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Abraham Avalos Jan 2019
Contienes un aroma de amor, calmante y than puro
Atrayendo me como una abeja a tu flor, penetrando tu mundo profundo

Extrayendo tu dulce sabor
Que se convierte a miel
Suave lo que se siente tu Amor
Me trae regresando de nuevo otra vez

Volando, y buscando de los cielos mas altos
Que jamas se a comparan a los momentos que ambos acumulamos

                                                     ­ -Abraham Avalos
Abraham Avalos Oct 2018
Like an addict when ignited as I’m placed upon your lips
U consume me through the friction of addiction as I light up your burning wish
U feel my warm embrace erase
All the anxiety’s that u face
Helping escape your given troubles
Keeping u humble through my given taste of grace
With no more run I’ve been left off departed & forgotten in the cemetery of an ashtray
For now you’re gone leaving me amongst the ashes of yesterday
Abraham Avalos Oct 2018
Staring up at the sky
As I think about life
Reflecting back at the times
We was just getting by
Bumping G-funk in the streets
Spitting flow to them beats
Then pulling up to the store
To buy a blunt for the ****
Buckled up getting lyfted
Crousing down blocks
Looking suspicious
To those eyes we pass by
Thinking we people
With bad intentions
But that’s as far as they see
Not knowing
About u & me
Not knowing **** about our struggles
That’s been hitting daily
& although patience for change
Seems difficult to obtain
Before we see the sun rays
As it shines up better days
This is just fog in the breez
Never here permently
Keep ya head up with faith
For change is on it’s way
Abraham Avalos Sep 2018
It’s 10 a.m.
& rays of sun beam across the room
Lighting up the empty liquor bottles
Consumed to **** the aching sorrow
Of your lonely blues
But the haunting stench of failure fills up the room
Like a kids coloring book
Mad with no direction
You’re living life a drunken fool
While laiyng next to a naked woman
With her arm across your chest
In a different room
A different bed
Feeling cornered by walls as u notice the door just once again
& with a pounding head of recollecting thoughts
U start to feel like u can’t ever rest
Light up a smoke
& start to puff
U crawl out bed & start to dress
Meanwhile u hear her voice
Asking u “so what’s next”
U give falls hope
Like u have to all the rest
Reaching for the door
U turn the ****
As u leave behind another mess
U take a breath & put on your shades
Walk down the steps with baring shame
Another night that’s come & gone
As u walk on down with loneliness within your heart
Hoping tonight u fill it up

                                                     - Abraham Avalos
Abraham Avalos Aug 2018
Endless laughs & smiles
That were shared together
With a feeling so profound
It always felt like summer weather
& a future planed to grow
On your exciting life adventure
**** It couldn't get no better
This feeling is too big to measure

Now you're consumed with butterflies
It sends shivers down your spine
U feel the warmth just taking over
Every time she passes by
Like a new world u have discovered
Loosing yourself within her eyes
Asking yourself if this is real
Or have u been dreaming this hole time
Cuz you've never visualized
A chemistry so divine
She becomes your one & only
A star placed right by your side
& her gourgous magnitude
Always lifting u up into the sky
Thankful life blessed u this way
The day paths had intertwined

Deep within a love
u get to know her story
Of how she once loved another
With a passion but then turned stormy
He left her on her own
Broken hearted & feeling lonely
That wasn't the outcome
She was expecting in this journey
Filled with blue emotion
Wondering where it all went wrong
& how the **** she lost his devotion
But with time she grew back strong
Gracefully flowing just like the ocean
Determined to move on
She found herself feeling unbroken
& so she carried on
That's when life brought u together
Instant attraction from the start
U both embarked a new endevour
Giving this feeling a fair shot

But now the time is rather worrying
U feel she's drifted off
Your future seems quite unclear
You're mind's consumed with fearfull thoughts
That this storm will never clear
& you'll both just grow apart

                                                      -Abraham Avalos
Abraham Avalos Aug 2018
The sun has come out
U can hear the birds chirping
U look to the sky
While your mind starts thwarting
As u walk down the block
U then see a stray
Puzzeld with consuming thoughts
U can't help look away
At what u once gave a smirk & harshly criticized
But now that you've lost your crystal eyes
U feel so ashamed
With constant blame
Assumed to even think they r all the same
But now it is u to roam with no home
For now u r known
As a rolling stone

                                                      -Abraham Avalos
Abraham Avalos Aug 2018
As I walk along the beach, leaving footprints in the sand
Reminiscing of old times, u & I both use to have
Night strolls along the beach with the moonlight as our guide
Conversations deep as seas that would stimulate our minds
Just two lovers in the night with hands that intertwined
Every step remained unplanned just like the blanket in the sand
Gazing up at stars above
As I bring u closer into my arms
Stare at your eyes like u do to me as I place my hand right on your cheek
Close my eyes & closely lean
As our lips touch
Like the sky & sea

                                                      -Abrah­am Avalos
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