typing count as writing
Probably not but that’s not important
What is
Is what next word I’m going to type
Will it be deep
Or simple
Or just a little dull like my recent ones
All depends
Am I a deep
Or a controversial writer
And am I a writer if I type through piece of glass.
To share my thoughts to history and publicity.
For a little encouragement to keep me busy.
As I’m going crazy with my school drama
And rambling of random things
That aren’t important for me to remember as years go by
But bothers me more than a Sunday night
Yeah just gave a few thoughts as I start making poems through the night, I’m not even sad, just not tired or maybe I am, who knows. I hope you enjoy ❤️
Nov 2018 · 405
Signing the Papers
Zersrol Nov 2018
Yeah you took the things we loved
Yeah you got it all
But did those things really matter
Without you at all
I hope you feel a emotional touch to this in a way to help ❤️
Zersrol Nov 2018
Take a step
Either too far forward
Or too far back
Well you could stay in place as well
But who likes that
Maybe it’s  calm and relaxing
But you’re not spinning the wheel
It’s death waiting for it to stop
So stop thinking hard about back then
Or later from now
Just keep going and take a proud look
I hope you enjoy this little piece ❤️
Nov 2018 · 147
Thankful for Zoella
Zersrol Nov 2018
I am thankful for a friend.
I wonder if she is happy enough sometimes.
I hear sometimes a little shiver in her laugh.
I see her smile decrease when nothing progress.
I want her to know her pain has caught my eye.
I am not the best person ever
So I decide to help others before their mistakes.
I pretend that I am happy to put a smile on her face.
I feel like she needs a friend to fill the gap in her heart.
I touch her to let her know I’m here.
A little tap to bring her back from gloom.
I am appreciative for her being her.
I understand I should not intrude but
I say she derserves better than me leaving her to rot.
I dream about her being happy instead of me.
I try because I hope my dreams become reality for her I hope.
I can help or she can get help.
I am glad she will forever be part of my heart as time goes by.
This is a poem I made in art for thanksgiving and I made it about my friend who was right next to me bc she is one of the most important people in my life rn so I made it to make her happy. So I hope you enjoy this little poem about my beautiful and wonderful friend Zoella ❤️❤️❤️
Nov 2018 · 169
A Good Match
Zersrol Nov 2018
Flying down
With a strike
Holding down at pleasant
Starting off big
Coming down to Towers
And already hitting the 10 mark

Agrresivily playing
With a scar in one slot
And a pump in the other
Knocking and eliminating
Lastly dominating the fields

From above
Supplies for you to take
And make a mark on the enemy’s face
20 on the mark
Only 5 more to fight

Attacking instead
Of hiding in a hut
To get trapped and clapped

Now it’s 1 to 1
Only one will win
All depends if you’re aim to trap to win
Or swing with all your might
In the barrel of a scar

Victory royal
But sadly you only
Got 24
Because you weren’t good enough for
A 25 **** streak
Someone suggested a poem idea on insta and I decided to take it and made a poem about
Fortnite. I hope you Enjoy ❤️
Nov 2018 · 107
The Broken Cry
Zersrol Nov 2018
Something I don’t want to do
I rather have someone else cry
While I hug them
Telling them everything
Is gonna be alright

Sadly I’m the one crying and no one is hugging me
And telling me those words
I want to tell others
I’m just alone in my little bit of mist
So thick to others
But I can see through my ****
So well
I’ve grown used to it
It’s basically a part of me

It’s there
Even if I turn my back on it
Sadly it’s there more than my friends
Sadly it’s there more than my joy
Sadly it’s my sad friend who won’t leave
Unlike my “good” and “loyal” friends
Who said they be there for me at
My darkest moment
Instead they caused that darkness
By leaving me in dark
To rot and fade out of existence

My tears could just be
The refill to your drink
For you can relax
While I fall deeper in the drain

you gave me joy
You do have the right
To take that away
But you didn’t have to take bits of me
As well...
I listened to some deep music so I decided to make a poem about being broken and crying since I’m a Glob of Gloom who never knows how to bloom from his cacoon. I hope you enjoy❤️
Zersrol Nov 2018
I may cry
But maybe next to whom
Myself and I
Or that someone who catches my eye
Who do I love
Me or the crushing feeling in my heart
Radiating from my chest
Is the sudden release of lust
I can’t stop but express

Halt me but my heart will keep going
Chasing a wind
Without knowing
Where it’s blowing
It may be going down a tragic road
Or a magnificent street
Followed with my lust being complete.

As if, I’m dreaming more than anyone would please
So how about I stop dreaming
And cease my fire of lust
Before it backfired on my trust

Feels like a argument
Between my left
And right brain
One is Lustfull
The other is Intellectual

Fighting each other
To be the one
On top
To persue
There conquest of the conscious

Either ignore or follow my heart
Doesn’t mean one is right or wrong
They are just different routes on the road
We live on
I might tinker with this one soon so I hope you enjoy this verision so far❤️
Nov 2018 · 288
Infectious Outrage
Zersrol Nov 2018
I’m sneezing
But I’m not shooting out snot
Feels like my brain is coming out
As if I had one

I strongly disagree with whoever claims
I’ll become well
Only takes time they say
Because it’s not my cold I’m worried about
It’s my sanity that will blow out
Bits of me in a napkin

Never relaxing until it’s not tragic
Mostly reading to avoid the traffic
Of emotions
Like rage and sadness
Too bad my depression doesn’t come with a description
Because I would of returned it
The minute I got it

To avoid my sudden supression of feelings
That I think bring
Too much of a commotion
To my self conscious.
This is not complete because I’m making it in class but I do still wish you enjoy it so far ❤️
Nov 2018 · 83
The Great Blue
Zersrol Nov 2018
Near the shore
Near the deep
Near the heart of the sea

The tides were high
Raging like a storm
The current went from sky blue
To as dark as noon

Slowly bringing me back
To the beach
To rest my feet
On the wet sand
My steps being marked
Soon a wave washes it out

Never to be seen again
Waves become calm and relieved
Of their rapids
Once again a beautiful sea calm as can be
I’m going near the beach today so that’s why I made this, also I love the water and swimming a lot. I hope you enjoy❤️
Nov 2018 · 132
Emotional Wreck
Zersrol Nov 2018
Crying in my sleep
My mind going deep
The thought of a knife
Scarring my skin
Like a slice in the wind
Releasing the stress
From within

May not be right
Does more bad than good
But at the moment
Seems worth the blood
When really it’s not

Maybe I’m blind
Or too young to read inbetween the lines
But I’m sure that this isn’t worth the time
Instead of glooming
I should be blooming
For another day
Even if it’s bad
Because I’ll replenish after my bath

Thinking deep ain’t bad
But becoming negative only brings more pain than reassurance.
So you could brighten up a bit
Before you scare the kid from within.
I hope it hits a spot in your heart to let you know you ain’t alone. I hope you enjoyed❣️
Nov 2018 · 211
I Don't Know
Zersrol Nov 2018
I'm confused
You could say
I'm in a disarray
Never on track
Always acting wack
I wish I could understand
But sadly
This is out of my hands

Better to be
Than not to be
Wish I could please you
Sadly I don't know how to
Tell you what to do or what to say

I'm no expert coming to your complications
So don't feel like I'm going to help.
You might as well ask the devil for help,
Because I just don't know...
I hope you enjoy...
Nov 2018 · 395
The Mind of a Attention Hog
Zersrol Nov 2018
I’m bored
And I don’t feel adored
Why isn’t he or she giving me hearts
To please my ego
Thought I was retro
Really I’m the amigo who deserves your love from the get go
Maybe I’m high Matience
Maybe I’m evil
But can you really blame me for wanting your love
As if it was food
To please my hunger

I may be no Katness Evergreen
But I do know my way around the arrow
To get the succulent love from your heart
I may be the devil
Wanting attention
But can you really blame me
For wanting your love
As if I was a vampire
******* the red
From your heart
Never to gain color
Because of my cause

I believe it was worth
Too bad now that you’re worthless now
Your heart has no blood for me to **** out

I may be considered heartless and inconsiderate
You’re not wrong
I look for others’ hearts
To fill the gap in my parts
What you think may be right but soon enough you’ll become worthless to my cause
So feel grateful I even considered you
As my supper
A never fulfilled super
I hope you enjoy
Nov 2018 · 152
The Determining Scale
Zersrol Nov 2018
Day becomes night
Night becomes day
I rise
Then fall
My pride is strong
Later I’m self continous
And depressed

I raised my hopes
Instead I’m left with doubts
I can’t resist
The Scales always turn
Right or left
But never twist
So don’t try to twist my life around
Unless you want to make me cry
As you hurt me inside
I made this because my class was learning about mass and weight. I hope you enjoy❤️
Nov 2018 · 128
A swing
Zersrol Nov 2018
Back and forward
Forward and back
I feel the sweet down my back
Always sad on one
Always happy on the other

Only in the middle
When nothing is moving
Back and forward
Forward and back

Emotions swing like a bat
The strings is what keeps me going
Hopefully they never snap
I’m being held by a thread
Only a matter of time
Until I’m dead

Back and forward
Forward and back
Soon enough I’ll go too high
Either in front
Or behind
Depends on which side
I swing far
For the rise

Back and Foward
Forward and back
My emotions are a swing
Always moving
In a pattern
Until I’m done
Good bye my swing of life
I Wish you forwell
I’m out of time...
I hoped you all enjoyed ❤️!!!
Nov 2018 · 81
The Hispanic Journey
Zersrol Nov 2018
We sail
With the caravan
West Indies we go
The line that brought culture
To our homes

The pope commands
Spain’s spread
Across the land

Yellow, Blue and Red
The shield
The stars
And the abstract
And Colombia
The three countries of three colors
Neighbors in the land
Of Spain’s essence

Starting from East
Coming to the West
Claiming the land
When riches were command
Queen Isabella paid
And was soon repaid
With lands for home
For their country
Can expand the most

Voyages came
India was the destination
Confusion and desperation
They was sadly mistaken

Amerigo Vespucci
Was the man
Who confirmed this land
This land was named after him.
America was confirmed
To be the new land
Of a world so big
With high demand

Spain voyaged in the need of trade
Instead they discovered and claimed
Argentina, Bolivia , Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guetamala and Puerto Rico and the Three countries of three colors.
Conquistadors fought and soread across the land.
A search for the riches,
The queen did command

A beautiful language
From Spain’s influence
Romantic, sweet, and dramatic
The culture of so much history
Known around the oceans and the lands
Hispanic Heritage
Never forgotten
For how Grand
This is a rap and poem, I performed this poem on October 24 for my school play. They all enjoyed it but my father ofc, he is a tough cookie but that’s alr. I hope you all enjoy ❤️
Oct 2018 · 373
I have surpassed the drive
Zersrol Oct 2018
Starting slow
Speeding up
Felt unreachable
Just my luck
The car continues off
As I follow with lust

I keep following
Taking detours
Out of trust
Soon enough I hit a hole
But wouldn’t  stop
Due to my stupidity

How naive I was
For believing I could catch up
Instead I should of went faster
Not to the car’s limit
But to surpass her with my pride

She was not all
All to me
Is me
Not her
And her silly games
Of cat and mouse

I have finally surpassed
Forgetting my Obession
Finally at peace
Not begging for her attention

My Obession is done
Now I may continue on
With my pride in mind
Never to fall for someone again
But that would be a lie
Lust will soon rise again
Even if I don’t want it to...
This part two to the Obession with the car, I have finally got over my Obession, now I may feel at peace with my depression no longer haunted by her presence. Sorry for not posting for a while, school has been quite a trouble. For all of you I will post a poem on oct 24 after my performance at my play. I will  narrate and perform my poem for all can appreciate and hear on this date. ❤️
Sep 2018 · 294
Another Bully Another Day
Zersrol Sep 2018
The words that one can say
Can hurt a lot
Even though
The things they say
Shouldn’t have any meaning
At all
But they still hurt like a blade

Not very sharp
But enough to break
A mind
Not very kind
You might not even know why
They hurt you
In so many ways

You could
Tell a adult
As if it will stop
Sometimes it does
Or it may not

You can either stand up
Or Be tough
But you won’t hold up
Because the blows
Are too much

Soon enough you’ll break
As if you was glass
You must not shatter
Because this shall not last
You must move on
Or you won’t last long
You need to be calm  
For you can stay strong  
Don’t let them hold you back
I’m doing a challenge with a friend. She does a Personal poem as I do a concept of life poem. Check out Celest. I hope you enjoy ❤️!!!
Sep 2018 · 794
A Complex Blunt
Zersrol Sep 2018
You said pass me the blunt
But I wasn’t done
You told me to hurry
But instead I scurry

Urging to breath
And to release
But always needing some heat

Pass me the light
I need to feel right
Only if I could stop
I would feel alright

But all I did
Was get blazed
Instead saved
Only if I didn’t feel at blame
For me being a mistake
I wouldn’t have
Taught you to forget
By getting your state of mind

Now it’s a bub
Now it may go
But my state of mind will stay high
until there is hope
To help me
I thought about people who do drugs and I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my words; I only made this for people can relate and not feel alone. I hope you enjoy❤️! I love comments so if you have anything to say I would love to see and improve from my mistakes
Sep 2018 · 124
Mix n Match Feelings
Zersrol Sep 2018
I am only human
Even though I act so insane
I am still calm
My mind is so complex
All I think about is why
I feel
That which life
Always presents

Do I aim to be on top
Or to aim to provide
Life can only tell
If we live
Or we die

I am only human
How much can you really
All I got to show
Is my state of mind
And my respect
This was a bunch of things I heard before bunched up together. I hope you enjoy❤️!
Sep 2018 · 98
Zersrol Sep 2018
A young boy
Filled with joy
And innocence
Always so energetic
And so naive
It is as if he had no fear
But I guess
That’s too much
To say
About a baby
This is about my cousin Mateo. I hope you enjoy❤️!
Zersrol Sep 2018
Is Something so straight foward.
But rarely achieved
No one
Is all
but many do wish
To have all

Power should be handled
By great minds
Instead of the corrupted

To be great
Power is not
But is needed
Not for one
But for all
I made this to represent the meaning of the Upper, middle and lower class. I hope you enjoy ❤️!
Zersrol Sep 2018
How Special
Two of a kind
Made by one mind

Always so Fresh
And so Delicious.
A Italian boy do
Wish to eat it.
Joey so Strong
Joey so Seductive
But his Pizza is so Reluctant.

Indeed a Joey’s Special
Props to Jack. He helped me make this poem and I’m happy to say that I wouldn’t have made this if it wasn’t for his suggestion. I hope you guys enjoy this with a Joey’s special as well❤️!!!
Sep 2018 · 243
The Repeated Nightmare
Zersrol Sep 2018
In my carriage
A baby of sleep
Opens his brown eyes
Brings himself up
As if he was strong

In the distance
He witnessed Red
He witnessed eyes of black
He witnessed Elmo

Hiding in the back
That was how I learn to walk
How I learn to run
How I learn to climb out my carriage
Lastly, how to scream

Bang bang
The door would make make
The word mommy
Came to mind

My repeated Nightmare
That was ever so real
Basically I remember when I was a baby and I used to climb out of my carriage when I wake up and be afraid of Elmo and bang on the wall and call for my mom. Basically explained my child hood fear of Elmo in a nut shell. I hope you guys enjoyed❤️!
Sep 2018 · 105
The High and Honest Boy
Zersrol Sep 2018
I’m not a expert
But I am a man
Who brings effort
I do wish to aim high
But at the same time
I keep myself in line

To raise high
I need to feel above all
But to be generous
I feel to lower my self esteem
Never fulfilled
But always at chill

Never awaken
Never forsaken
But always at peace
As if I was one
With myself
I made this to represent how I felt when I had to fight my emotions and keep my self calm. I never thought I would be able to make this into a poem but I did. It could be better but maybe in the future; I can improve and make this become great.
Sep 2018 · 121
Zersrol Sep 2018
I feel the wind
In my hair
I feel it
Protecting my sense
Of Hope
And my sense of

Feels like I can walk
Without being scared to fall
I stand
Knowing that I won’t fall
I bring my arms out
I take the blows
As if I was the wind itself

The wind has driven me
So I wish to driven others
As the wind has done for me
I made this out of hope and inspiration. It was honestly not my best but none the least a effort I made to inspire others. I hope you guys enjoy ❤️!
Sep 2018 · 3.6k
The Obsession with a Car
Zersrol Sep 2018
I feel so driven
Feels like the past has flown by
In a flash
But I’m still in my coma
My coma of obsession

It may seem fast to the car
But I’m seeing everything slow
My mind is racing
but my body is slow

Every time I feel driven
I turn the wrong way
My heart is in constant pain

But the car is in a constant disarray
Always so fast
But never up to my speed

I feel so slow
But really
that’s how I should be
Since thou I may never plead
What I dream
I made this about a obession I have over a girl. As naive as I am, this is how I feel and I wish not to feel this way but instead I can’t stop because I hold myself back. Her name was like a car. Enjoy❤️!
Sep 2018 · 143
Forever Living
Zersrol Sep 2018
Life is my Trouble
I do wish to care
But really
I need to
Life is a Void
Ever so vast
But never Fulfilling
We always find reasons
To live
It's our way of living

Forever wishing
Forever dreaming
Lastly never forgetting
Life is a trouble
But you are the conqueror
Of how you live
This poem was made by two idiots on discord (Including myself and a friend named Super). I hope you enjoy...
Sep 2018 · 100
A Hand of Time
Zersrol Sep 2018
The time is now
Not later
Not before
But in your hands

Forever planning
Forever regretting
Instead of doing
You are imaging

Your mistakes
And loses
Instead of the wins you could be making

The time is now
For which you shall live
Idk if it makes sense to any of you but I hope it does.
Sep 2018 · 97
The Child with Anxiety
Zersrol Sep 2018
My demons are watching
My heart is stopping
I lay away
But not amused

My family is watching
My body becomes sweat
I lay away
But not aware
To me
There is no difference
I hope you like it. I just got bored and started to make this.
Sep 2018 · 110
Zersrol Sep 2018
World with no community
Is like a world with no friends
If we stay on are phones
We will get lost in are own Dimensions
With no real friends
We use Electronics to hide our feelings
But really we do feel pain
Using games to make us
Is this just a way to
Hide your Shame
If we all just text or go online on are phones
And play video games
All we will do is bring Shame
And a lost of reality
To be aware of dangers is to be off our phones
If we don't look on the road ahead
We won't see the car speeding up towards us
The car of reality
I made this for Shut your phone down week in 2017
Sep 2018 · 345
Zersrol Sep 2018
Fear is not put aside
No matter what
It's there to stay
You could channel it
But you could never
Get rid of it
When you think
You have
Is the day you are DEAD
When looking down
For the first time ever
You would be in
And even feel the SWEAT
Going down your back
When seeing a speeding car
Moving fast and crazy
On the street you are
Causally walking through
With no time to blink or move
You are in Shock
You are feeling THE FEAR
Soon enough it takes you over
Soon enough the fear of life's troubles
Consumes you
But these events is what makes us
In a world such as ours
You can't get rid of fear
But you can mold it
To make you STRONG
I made this to pass time in class when I was in 7th grade. I was honestly letting my brain go plays again and this poem just happened
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